FN November 2012

Frame Building News - November 2012 CoverThe November 2012 Issue of Frame Building News looks at natural ventilation for horse barns.

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Natural ventilation for horse barns

Frame Building News November 2012

Recommendations to keep horses and customers happy / Proper horse barn ventilation can be difficult to wrap your head around. What’s good for you is not necessarily good for horses. Here are some recommendations for natural ventilation in your horse … Read more »

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Spotlight on benefits of NFBA membership

The National Frame Building Association is always adding benefits for its members, through technical or legal support, networking at its trade show (Frame Building Expo) and offers through its website. Below are a few more benefits of NFBA membership. Business … Read more »

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Safety Update: Effective safety training, Part 2

(Part 1 can be accessed by clicking here. ) / Emphasis should be placed on issues relevant to your business / By Gary Auman  Legal counsel for NFBA In January 2012, I wrote a Frame Building News article on effective … Read more »

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PFMI Update: Reaching target audiences, expanding the market

The Post-Frame Market Initiative, now in its fifth year, continues to produce results and promote post frame as the construction method of choice for light-commercial construction. Following are some updates on the program, as well as ways that you can … Read more »

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Building opportunities; growing your business

2013 Expo offers education, networking and innovative products / By Larry Edema, Chair, NFBA Board of Directors I recently had a builder comment to me, “I just love hanging out with the builders.” The opportunity to do just that is … Read more »

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