Post-frame companies maximize growth

The National Frame Building Association (NFBA) presented the Post-Frame Industry Summit. The gathering was held April 23-24 in Kansas City.

The Industry Summit was an all post-frame industry conference, held to discuss the association’s plans to grow NFBA members’ businesses and the entire post-frame market. The theme of this year’s Industry Summit was “Get on Board!  Maximize your Company’s Growth!”

Various industry experts discussed market research, economic forecasts and NFBA’s actions to grow the post-frame market by 25 percent over the next five years.

To reach this aggressive goal, NFBA seeks to empower members to grow their own businesses and is conducting national marketing efforts to educate customers, design professionals and others. In-depth information unavailable anywhere else was presented at the Industry Summit. 

Among speakers and topics

Tom Knight provided an overview of the marketing strategies and deliverables from the Post-Frame Market Initiative, and many attendees expressed their support and approval of marketing materials developed so far.

Ron Sutton updated the audience of recent and ongoing Technical and Research activities being conducted by NFBA.

John Fullerton reviewed results from the NFBA Market Growth Survey, Market Forecast Survey, Roll-Former Industry Estimate Survey, and marketing research from marketing firms NFBA hired for the Post-Frame Market Initiative.  The session provided data to builders and suppliers to help them strategically plan where to focus marketing efforts and grow their businesses.  Many attendees were astounded by the work that NFBA has undertaken in the past year in preparation for rolling out the Post-Frame Market Initiative.

Marketing and branding expert Jack Sims offered the keynote presentation, “When the Chips are Down, Chip it in! Risk Assessment in Golf and Marketing.”  Attendees learned from analogies and fun anecdotes that Jack used to tie the lessons of both golf and marketing together in a practical and fun presentation based on his newest book, “You Can’t See Your Backswing!”

Robert Wills, AISI senior  vice president, construction, presented “Steel Industry Dynamics, Pricing Fluctuations and Industry Metrics.”  Wills’ discussion related factors influencing steel industry market fluctuations, and the AISI’s efforts to grow steel sales.

Richard Kleiner, SFPA director of treated markets, reviewed the Southern Forest Products Association’s strategies to market treated lumber products via their Raised Floor Living campaign.

Dwight Yochim, national director of the WoodWorks Initiative, presented “The WoodWorks Initiative & PFMI – Synergies for the Future.”  NFBA will be working to coordinate marketing efforts with various industry groups, including the WoodWorks Initiative, so we may leverage and multiply the success of our efforts. They have several Wood Solutions Fairs scheduled throughout the country during the next year in which NFBA will participate.

Finally, economist Alan Beaulieu of the Institute for Trend Research presented “Economic Forecast for the Post-Frame Industry.” At the 2005 Industry Summit, Alan made many accurate predictions that we have seen come to pass in the last year.  Forecasting economic indicators with a 96 percent accuracy rate, Alan helped attendees learn to base decisions on a clear view of the future.

Plan for future recovery

Generally the economic news for 2008 and 2009 is not very good, but there is promise for recovery and opportunity in the non-residential market — and as discussed at the Industry Summit, post-frame holds several strategic advantages for penetrating that market.

Attendees came to the Industry Summit to learn what our association is doing, and how their companies will benefit from our marketing efforts.  Industry experts also shared the results of NFBA’s market research, to demonstrate where the industry will grow —and why.  Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

For more information about the National Frame Building Association or the Post-Frame Industry Summit, please call NFBA headquarters at 800-557-6957 or visit

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