PFMI gains momentum

The NFBA’s Post-Frame Market Initiative (PFMI) is gaining momentum!

The PFMI is NFBA’s marketing effort to grow the post-frame industry by 25 percent over a five-year period. We are using marketing techniques, first and foremost, to reach out to the “gatekeepers” who influence decisions in the commercial building market. The commercial market is the only market that, according to market research, is expected to grow over the next few years — and post-frame holds many advantages that are ideal for commercial construction.

In addition to association reserve funds and contributions by suppliers and others specifically for the PFMI, NFBA has pledges from industry groups totaling more than one million dollars for the marketing effort.
NFBA has placed ads in publications that are key to our “gatekeeper” target audience that are key to commercial project decision-making. Ads have appeared so far in Architectural Record and Building Design + Construction magazines.

NFBA has developed a new web site that directs business referrals to suppliers, designers and builder members who opt-in to be listed on it. Visit and click on “Find a Builder,” “Find a Supplier” or “Find a Designer” to find and review your listing.

Driving traffic

The PFMI so far has driven new traffic to The Post-Frame Advantage web site with specifically commercial-related keyword searchers. NFBA has also made keyword search engine advertising-related placements to drive non-commercial “pole building” and similar term searchers to the web site, so non-commercial NFBA member companies will also gain more business referrals for non-commercial post-frame structures.

All supplier and design professional members are automatically listed on NFBA’s new Post-Frame Advantage web site, which has been built specifically for the PFMI project to grow the commercial post-frame market. If you are a builder, note that you will only be listed on the new Post-Frame Advantage site if you complete the Opt-In Form verifying that you perform commercial work.  Download the form from

We have already distributed hundreds of copies of our new hard-bound, full-color 120-page book, titled The Post-Frame Advantage Handbook, to “gatekeepers” who make decisions about commercial building projects.  If you would like to review the material that is in the new Handbook, visit http.// to download the book.

It makes a strong case for the many advantages post-frame holds for commercial projects. If you know a design professional, commercial project developer or other “gatekeeper” who could be influenced by the new book and our other marketing efforts, please send their contact information to us or fill in the form you can download from

Exploring trade shows

NFBA also participated in three industry trade shows that attract specifically the kind of audience we’re after.  The Wood Works Initiative works to promote use of wood for construction, and they organize a series of regional conferences called “Wood Solutions Fairs.”

NFBA Technical Advisor Harvey Manbeck, P.E., Ph.D. presented two one-hour educational programs on post-frame construction at three Wood Solutions Fairs.  The presentations were very well received and drove hoards of attendees to an exhibit on post-frame sponsored by NFBA that was staffed by an NFBA volunteer.

Hundreds of attendees received Post-Frame Advantage Handbooks and other literature from our participation in Wood Solutions Fairs, so we will continue to expand our participation in trade shows to grow the post-frame market.  We are planning to participate in shows organized by the Construction Specifiers Institute and the American Institute of Architects on both the regional and national levels.  If you would like to volunteer to staff the NFBA exhibit at one of these events, please email me at

View the video

NFBA is working with the marketing company OnTarget Interactive for the PFMI project. To view a brief video describing the results so far of the PFMI program, please visit

We are already finding that our strategies are successful for reaching “gatekeepers” with the right message and methods. Our strongest methods so far have been related to Internet search engine advertising and trade show participation. We plan to exapand our budgets for these areas and continue to monitor and assess our effectiveness on every level.

Your membership in NFBA is key to our success.  We need you as a member to meet the demand that we are creating for post-frame. “Gatekeepers” who get interested in post-frame may become discouraged unless we maintain and grow the list of companies like yours on our web sites who can help them make the transition to post-frame.

Thank you for being a member of NFBA!

Tom Knight is president of  National Frame Building Association

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