NFBA 2008 winners Livestock Facilities

• Christopher Kooiman of M.P.B. Builders Inc., Ripon, Wis.
Wiese Dairy is a housing and milking  facility for dairy cows. The building allowed the customer to double the herd size and reduce labor. The customer looked into steel frame construction, but the builder showed the customer that they could save nearly $10,000 on the column prices alone by using post-frame.
CLADDING: Wheeling Corrugating; ROOFING: Wheeling Corrugating; WINDOWS and DOORS:
A.J. Manufacturing, Inc.; FASTENERS: SFS intec; INSULATION: Bay Insulation; FOUNDATION OR
STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS: framing, columns, trim by MPB Builders Inc., trusses by Trusses Plus, Inc. and Starwood Rafters; concrete and equipment by Spiegelberg Implement, Inc. and Norbco

• Mike Meyer of Meyer Construction, Inc.-Wick Buildings, Sumner, IowaDon Meyer Dairy, built for Troy and Don Meyer, is a full dairy with parlor and housing for dairy cows. The speed of construction was the main consideration, as well as the low cost of post-frame construction.
CLADDING: Wick Buildings; ROOFING: Wick; WINDOWS: Plyco, Simonton; DOORS: Plyco, C.H.I., Christie Doors; FASTENERS: Wick Buildings; INSULATION: Wick Buildings;  FOUNDATION/STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS: Wick Buildings; UNIQUE PRODUCTS: Faromor, Norbco,  Houle, DeLaval

• Christopher Kooiman of M.P.B.  Builders, Inc., Ripon, Wis.Rohlfs & Narges Livestock Facility, built for John Rohlfs and Tim Narges, is a “loose housing” dairy cow facility that utilizes compost bedding in an open environment. The customer looked into a steel frame building, but with the rising cost of steel in 2008, post-frame became the logical, affordable option.
CLADDING: Wheeling Corrugating;  ROOFING: Wheeling Corrugating; DOORS: A.J. Manufacturing, Inc. and C.H.I. Overhead;   FASTENERS: SFS intec; INSULATION: Bay Insulation; FOUNDATION OR STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS: Trusses Plus, Inc., Framing and material by M.P.B. Builders, Inc., concrete and equipment by  Spiegelberg Inplement, Inc. and Norbco

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