Video made the ‘Construction Star’

Joshua Kerbel, MBA

When it comes to connecting with customers and prospects, online video is one of the most cost effective and persuasive mediums out there.  Businesses across a wide range of industries are using it to drive revenue and build robust sales funnels.  Retailers find that video boost sales conversions, real estate agents employ it to bring in new home buyers and consultants use it to educate prospects on the value of their services.

The range of statistics that support the use of online video marketing are mind boggling, you could spend hours just categorizing them.  According to market researcher comScore, 83.5 percent of all U.S. Internet users watched a Web video in January.  And these just aren’t Hollywood scale full length feature films we are talking about, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of hours of user generated content on video sharing sites like YouTube.

Statistics aside,  the main reason video works is that it transcends time and space in order to  help form personal relationships.  It is a basic human instinct to trust someone who is talking to you face to face, and online video does just that, it lets  people see you for who you are.  And this trust is the basis of all business relationships.  Look at the power that HGTV has in creating stars out of home decorating and renovating professionals.

But having said that, online video is almost an ideal marketing solution for construction professionals for a number reasons

Bridge distances: Imagine having a way of making an initial sales call without getting in your car and driving a few hundred miles in hopes of landing a new project.  Properly used, online video show cases your expertise and answers many of the questions your sales prospects would ask you in a face to face meeting

Showcase past work: For a reasonable investment, a professional videographer can create a video portfolio of your completed work.  Forget the idea of throwing up some still photos on our website; now you can do neat things like time lapsed videography so prospects can see your project rise from the ground

Walk-throughs: Imagine being able to walk a prospect through one of your existing jobs.  Or maybe highlight the process you use to deal with difficult circumstances.  Or provide a commentary on your most successful projects

On-camera testimonials: One of the  best ways to get a prospect to trust you is to have other people speak on your behalf.  While anyone can show a letter of recommendation from a previous client, getting an existing client to talk on your behalf, will blow people away and leave little doubt that you are worth hiring.  Late night infomercials use on-camera testimonials for a reason, they work!  Now you can leverage this benefit for your own needs.

Educate. If you refuse to compete on price, because your product offering is of a much higher quality than your competitions’, then you must invest a lot of effort educating your prospects on why your services are worth the extra money.  Leverage the personal connections you can create with online video to explain that the total cost of ownership of  your work product is lower than the competition, demonstrate why your product last longer and showcase the attention to detail that makes your company worth the extra money.

If you are in the construction business, chances are you are selling large ticket items that require a substantial amount of trust on the part of the buyer in order to get them to sign on the dotted line.  If you are having trouble closing new business deals, online video might be exactly what you need to push buyers into your waiting arms.

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