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The top 10 causes of the most disabling workplace injuries in 2005, according to Liberty Mutual’s Research Institute or Safety, is headed by a $12.7 billion price tag in a single category — overexertion.
Liberty Mutual, which recently released the 2007 Workplace Safety Index, bases its “most disabling work-related injuries and illnesses” on those causing an employee to lose six or more workdays. The Index provides direct cost information for the injuries.

 Top 10 workplace injuries  in 2005, with annual costs in billions of dollars:
   1. Overexertion — $12.7
   2. Fall on same level — $6.6
   3. Fall to lower level — $5.0
   4. Bodily reaction (injuries from slip
   ping/tripping without falling) — $4.8
   5. Struck by object — $4.4
   6. Highway incidents — $2.3
   7. Repetitive motion — $2.1
   8. Struck against object — $2.0
   9. Caught in/compressed by — $1.9
  10. Assaults/violent acts — $0.4

The list does not reflect the category “all other” which accounts for 12.5 percent of the total costs, or an additional $6 billion.

QuickARC releases scale model 3D program

QuickARC announced the release and commercial availability of Scale Model 3D Printing from Google Sketchup Models as a new feature in its free 3D CAD model viewer, QuickARC 3D.

QuickARC’s free 3D computer model viewer now reads Google Sketchup files directly, then converts them to the 3D Print format without any user manipulation.

The Google Sketchup user can turn design concepts captured in Sketchup into real physical 3D printed scale models with a simple ‘Save As’ operation within QuickARC 3D.

Google Sketchup is in wide use by architects and designers due to its easy-to-use  interface, and its low cost.  QuickARC 3D is compatible with all versions of Google Sketchup, including the free version, Google Sketchup 6, and the professional version, Google Sketchup Pro 6.

Bon Tool acquires Wha-Lite Tools line

Bon Tool, the Gibsonia, Pa.-based manufacturer of professional tools for the building trades, has announced the acquisition of Wha-Lite, a Chicago-based company that makes lightweight magnesium hand tools used in the plaster and concrete finishing industry. Sale price for the 60-year-old company was not disclosed.

More than 120 Wha-Lite products will continue to be manufactured and marketed under the Wha-Lite brand, with  distribution handled through Bon’s eastern and western distribution centers located in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Construction lawyers focus  on ‘what to do now’

Nearly 400 construction industry lawyers, builders, architects and other industry professionals convened in La Quinta, Calif. recently for the American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry’s annual meeting.

“Don’t Tell Me What I Should Have Done — What Do I Do Now? Confronting the Unexpected,” featured experts who discussed advanced strategies for dealing with challenges that may arise during the construction process.

 The plenary session, “Hidden Danger: Discovery of Latent Defects in Occupied Buildings and Potential Catastrophic Failures,” kicked-off the three-day conference.

 Topics included “Responding to a Catastrophic Accident: What You Need to Know About an OSHA Investigation,” “That’s Mine! Termination Impact on Rights to Design, Special Equipment, Subcontracts and Materials” and “Hazards, Issues, and Options Related to ICE Investigations and Immigration Compliance.”

 The meeting kit, including conference papers, presentations and speaker biographies is online at n

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