2012 Guide to Horse barn products

Energy Panel Structures

Energy Panel Structures has become a respected leader in pre-engineered equestrian buildings. It can design a unique combination of buildings utilizing structural insulated panels and post-frame construction to create a special horse barn, stable or clear span riding arena. Its advanced pre-engineered panels and post-frame construction provides exceptional insulation, long life durability and economical construction. The final result is a horse barn complex that provides convenience, accessibility, security and comfort. An equestrian building from EPS includes the entire building package from one source including the horse barn plans. EPS manufactures the roof trusses, roof and wall panels, floor trusses and provides a complete pre-engineered and guaranteed building shell.

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Hutchison, Inc.

Hutchison, Inc. offers traditional stalls made with a 2 x 2-inch square 16-gauge frame material. Vertical rails are 1 inch/14-gauge material. Horse-proof latches are mounted flush with door, with doors on aluminum rollers for a smooth, quiet motion. The drop-down grill is recessed into the rolling door. Feed grills give access into the stall for feeding and watering. Stall fronts and dividers come in 10 and 12-feet lengths.  Stalls can be set up in rows as well as back-to-back using 2-, 3- and 4-way connectors. Stall connectors are sold separately.

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Innovative Energy

Innovative Energy Innovative Energy Inc.’s line of astroECO reflective insulation products are made with recycled materials and reflect up to 94 percent of radiant heat transfer – fiberglass, foam and cellulose insulation merely slow it down. astroECO can be used in many applications, dramatically improving energy efficiency and keeping energy costs lower and interior spaces more comfortable. astroECO is commonly used to insulate roofs and exterior walls in post-frame and pre-engineered metal buildings as well as around purlins and girts.

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Levi’s Nails & Screws

Horse barns located in areas that receive snow should use snow guards, and you can leave your caulk gun at the shop when you install model 4500 and 1500 Snow Defender snow guards from Levi’s. Their special pads automatically seal around the installation screws. Snow Defenders are made of Type 304 Stainless Steel and powder coated in one of 30-plus colors. Polycarbonate Snow Defenders can be installed with adhesive or screws. An online calculator is available to help determine the number of snow guards your roof needs.

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McElroy Metal Inc.

Green Span Profiles insulated metal panels.

Founded in 1963, McElroy Metal is a leading manufacturer of metal roofing and siding. Its extensive line of wall and roofing products is used for residential, commercial and architectural applications. McElroy’s newest joint venture company, Green Span Profiles, manufactures insulated metal panels in thicknesses from 2-6 inches. With an R-value of more than 7 per inch, Green Span Profiles’ IMPs enable contractors to meet the ever-increasing need for high energy-efficient buildings.

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Metal Sales Manufacturing

Nobody understands the needs of rural builders like Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation. For nearly half a century, they’ve protected barns and buildings of all sizes, in all types of fields, from all types of weather with agricultural metal roofing and siding. Their advanced metal roof and wall panel technology offers decades of worry-free performance. No painting. No warping. No leaking. No excuses.

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Plyco Corporation

The Equus product line from Plyco incorporates a number of items specifically manufactured for the equestrian market. The stall system is designed to give the builder flexibility by providing components in kit form and in various sizes allowing stalls to be built in numerous dimensions just by selecting the needed building blocks. The stall system grid components are available in G90 galvanized kit, black powder coated kits and black welded units. In addition to the grill components Plyco has all the necessary channels, crib caps, wall braces and additional hardware, using the Combo Sliding Door and hardware products to complete the installation.

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Rigid Global Buildings

Rigid Global designs buildings to meet the unique needs of the agricultural market, from clear span designs to bay spacing. Freestall barns, transfer alleys, milking parlors, hay storage and livestock shelters are economical with Rigid. With the ability to galvanize the primary and secondary members, Rigid can provide products to maximize building longevity. Rigid Global also offers clear span riding arenas plus horse barns fully integrated with wash racks, hay storage and tack rooms.

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Sioux Steel

Pro-Tec Engineered Buildings by Sioux Steel Co. provide a safe environment for horses and are perfect for riding arenas, shelters or equipment storage. Gable Buildings are available in widths up to 155 feet. Single Tube Buildings range from 24-, 30- to 36-foot in width. The company’s newest product, the Sentry Series, is available in widths from 40 feet up to 150 feet. All buildings are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and easy on the pocketbook. Most importantly, they adapt to the user’s needs and stand up to tough weather conditions.

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The Pennsylvania company manufactures polycarbonate snow guards, featuring large, forward-mounted faces that help prevent the dangerous movement of snow and ice on metal roofs. SnoBlox-Snojax products are field proven and professionally lab tested. SnoBlox-Snojax offers the choice of adhesive or mechanical attachments and a wide variety of models for most panels and budgets. SnoBlox-Snojax also offers the SnowBreaker to safely break apart sliding snow and ice.

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