NFBA 2008 winners Suburban Garages

• DJ Carpenter of DJ Carpenter Building Systems, Inc.-Wick Buildings, Manhattan, Kans.
Sheffield Suburban Garage, built for Mike and Karen Sheffield, is a garage that had to match not only the house it was built for, but the neighborhood it is in. The biggest advantages of post-frame are the speedy construction and relatively low cost. This project is no exception. The customers had no knowledge of post-frame except for the old “pole barn” concept. The builder needed first to overcome their perceptions and assure them the final project would not resemble a farm building.

• Tracey Brubaker of Conestoga Buildings, New Holland, Pa.
Rubin/Engelisa Suburban Garage, built for Gloria Rubin and Lou Engelisa, is designed to store a personal car collection. The cars range from Mustangs to Lamborghinis, so the customer wanted security, aesthetics and function for a reasonable price. Post-frame was used to combat the cost of conventional construction, while still gaining the same aesthetics and functionality that a stick-built structure could offer.

  Tracey Brubaker of CB Structures, Inc., New Holland, Pa.
Adams Suburban Garage, built for Larry Adams, is a multi-function building. The owner uses it as a garage, workshop and storage unit. Post-frame was chosen to meet a tight deadline for construction and for cost.

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