A call to action

Has business slowed down for you recently?

Are you finding yourself with a little more time on your hands than you’ve become accustomed to these past few years?

Do your sales people have a little extra time on their hands?

This may be the perfect time for you to go to work at the local level and do some marketing that allows you to take advantage of NFBA’s current national marketing initiative aimed at increasing the awareness of the advantages of post-frame construction within the architect/specifier community.

As you’re likely aware by now, the NFBA’s Post-Frame Market Initiative (PFMI) is well under way. We’ve been busy setting up a new website, www.postframeadvantage.com, and have been loading it with a wealth of information that architects, specifiers and other design professionals will find useful and informative.

One particular item that will be of great interest to design professionals who visit the site is the “Post-Frame Advantage Handbook,” which they will be able to request free of charge when they register with us online.

The handbook is a beautiful, hard-bound, 120-page book that contains a wealth of information that the design professional will find beneficial, as well as an array of photos featuring past Building of the Year award winners.

Another key item from the website that the design professional will find quite useful is our brand new Model Guide Specification for Post-Frame that he/she can download right from the site.  This tool will allow architects and specifiers to easily incorporate post-frame design specifications into their upcoming building plans.

Here’s the next step
So Phase 1 of the NFBA’s national marketing initiative is now complete, with the launch of our new website.  Now what all of us — the NFBA at the national level — and YOU at the local level  — need to turn our attention to is driving architects and specifiers from around the country to our new website, where they can learn about all the important benefits of post-frame construction, and can obtain the tools they need to begin incorporating post-frame into their building projects.

At the local level, it’s a great time for you and/or your salespeople to go to work identifying all the architects and specifiers that do work in your local market.  Then get out and do some cold calling, or make appointments by phone.  Ask if you could come in and talk to them about post-frame construction.

During your visit, we’d encourage you to get them on the postframeadvantage.com website, and show them the wealth of information contained in it.

Encourage them to register for the free “Post-Frame Advantage Handbook” and to sign up for the monthly e-newsletters that the NFBA will be sending out that feature new and unique projects that have recently been constructed.

Bring a printed copy of the new Model Guide Specifications for Post-Frame with you, and show your local design professional how easy it is to download that specification onto his or her own computer so that it can easily be incorporated into an upcoming building project he/she will be working on.

Finally, if you have some photos of some of the commercial projects you’ve built locally, bring those along to give the architect or specifier a feel for the capabilities of your company.

More about Phase 2
At the national level, the NFBA is now busy rolling out Phase 2 of our promotional effort.

We’ve begun placing ads in some of the key publications that the design community reads, in an effort to generate interest in visiting the postframeadvantage.com website.  We’re also expanding our Internet search engine marketing efforts, aimed at driving architects and specifiers focused on commercial and industrial construction projects to our website to learn more about post-frame.

We’ll also be busy this fall attending some important trade shows attended by design professionals from around the country, where we’ll have an NFBA booth set up to answer questions concerning the advantages of post-frame for a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects.

We’re in this together
We’ll all benefit from a combined effort — national and local — to get an audience with design professionals from around the country.

Think about it: Everyone in the construction industry has had to deal with the recent challenges of rising construction costs. The design community is under as much pressure as we are as contractors in keeping construction costs within the budget that a building owner can afford.

We’ve got a great story to tell in terms of how post-frame construction can help design professionals and their customers keep their costs down, while at the same time provide a beautiful facility that delivers the functionality and aesthetics they’re looking for!

So stop lamenting about the current market slowdown!  You’ve got work to do!  Get out and start talking to those local architects. Encourage them to learn more about post-frame, and show them how to do so by going to our new website.
Building relationships with your local design professionals today will likely pay nice dividends for you down the road!
Good luck!

John Hill is chair-elect of the NFBA board of directors. Reach him at jhill@lesterbuildings.com        

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