Nail and screwdriving contest champs

It’s astonishing that ESPN wasn’t there for the annual nail driving and screw driving competitions at the annual Frame Building Expo in Indianapolis last week. Afterall, there was standing room only for spectators who arrived late…. Ok, so there were maybe only 50 seats max, but it drew a crowd none-the-less, and we have the results!

Salvador TruilloScrew Driving Competition
Sponsored by Atlas Bolt & Screw

First Place Team
Richland Builders – 43 seconds
Team members: Glenn, Neil and Marvin
Prize: $50 gift card, tool belts and WASP shirts

Second Place Team

Salvador Trujillo – 45 seconds
Team members: Salvador, Perry and Shannon
Prize: $50 gift card, tool belts and WASP shirts

Best Time Individual
Steve with Timber Ridge – 11 seconds
Prize: $100 gift card

Second Place Individual
Salvador Trujillo – 13 seconds
Prize: $50 gift card

Maze Nails nail pounding competition8th Annual Nail Pounding Competition
Sponsored by Maze Nails

(Maze Nails reports that not a single nail has been broken in eight years of hard-hitting competition)
First Place
Merlin Eicher, Interstate Pole Buildings, Sarcoxie, Mo. – 6.40 seconds
Prize: $100

Second Place
Nathan Kauffman, Kauffman Metals, Bedford, Pa. – 7.19 seconds
Prize: $50

Third Place

Norman Eicher, Mountain View Construction, Belvidere, Tenn. – 7.25 seconds
Prize: $25

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