What have you done for me lately?

The doors have closed on yet another successful Frame Building Expo and we have all returned to our individual responsibilities.  Hopefully we are encouraged and energized by new ideas shared and knowledge gained.

The Building of the Year award display is always a favorite of mine. This year did not disappoint.

It is terrific to see continued variety in materials, use and design.  Each year sees more advances.  It’s a strong sign of the growth and versatility of post-frame.  All entries deserve commendation for the hard work and professionalism of all of these projects.

But there is no time for rest, comfortable in our accomplishments. We need to continue to move forward, keeping the improvement of our industry forever in the forefront of our efforts.  Within the NFBA Post-Frame Market Initiative (PFMI) to expand our industry, we continue to strive toward securing credibility for post-frame construction.  We have embarked on an exciting journey to explore new avenues for marketing our industry. 

Recently, we reached a major accomplishment in our efforts.  NFBA received a call from the State of Ohio, requessting input on how post-frame construction would be labeled within the building code. This is a huge step toward having post-frame recognized as a viable building choice.

The effort can help open more doors, as well as expand post-frame within the general building market. Recognition by a government entity can only increase acceptance overall.  Our initial discussions indicate great potential for our common success.

It is my hope that other states will follow suit and include post-frame in code as well.  This would allow all in the post-frame industry to benefit from the credibility it will afford.
NFBA will continue to do all it can for the post-frame industry and always welcomes any and all questions, comments or concerns on its direction and efforts.  Together we can support each other and lend to our industry’s growth.

Speaking of industry growth, there is an exceptional event coming up this spring that I want to personally invite you to.  If you are a post-frame builder, design professional or supplier, please accept my invitation to participate in the 2008 NFBA Post-Frame Industry Summit, April 23-24 in Kansas City. 

We have some outstanding experts lined up who will provide an exceptional program full of knowledge that will help you grow your business.  NFBA’s primary goal is to help you grow your post-frame business, and that is what this event is all about.  More information is included in this issue.  Registration prices increase after April 10, 2008, so register today at www.nfba.org/summit.

We’ll be driving new business to the doorstep of our members with a new Web site, direct mail, advertising placements and more to key “gatekeepers” who can specify post-frame for new projects.  Find out what the economic climate will be like, what can affect your business, and how your company can best take advantage of NFBA marketing efforts at the Industry Summit.

To paraphrase John F. Kennedy’s famous quote:  “Ask not what NFBA can do for you, but what can you do to help NFBA grow your industry!”

What can you do to grow your industry?  The answer is simple.  Let us help you grow your business — that is the best way we can work together to grow your industry. 

Our marketing efforts are on schedule.  The train is leaving the station.  Ride along with us as we drive this industry to new growth. Get on board! 

Best wishes for continued success.

Steve Eversole is president of Eversole Builders in Lancaster, Ohio.

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