Message from the NFBA Board Chair: Plans for the Future

BY Todd Carlson, Chair, NFBA Board of Directors

With construction season in full swing, it is my hope that you are able to enjoy some favorite summertime activities with family and friends. Clearly this is easier said than done, but it’s crucial if we are to maintain work-life balance and priorities.

Todd Carlson

The construction season for NFBA is also in full swing, with committee meetings being held, along with the summer meeting of the full board of directors, and special project work occurring virtually every day. This schedule is necessary to meet the obligation we have to advance our industry and meet the needs of our members. The following are examples of some of the work that is being done on your behalf.

At its June meeting, the NFBA board launched a new strategic planning effort. A committee composed of both board members and non–board members has been appointed to carry out this task, with the diversity of NFBA member companies well represented. Work began in earnest in August and is expected to be completed in October.

Recognizing that excellent work has been done at the committee level on a number of topics of concern to NFBA members, board members sought to take a longer view. They asked, “Where is the post-frame industry headed? What does NFBA need to do to prepare our members for these changes?” An environmental scan has suggested some emerging issues that need to be addressed, and the board is planning work on those, while giving necessary attention to ongoing operational concerns.

Prominent on the education front—and closely tied to concerns about strategy—is the Post-Frame Marketing and Economic Summit, to be held August 28-29, 2017, in Indianapolis. Sessions will cover economic forecasts, business opportunities, risk management, the evolving lumber industry and the use of social media to promote post frame. A roundtable discussion will focus on workforce development, always a pressing concern to those in our industry. The opportunity to network is another valuable benefit of the Summit. See the article on page 8 for more information, and register today at

Planning for the 2018 Frame Building Expo in Columbus, Ohio, continues—speakers and topics are being selected, and an outstanding program is shaping up. Mark your calendars now for February 14–16, 2018.

NFBA’s Technical and Research Committee continues its work on several fronts—among them, research on long-span roofing and perforated diaphragms, a design manual for non-diaphragm post-frame buildings, and new chapters in the Post-Frame Building Design Manual. Look for an update on these projects in the November issue of Frame Building News.

post frame design manual

The Post-Frame Building Design Manual is a must-have for anyone who works with—or is considering working with—post-frame construction. Eight chapters, 200 pages, and hundreds of photos, diagrams, illustrations and design tables. Cost for a downloaded copy is $75 for NFBA members and $150 for nonmembers. Cost for a printed copy is $110 for NFBA members and $185 for nonmembers.

I am honored to serve side by side with some of the industry’s best builder and supplier members and would encourage you to contact them with a question, concern, or word of thanks. We look forward to hearing from you, especially as you give thought to how you might serve or support NFBA and its members! 

Todd Carlson is chair of the NFBA Board of Directors and president of A.J. Manufacturing Inc., Bloomer, Wisconsin. He can be reached at

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