Buildings of the Year

The most coveted of the Buildings of the Year Awards are those designated as ‘special’ by the judges: Judges’ Special Award, Engineering Special Award, Most Unique Post-Frame Appliation and Commercial Unique.

Check them out:

Judges’ Special — Brian Quarry and Mike Jones of CB Structures, Inc.
A hobby shop, built for Dan Jones, is connected to a solid foundation wall, and its timber frame interior is independent of the main structure. The post-frame design allowed for fast construction time and flexibility for the interior finish.

Engineering Special — Steve Eversole, Eversole Builders, Inc.
This seed processing facility, built for Crop Production Services, features a center tower that allows this steel super structure to process, clean and count seeds, which are then dumped into semi trucks for delivery to farmers. Post-frame was chosen for its speed of construction; the owners wanted a facility up and running in a limited time frame. The lower cost per square foot of post-frame and low maintenance costs were also considerations.

Most Unique  — Dwayne Borkholder, Borkholder Buildings & Supply.
This home, built for Andy Hostetler, was designed with a PV system to make it a Net Zero Energy home, yet in an affordable price range. Post-frame construction kept the framing affordable and provided large cavities for insulating. Hostetler locked in on his energy costs at a highly discounted rate (the cost of the solar system) for the next 25 years (the warranty of the PV panels).

Commercial Unique  — Bill Jacobs, Morton Buildings, Inc.
This new facility, built for A&B Caulking, features a glass vestibule entrance, stone veneer, deep fascia overhangs, interior glass partitions, and vehicle and equipment housing. Located in central Orange County, the building and its upscale design makes a attractive addition to the community.

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