iLevel Forte software now sizes vertical framing members

The latest version of iLevel’s free, single-member sizing software – Forte 2010 – is now available.

The new version sizes vertical, as well as horizontal, framing members. 

Design professionals can use Forte 2010 software to quickly size freestanding posts, studs and columns embedded in wall systems, in addition to beams, joists and headers.  Other recent enhancements include the ability to size dimension lumber, as well as engineered wood products, and the capability to account for seismic and wind loads.

Forte software offers an intuitive graphical interface that enables users to select individual framing members for a given spacing, member depth or best economical fit.  Designers can manage all of a job’s members (horizontal joists and beams, sloped roof members, and vertical members) in a single file, making it easier to oversee projects and print calculation packages with the single click of a button. 

All framing solutions are compliant with the latest U.S. and Canadian building codes. 

“The ability to size vertical members and apply wind loading for an entire wall adds new features customers have been requesting,” says Ross Theilen, General Manager of Structural Frame Software for iLevel by Weyerhaeuser.  “Forte 2010 now provides designers more of what they need to quickly and effectively specify the complete structural frame.  We’re continually adding new features to the software and anticipate additional updates in the coming months that will make Forte software the tool of choice for structural frame designers who specify wood products.” 

Forte single-member sizing software is part of iLevel’s Modus suite of software, which includes Javelin structural frame modeling and design software and Stellar fabrication software.

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