WoodWorks focuses on northern states

The Wood Products Council has launched WoodWorks North-central, a new program designed to support the use of wood in non-residential building applications in the Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin region. The council also focuses on markets in California and the Southeast.

WoodWorks North-central will support architects, engineers, contractors and others who design and build commercial and non-residential structures out of wood. This includes free education and training in areas such as building code issues, fire protection, wind resistance, green building and more.

“One of our challenges is to communicate the fairly unknown, yet significant, advantages of using wood to people who may never have considered it for non-residential projects,” said Duane Schantz, regional director. “For less cost than other materials, wood provides more value, environmentally and in terms of its beauty and design flexibility, while meeting fire, safety and other code requirements.”

“Once our field staff are in place, they will help design teams understand what’s permissible in the International Building Code and local building codes,” said Schantz. “When the IBC was introduced in 2000, it created a much greater range of options for wood-frame commercial buildings. We want to help people take advantage of that.”

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