Builders opt in, gain big Advantage

The Post-Frame Market Initiative (PFMI), NFBA’s marketing effort to grow the post-frame industry by 25% over the next five years, is beginning with the development of a new Web site especially for the “gatekeepers” who influence decisions in the commercial building market.

NFBA has now received pledges of support for the PFMI in excess of $1 million from various industry groups that will benefit from the growth of the post-frame industry. The original budget projected spending $200,000 annually on the marketing effort.  With the substantial contributions now pledged by other groups, the new goal is to double that budget.  We intend to increase our marketing efforts and reach a larger audience.

Everyone we have approached for funding has emphasized that the NFBA builder members should also demonstrate financial support of the program. NFBA has developed a way for builder members to support the program and receive direct benefit from that support — without making a large monetary contribution. 

Members recently received a sign-up form to opt-in and be listed on the new Web site that we are developing especially for commercial industry “gatekeepers” (architects, specifiers, developers, etc.). Those who opt-in will receive sales leads generated from the new site, which is called the “Post-Frame Advantage.”

The first year of builder participation will be free; if you like what you get, we will ask you to provide a reasonable amount to continue your listing.
Fees to continue being listed after the first year will be:

  • One state or local branch: $55 
  • 2-5 branches: $45 each 
  • 6-10 branches: $35 each
  • 11-25 branches: $25 each 
  • 26 or more branches: $15 each

Before you may be listed in more than one state or other location on the new web site, you must have a branch membership in that state or location. This will also allow you to be listed in those other states or other locations on the main NFBA Web site,
If you have multiple offices, or if you have one office that serves multiple states, you may purchase one or additional NFBA Branch Memberships to be listed in those states, according to NFBA membership rules:

  • Up to 10 branches/dealers: $75 per office/location
  • From 11-25 branches/dealers: $65 per office/location 
  • From 26-100 branches/dealers: $55 per office/location 
  • 101 or more branches/dealers: $45 per office/location

The first year is free; why not sign up?
You have nothing to lose — only new business to gain. If you are not currently an NFBA member, get on board!  Your membership will reward you with business referrals from your listing on, and also from the new Web site if you opt-in.

With your support, we expect outstanding results that will pay a dividend to your company. Thank you for your support.

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