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Ag-Co horse stalls Cannonball horse barn Classic Equine horse barns
Ag-Co CannonBall Classic Equine

Ag-Co has provided affordable, high quality horse stalls nationwide for the past 30 years and specializes in a complete line of stalls, feeding systems and flooring. Ag-Co provides excellent quality and customer service and is pleased to help on stall projects for both new and refurbished projects, start to finish.


With a 10-year warranty, the KEN rubber stall mat offers comfort and durability. The Atlas mat provides traction and comfort for walkways and alleys. For wash stalls and other areas with heavy water flow, the SureTrac mat provides solid footing while resisting water.

Airmaster Fan
Ideal for horse barn use is the hanging mount of Airmaster’s direct drive 4-in-1 Mancooler. This barrel fan includes four mounting options. Included are a chain-suspended hanging mount, wall mount bracket and portable roll-about with wheels. It’s available in 30 or 36 inches.



Airmaster fans FarmTek Equine Supply HorseStalls USA  Corton
Airmaster Fan FarmTek Equine Supply HorseStalls USA/Corton

Amerilux International
Coverlite corrugated MR 9-inch and MR 12-inch polycarbonate panels are designed specifically for the metal roofing industry.  These panels match standard metal roofing profiles which makes adding a skylight or sidelite a snap! Coverlite offers natural day lighting, easy fabrication, and is backed by a 10 year warranty against yellowing.  Also offered are the Agrilite corrugated square wave and 9-inch PVC liner panels for interior applications.

Armour Gates
Armour, manufacturer of aluminum horse stall products that do not rust, carries a full line of stall doors, gates, fronts, partitions, Dutch doors, end doors and shutters, as well as standard 8-foot and 7-foot high stall doors and fronts. Custom sizes are not a problem.

Aurora Deck Lighting
This new horse barn solar lighting system is perfect for outbuildings and structures with no electricity.  It features a multi-crystalline solar panel that mounts on the exterior of a structure and is then connected to energy-efficient LED strip lights.  The strip lights come in 18-, 24-, 36- or 48-inch lengths.  Four are included with the system, which can be expanded if more light is needed.  The lights simply staple into place in the barn and link together with easy-to-use connectors.  The strip lights can be controlled by a timer or operated using a convenient remote control.

ClearSpan Structures DryCreek Tack Rack EPS Buildings
ClearSpan Structures DryCreek EPS Buildings

Big Ass Fans
PowerfoilX with NitroSeal Drive utilizes a patented aerodynamic airfoil and winglet combination that sets the global standard for maximum, energy-efficient airflow. Powerfoil X reduces heat stress and improves air quality in horse barns and arenas worldwide. Backed by an unprecedented 10-year parts warranty with factory installation, Powerfoil X ends the search for a long-lasting, high-performing air movement solution. Big Ass Fans has served the agricultural community since 1999.

CannonBall: HNP
CannonBall: HNP offers a wide variety of horse barn options. Both steel and aluminum stalls are available. Steel comes in powder coat painted black (other colors are available). Aluminum stalls are annodized for long-lasting appearance and durability. Stall options include fronts, walls, grilles and feed doors. CannonBall also offers Dutch doors, bale doors, country slider end doors, and 24-. 36- and 48-inch cupolas to match most building colors.

Classic Equine
Classic Equine Equipment, a nationally recognized leader in quality horse stall systems and stable accessories, was founded with the mission of creating first-class equine products. In addition to its distinguished stall systems, Classic Equine Equipment produces FullStride exercisers and treadmills, custom entrance gates and eco-friendly flooring for equine facilities.

Hydroswing Lester Building Systems
Innovative Equine
Hydroswing Lester Building Systems

ClearSpan Structures
Riding and training year-round is made possible in a ClearSpan equine riding arena. The unique design of the structure means no interior support poles to get in the way of riding activities. Natural light filters through the covers, eliminating shadows to help horses feel at ease and also reducing the need for daytime artificial lighting.


TackRack is made of high-strength 1-1/4-inch steel tubing, 1/4-inch cold-rolled wire, and 11-gauge steel, all protected by a durable powder coat finish. The base sections can be added and attached end-to-end, or mounted separately, to create a system as expansive or simple as desired. Accessories attach easily on the rack to create a custom storage system.

EPS Buildings
This Iowa company manufactures pre-engineered buildings using post-frame construction and Solid Core buildings using energy-efficient pre-insulated walls.


Lucas Equine Equipment Miraco Northwest Rubber Mats
Lucas Equine
Miraco Northwest Rubber
Mats Ltd

FarmTek Equine Supply
Keep horse barns safer by lining stalls with PolyMax to create weatherproof, durable surfaces with no rough edges. Made of high-density polyethylene, PolyMax is impact resistant, kickproof and chewproof — virtually indestructible.  It will stand up to harmful UV rays, rot, rust, moisture and chemicals. Available in stock sizes and custom sheets.

Graber Post BuildingsGraber Post Buildings

Among the top post-frame building materials wholesalers in the Midwest, Graber Post Buildings (pictured left) has everything for building equestrian housing and riding arenas. Graber offers complete packages for contractors and customizes each building to individual needs and specifications.  The company operates on four basic principle: Provide quality products, sell at fair prices, deliver on time and offer unmatched customer service.

Guardian Horse Stalls

All Guardian stalls are constructed of 14-gauge square tubing. The base design is 7-feet 6-inches high x 10- or 12-feet wide and can be customized to fit almost any application. Designed to stand alone, stalls can be adapted easily to post or wall mount and accept standard 2×6 lumber. Sliding or hinged doors and many options are available.

HayDay LLC
Stable Grazer is a unique, programmable automatic feeder that dispenses flake hay up to six times a day, giving owners freedom to leave without worrying about returning at a specific feeding time. Stable Grazer is recommended by veterinarians and leading horsemen. On her web site, Dr. Karen Hayes says, “Stable Grazer was chosen as the best new product in the past 10 years. More than any other product, Stable Grazer was found to elevate the health and quality of life of stall-bound horses.”

HorseStalls USA/Corton
HorseStallsUSA introduces its Rodeo model of Rembrandt with choice of Western Style X bucks, plain ranch style silver hot dip galvanized finish or overcoated with earth colors. There is a choice of boarding from Yellow Cumaru to Eco boards in brown, green or black. The latest design for board retention and minimal installation makes these stalls a breeze to set up. Ventilation options in the stall fronts and doors allow maximum air movement in hot weather.

Humane Manufacturing

Straight edge mats come in 3/4-, 1/2-, and 3/8-inch sizes with diamond or button top design. Standard stocking size is 4×6 feet with custom sizes available. Diamond mats are designed for stall floors and 1/2-inch diamond mats for trailer floors. The 3/8-inch diamond or button mats are for wall liners and 1/2-inch button mats are for trailer ramps and wash bays. Loktuff interlocking stall mats are available for a tighter fit.

Hutchison Inc.
Hutchison Incorporated offers HW Brand Heavy Duty Brown Traditional Horse Stalls (pictured left) made with 2- x 2-inch square 16-gauge frame material.  Vertical rails are 1-inch 14-gauge material.  Horse-proof latches are mounted flush with door, with doors on aluminum rollers for a smooth, quiet motion.  Drop-down grill is recessed into rolling door. Feed grills give access into the stall for feeding and watering purposes.  Stall fronts and dividers come in 10- and 12-foot lengths.  Stalls can be set up in rows as well as back-to-back using 2-way, 3-way and 4-way connectors. Stall connectors are sold separately.

The Hydroswing AGD is engineered specifically to meet the demands of ag businesses while providing versatility, strength, protection and value. Doors feature added shelter when door is in the up position, adding valuable workspace; low maintenance: no pulleys, belts, straps or cables to maintain, no tracks to clean; unequaled seal system with hydraulics automatically locking the door closed, sealed and secure; automatically open/close with a simple push of a button and optional remote.

Innovative Equine Systems

This Nevada company designs and manufactures extraordinary horse stalls, as well as custom features, using state-of-the-art latch and hinging systems. The line includes Dutch doors, exterior shutters and hard-to-find barn accessories, as well as recycled rubber flooring and fencing. Innovative can offer equestrian consultation, refills for insect systems and answers/solutions to many questions. Top priorities are quality, service and safety.

Lester Building Systems
Lester Building Systems has been specializing in equestrian buildings — from small run-in shelters to large multi-structure commercial equestrian complexes — since 1947. The Lester product line extends to stalls and other steel components all featuring thoughtful design elements such as galvanealed steel and a beautiful “orange peel” texture powdercoat paint system.  The combination ensures superior corrosion protection and paint-holding characteristics as well as a noticeable visible reduction in smudges and scratches.



Polar Blox SnoBlox-SnoJax
Levi’s Nails & Screws Polar Blox SnoBlox-SnoJax

Levi’s Nails & Screws
Snow Defender 1500 and 4500 snow guards eliminate the need to caulk because they come with EPDM rubber pad. Snow Defenders are made with type 304 stainless steel and are powder coated in more than 30 colors. Polycarbonate Snow Defenders PC240 can be installed with adhesive or screws. To find out how many snow guards a roof needs, visit and click on the Calculator button.

Lucas Equine Equipment
Kentucky-based Lucas focuses on custom barns, making stall doors, stall fronts, entry gates, Dutch doors and pasture gates using steel, wood, brass, stainless steel and aluminum. The company carries standard equipment that can be used in most barn applications.

MD Barns
Exclusive “CC” Bolt-Together Wall Systems facilitate modifications, additions and relocation. Every metal component is galvanized for increased protection and a long corrosion-resistant life. Every exterior wall is laminated with exterior grade plywood; the exterior finish is a baked-on painted and embossed Galvalume sheet steel. The interior side of each wall is lined with a sheet of 26-gauge rust resistant Galvalume.

MWI Components New Concept Louvers Western Products
MWI Components New Concept Louvers Western Products

This Iowa company manufactures 50 models of livestock waterers, including the Equifount automatic waterer that is perfect for stalls. With no more hauling water and no more frozen water pails, it makes life a whole lot easier. It’s available in several colors and can be installed in the corner or on a flat wall.

MWI Components
MWI Components strives to bring customers an exceptional line of horse barn accessories that stand apart from the competition.  Known for cupolas, ridge vents, foil, polycarbonate and soffit, MWI is a leader in the equine building market, manufacturing stalls, Dutch doors and Arcadian sliding doors with a full-service in-house powder coat paint line. Stalls, Dutch doors and sliders are shipped quickly with an exact paint match to almost all roll former colors.  MWI cupolas provide the perfect finishing touch for any building, offering over 100 colors in many sizes, ready to ship in five business days.

Nelson Manufacturing Co.
Nelson Manufacturing makes stainless steel automatic refill waterers for stall and pasture, stainless steel horse feeders. Its newest products are deluxe brass stall signs and awards.  Founded in 1949, Nelson equipment is built in Iowa and steeped in the traditional Midwestern values of old-fashioned hard work, honesty, ethics and craftsmanship.  Nelson sells factory direct to the consumer.  Nelson Manufacturing is focused on customers’ needs and promises its commitment is as long as the customer owns the equipment.

New Concept Louvers

New Concept makes virtually maintenance-free cupolas and louvers that come in many shapes, sizes and hundreds of colors. Cupolas add ventilation as well as beauty and charm and can be ordered with a light kit and finial or weathervane to top it off. The company offers dormer vents, gable ends and soffit louvers to provide the air flow the roof requires. Products come in stock and custom sizes.

North West Rubber Mats Ltd.?
Red Barn mats are better for a horse, says this British Columbia company, because they promote animal health by absorbing 5 times less urine than polyurethane mats, are vulcanized and backed by a 15-year limited warranty. The products promise comfort, cushion, traction and safety in stall and dairy mats, interlocked kits, trailer and wash rack mats.

Nudo Products
Nudo makes laminated panel systems used in a variety of agricultural, commercial and institutional applications. Panels consist of FRP, HDPE, aluminum outer surfaces on various wood substrates, plastic, foam and gypsum cores. Nudo offers a full line of accessory items including vinyl and aluminum moldings, installation fasteners and adhesives.

Palram’s SunSky premium corrugated polycarbonate sheets match most corrugated metal panels, which makes SunSky the perfect choice for skylight and side light panels in horse barn applications. Natural daylight helps reduce the need for electrical lighting, improving the barn environment for animals and reduce energy costs. Use SunSky as an energy saving tool when planning the next project.

Perka Building Frames
Perka offers many economical and animal-friendly clearspan frame designs for arenas and barns, all aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to maintain. Easily erected on stem walls, piles or curbs, the buildings provide all the clearance needed.

The Equus product line incorporates items manufactured for the equestrian market, including flexible stall systems available in numerous dimensions and G-90 galvanized, black powder coated and black welded kits. The company’s Dutch Door System (pictured left) features a full door panel perimeter galvanized 16-gauge steel frame formed in one piece.  Champion Slide Doors are available in single and double leaf configurations with either double crossbuck or a crossbuck in the bottom of the leaf and window in the top half.

Polar Blox
Pennsylvania-based Polar Blox manufactures five models of UV-protected polycarbonate snow guards. Universal Guards and Minor Rib Guards can be adhesive mounted or mechanically fastened. The Little Bear works on corrugated panels.

Pride of the Farm

Among 25 models of animal drinkers manufactured by Pride of the Farm are several for use in horse barns, including box stall drinkers with options such as energy free, heated or non heated. All offer reliable valves, heavy insulation and low operating costs. The Span-Tech division of Pride of the Farm manufactures fabric buildings from 24 to 132 feet wide, including designs suitable for riding arenas.

RAMM Fencing & Stalls
The Ohio company offers a variety of portable and permanent stall solutions, including everything from do-it-yourself kits to designer systems. RAMM also carries a wide variety of accessories to complete stall projects, several types of stall flooring, feeders, waterers, door hardware and more. Cupolas, barn doors and Dutch doors provide finishing touches.

Rigidply Rafters
Rigidply says when builders request glue-laminated posts for their horse barns, they are improving the quality of their projects. Rigidply’s GluLam posts are stronger, straighter, economical and offer superior treatment.

Ritchie Industries

Ritchie Industries has added two new waterers, EcoFount 1 and EcoFount 2, to its lineup of products offered by the Iowa-based company. The EcoFount family features a large access panel for easy access to water line and heating elements. This feature has become a standard on many of the company’s waterers developed in recent years. It supports ease in cleaning and maintenance common to Ritchie products. The EcoFount family became available last year through Ritchie distributors nationwide.

Rockin J Horse Stalls

This Oklahoma-based manufacturer of horse stalls produces a durable, safe and attractive stall. Rockin J provides accessories such as Dutch doors, barn end doors, grills, rolling doors, full grill doors, drop panels, feed doors, swing feeders, water doors and hinged blanket bars.

Perka Sand Creek Post and Beam
Perka Sand Creek Post & Beam

Sand Creek Post & Beam?
Sand Creek Post & Beam offers a complete line of horse barn kits, stalls and accessories. Barn kits feature all wood, full dimensional rustic timbers, historic designs and are customizable to the customer’s desires. The company offers all the accessories needed to complement and accessorize the horse barn.

Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors?

Schweiss calls itself  “the choice for bi-fold and hydraulic doors. Period.” Consider barn/arena doors that combine innovative design and a patented lift-strap opening system, are faster to operate and quiet, smooth and safe. Schweiss says its doors are built to last and offer a clear opening, no lost headroom, easy installation, better insulation options and are adaptable to large or small, new or existing buildings.

Polycarbonate snowguards with large forward-mounted faces help prevent the movement of snow and ice on metal roofs. Field proven and professionally tested, all models include adhesive or mechanical attachment. Six models fit most panels and budgets. Free project estimator and spacing tool are available on the web site for instant project estimates,  price quotes and spacing layouts.


Rigidply Rafters
Rigidply Rafters
Wick Buildings
Woodstar Products
Woodstar Products

Topps Manufacturing

This company, specializing in premium horse stalls, likes working with contractors to provide their customers a quality stall package that is safe for horses and their owners, too. Custom sizes, features and colors are no problem. Located in South Dakota, Topps can work through contractors or their customers throughout the Midwest.

Western Products of Indiana?
Western says its horse stalls are attractive, but that’s just the beginning. They’re tough as nails and easy to assemble. Western’s Flexi-Stall is engineered to provide the ultimate in design, flexibility and safety.  Each component is finished with black powder coating to accent its beauty. Safe and sensible drop-down door grilles that can be used in place of standard 45-inch door grilles feature 1-inch round 14-gauge tubing welded 3-inch on center, in 14-gauge channel that are lumber fit for 2×6 or 2×8 standard lumber.

Wick Buildings
Wick’s horse barns are designed to withstand the elements as well as the kick of an angry horse. For riding arenas, the company’s standard design for unobstructed clearspan is up to 90 feet and can accommodate 100 feet with proper engineering. Insulation, lining and lighting requirements can be customized, along with options like slanted leg guards and footings such as sand, wood chips, rubber or a blend.

Woodstar Products
Woodstar Products, providing the finest horse stalls, barn accessories and custom barn doors available at factory direct prices since 1977, continues to design and develop a diverse product line that is used by barn builders throughout the country. The new Brentwood stall fronts are recent additions to the product line. Available in sizes from 10- to 16-feet wide, these stalls add beauty and comfort to any barn environment.

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