2011 Buildings of the Year – honorable mention

Nine buildings that received Honorable Mentions in the agricultural storage and/or workshops, commercial and institutional categories of the National Frame Building Association’s 2011 Building of the Year contest are showcased here.

Each demonstrates the versatility and creative possibilities of post-frame construction. Feel free to contact the builders or owners to learn more about the details of these attractive and functional projects.

Agricultural Storage and/or Workshops

BOY FBi BuildingsGlen Irwin, FBi Buildings Inc.

This state-of-the-art agricultural workshop provides a multifunctional facility for the 5,000-acre crop operation of Neese Farms. Unique features include a 20′ inside clearance, 80′ depth, a 50′ hydraulic door, acoustical liner steel from Central States, Perma-columns and an in-floor heat system. Post frame was used for the flexibility of wood construction, the gain in energy efficiency (cost effectiveness) and an interior finish of higher quality.

Cladding: McElroy; Roofing: McElroy; Windows: AJ Manufacturing; Doors: AJ Manufacturing; Fasteners: Maze and ITW Buildex; Insulation: Anco Products; Foundation or structural components: Perma Column; Unique products: 50′ Schwiess hydraulic door; Unique accessories: 36″ cupolas with weathervanes.

BOY WittDebbie Witt, Tom Witt Contractor Inc.–Lester Building Systems, LLC Dealer

The Specketer farm’s 56′ x 81′ heated shop has an office, kitchenette, break area, bathroom and emergency shower with loft storage above the office. It also boasts a 104′ x 81′ cold storage with a 40′ x 18′ two-piece sliding door on the end wall for today’s large farm equipment. This building is an attractive farm center for the farmer who is planning for the future. The shop is well insulated to keep heat costs low and features acoustical steel on the inside top 6′ of the wall liner to cut down on noise. Post frame was selected to achieve the 81′ wide clear span with a wood structure and was more economical to build than steel frame. A heavy 25 psf snow load was achieved with a double truss, which is very crew-friendly to set with a telehandler.

Cladding: Lester Uni-Rib 29 ga., 82,000 psi tensile strength; Roofing: Lester Uni-Rib 29 ga., 82,000 psi tensile strength; Windows: AJ Manufacturing 4′ x 4′ insulated sliding window; Doors: AJ Manufacturing 5100 insulated walk doors with 22′ x 36′ windows; Fasteners: Ultraguard SLR 1½” and 2″ exterior screws; Insulation: Bay Insulation fiberglass batt; Foundation or structural components: Lester precast concrete cookies; Unique products: Silvermine Stack n’ Tack Stone, acoustical steel and North Central overhead doors; Unique accessories: 16′ x 26′ office, bathroom with a storage loft above, ridge light.


Commercial (under 5,000 sq. ft.)

BOY Kistler

Thomas J. Golden, Kistler Pole Building Co. Inc.

This building is used to house additional fire trucks and fire equipment. Retro-style light fixtures mounted above each of the building’s doors and the weather vane featuring a fireman’s helmet wind direction indicator add special touches. This building required retaining walls on parts of two of the exterior walls, and post-frame construction proved useful in its retaining properties. Hairpin rebar ties were used to tie the posts to the concrete floor to keep the walls from pushing out after the temporary bracing was removed. The satisfied customer wrote, “We recommend Kistler Buildings and all of their staff to anyone interested in having the very best craftsmanship and professionalism for a price that does not reflect how good a job they really do.”

Cladding: Everlast Roofing, quality stone veneer; Roofing: Everlast Roofing; Windows: Simonton; Doors: Ceco Egress door, Amarr carriage-style overhead doors; Fasteners: SFS intec (screws for cladding), Maze nails (stone veneer underlay, framing); Insulation: Bluelinx; Foundation or structural components: Perma Column East concrete post base; Unique products: 10,000 psi concrete foundation post bases from Perma Column East; Unique accessories: MWI steel cupola with fire helmet weather vane.

BOY Morton

Scott Petterson and Karlon Labore, Morton Buildings Inc.

Doubletree Gallery is an arts and crafts store in the small community of Sisseton, South Dakota. The exterior features a front entry porch with step fascia and cupolas. The building also includes a Morton Buildings Inc. Energy Performer insulation system with in-floor hot water heat, larger windows to help with solar heat gain, and a 6’/12′ roof pitch with continuous porch. Post frame provided fast construction, low maintenance, quality construction and energy efficiency.

Cladding: Morton Hi-Rib; Roofing: Morton Hi-Rib; Windows: Hayfield; Doors: Kawneer and AJ Manufacturing; Fasteners: SSID; Insulation: Johns Manville; Foundation or structural components: Morton laminated column; Unique products: In-floor hot water heat; Unique accessories: Cupolas, porch, turkey tail overhang.


Commercial (5,000–10,000 sq. ft.)


Justin King, A & S Contractors

Kent Landscaping’s building houses an office, showroom and shop all under one roof. The building also includes a kitchenette and water fountain in the showroom. Post-frame construction was chosen with consideration for price and appearance.

Cladding: McElroy Metal/Quality stone veneer; Roofing: McElroy Metal/Timber Line; Windows: MWI; Doors: Cannon Ball; Fasteners: Levi’s nails and screws; Insulation: Owens Corning; Foundation or structural components: Concrete footers; Unique products: Stone veneer; Unique accessories: Water fountain in showroom.


Rollie Radtke, RAM Buildings Inc.

The building is used as an automobile detailing center. Tenvoorde Ford chose RAM Buildings Inc. to construct the new 7,200-square-foot auto detail center for expansion of its business. Post frame filled two needs: reasonable cost and quick construction. This turnkey project was completed in less than 120 days.

Cladding: Metal Sales; Roofing: Metal Sales; Windows: Thermotech; Doors: AJ Manufacturing; Fasteners: SPS; Insulation: API; Foundation or structural components: Columns/trusses from Littfin Truss Company.


Commercial (more than 10,000 sq. ft.)

BOY Quick Set Auto

Don Dykstra, Morton Buildings Inc.

Used for an auto glass repair business, this “green” building uses solar panels to heat water and generate electricity. The building produces more electricity than needed, which is fed back to the power company. A floor heating system provides heat for the entire building and heats exterior sidewalks. The energy efficiency of this Morton Building has led to dramatically lower energy consumption. The customer states that the building insulation has helped to diminish traffic noise at their location. “The building is so well insulated that we notice our utility bills are less than they were in our other building, and it was four times smaller.…The environment is so nice; it is a wonderful place to work.”

Cladding: Morton Buildings; Roofing: Morton Buildings; Windows: Pella (Designer, Impervia styles); Doors: Morton Buildings; Fasteners: Morton Buildings; Insulation: Morton Buildings; Foundation or structural components: Morton Buildings; Unique products: Novabrik wainscot around building and vertical strips of Novabrik at corners, Clopay Overhead doors (on the warehouse); Unique accessories: Floor heat with solar panels heating water and producing electricity.

BOY Quality Structures

Rob Pearce, Quality Structures Inc.

This 80′ x 500′ x 27′ grain storage facility will hold over 1 million bushels of corn. A unique feature of this building is the 27′ height of the side walls. Post-frame construction was chosen because it was most cost effective.

Cladding: American Building Components; Roofing: American Building Components; Fasteners: American Building Components; Insulation: Northwestern Ohio Foam Products; Foundation or structural components: Perma Column, Sturdi Wall SWP64 brackets.


BOY Skytland

Bob McKelvey and Troy Erickson, Morton Buildings Inc.

The Skyland First Baptist Church Activity Center will be used year-round for athletics, plays, special meetings and concerts. This building is important for the health and future growth of the church. It replaced a 60-year-old building that was one-fifth the size, providing parishioners with a more pleasant gathering place. Special features include acoustic steel lining in the gym for sound quality, a stage that includes a lift for physically challenged individuals, and a fire suppression system. Post frame was chosen for better insulation, flexibility in construction, superior steel and plant quality.

Cladding: Morton Buildings; Roofing: Morton Buildings; Windows: Pella; Doors: Morton Fiber Steel; Fasteners: Stainless steel internal drive screws; Insulation: Knauf; Foundation or structural components: Post frame and concrete; Unique products: Novabrik wainscot; Unique accessories: Lighted cross.

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