2008 Buildings of the Year Honorable Mention: Weathervane Winery

Weathervane Winery, built for Sid Proctor, is the production facility and offers wine tasting on the trellis-covered patio. Some unique features include the 6/12 roof pitch, 2-foot finished overhangs, 40-inch stone wainscot and the 8×30-foot porch.

The advantage of post-frame was the speed of construction, maintenance free exterior and the energy efficient interior. Weathervane Winery’s new facility features A-frame rooflines, vaulted ceilings, stone and steel exteriors and a warm homey feel.

CLADDING: Man-made stone wainscot/Kynar 500 Hi-Rib steel/Morton; ROOFING: Kynar 500 Hi-Rib steel/ Morton; WINDOWS: Haywood Mfg. Vinyl single hung; DOORS: Kynar 500 steel slab with fibersteel frame; FASTENERS: Stainless steel screws; INSULATION: R-38 blown-in ceiling/ R-19 walls; FOUNDATION/STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS: Treated columns; UNIQUE PRODUCTS/ACCESSORIES: Cupola, 6/12 roofpitch

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