New products to notice

Snow blades make it easier
Worksaver Snow Blades for skid steers (SBS Series) and tractor loaders (SBFL Series) make snow removal in driveways, parking lots or other large areas easier.  The blades are able to angle left or right for easier use and feature a 90” width and 3/8” x 6” cutting edge of 1044 steel.    Features include a reinforced 27” high 10-gauge moldboard, free floating blade to clean uneven surfaces and adjustable depth skid shoes come standard.  A built-in “universal” quick attach mounting system in skid steer models offers easy access to the operator’s seat.
Worksaver, Inc.

Interior ceramic paint
Nationwide Chemical Coating Mfrs. adds a new line to its roster of architectural paints and coatings. Enviro-3000 is a zero VOC (volatile organic content, low odor, high quality insulating ceramic, interior wall, ceiling and trim is formulated with ceramic fillers, giving insulating and soundproofing characteristics, along with uniform, easy to apply, high hide latex finish. Available in several finishes, it has a 20-year limited material warranty.
Nationwide Chemical Coating

Ship augur, bits
Milwaukee Electric Tool’s new lines of ship auger and auger bits are designed for electricians, utility workers, plumbers or any trade requiring deep hole drilling in wood.
Bits are high carbon steel and feature a new cutting head design with a heat treatment  process to provide optimal life when encountering nails during cutting. When combined, these features produce up to two times the life of other ship auger bits. The bits come standard with a 7/16” power groove quick-change shank and are available in a wide variety of diameters in both 6” and 18-1/2” lengths.
Milwaukee Electric Tool •

Pipe flashings
Aztec Washer Company, a roof flashing manufacturer, introduces Master Flash design in the Multi-Flash pipe flashing — “two flashings in one.” The new design provides an easy split feature option, allowing usage for a standard over-the-top application or as a retro-fit. Like all Aztec flashings, this product is available in two compounds and 10 colors with a standard 20 year warranty seal. In recent years, Aztec expanded its flashing line to include eight different styles for an array of applications.
Aztec Washer Company

Leaf-free gutters
The innovators of polycarbonate snow retention for metal roofing have introduced LeafBlox to the product line-up.  This virtually maintenance free product will keep you off the roof, keep your gutter clear of debris and will not void the roof warranty. Stiff LeafBlox bristles fill the gutter allowing water to easily flow through. Most leaves and large items will pass right over the LeafBlox while small debris caught near the top of the brush will blow away or decompose through natural weather cycles.
SnoBlox-SnoJax •

Truss vent system
Metal-Era, Inc. has launched a new addition to its commercial roof edge and roof ventilation line of Airflow products, the Hi-Perf Truss Vent.  Designed for use with exposed trusses, the system provides specific ventilation needed for each individual project by allowing airflow  between trusses. The two-component system features a 24-gauge galvanized mounting strap and a .040” aluminum perforated closure. It is available in four popular finishes: Bone White, Dark Bronze, Sandstone and Mill Finish. The Hi-Perf Truss Vent’s all-metal construction makes for noncombustible system ideal for areas prone to wildfires.
Metal-Era •

Reciprocating saw
Bosch enters the heavy demolition saw category with the powerful RS35 Demolition Reciprocating Saw that features a robust motor, the fastest cutting action, and lowest vibration in its class. Ideal for demolition contractors, plumbers and remodelers who need powerful, consistent cutting action, this saw boasts the lowest vibration levels in its class, thanks in part to a unique Bosch Anti-Vibration system. The shock absorbing handle and, counterbalance mechanism allow the RS35 to produce vibration levels 80 percent lower than some competitive models.
Bosch •

Pipe lifter redesigned   
The Leveling Pipe Lifter, newly redesigned and updated, saves time and money. The leveling bail adjusts quickly and easily for varying pipe lengths and the adjustable bail makes repetitive lifts easy to handle. The laser target holder, a new feature, eliminates the need to manually place the laser target inside the pipe. Simply flip down the target to take the reading,  then flip it out of the way to position the next pipe. Other features include: replaceable urethane lifting saddle and positioning handle. Available in standard capacities from 1.5 to 15 ton, custom sizes available.
Construction Lifters •

DeWalt reinvents the tool
DeWalt announced the launch of its new line of corded tools in an effort to increase market share among corded users. The new line of tools includes ½” drills (DWD215G and DWD210G), a deep-cut band saw (DWM120) and ½” stud and joist drill (DWD460).  DeWALT built these tools from the ground up and designed them with new innovations including a high-speed motor, electronic controls, new grip designs and serviceable parts. Unveiled in December 2008, these tools help improve the drilling and cutting experience for professional end users and provide new developments in a category that has not seen innovation in more than a decade.
DeWalt •

Telehandler attachments
JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company that manufactures telescopic material handlers, has a new family of common attachments for all three telehandler brands available in the Americas. Multiple attachments increase the application flexibility of its telehandler offerings with a grapple bucket, an eight-foot tower and a fork-mounted work platform. A variety of material buckets, truss booms and carriages of varying sizes and fork options are also offered.
JLG Industries, Inc. •

Gas-powered fastening system
The new TY150GSC Gas-Powered Fastening System from TyRex, LLC is five times faster than powder actuated fastening systems, but requires no OSHA training or licensing to operate.   With 20,000 volts of ignition power, it operates in extreme conditions, and with a wider variety of fuel cells.   Powered by TyRex’s 34g fuel, this new fastening system delivers 67 ft-lbs of driving force from an ergonomic design weighing just 8.3 pounds. This new high-speed gas-powered fastening system is ideal for commercial construction projects like fastening drywall track, wood furring, hat channel, ceiling grid to concrete, concrete block and steel.
TyRex •

Anti-slip floor coating
NevaSlip, a 19-year-old safety company, has a new formula for its anti-slip floor service. The company says the new formula works more effectively than the old formula and is guaranteed for a minimum of 8 years. NevaSlip treats ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles, marble, granite, terrazzo and concrete, indoors or outdoors.
NevaSlip •

Bandsaw tension gauge
M. K. Morse Company offers a bandsaw tension gauge for quickly measuring blade tension while the band saw blade is on the machine. The tension gauge checks for under-tension and over-tensioned conditions.  Features include a durable cast, powder coated body with calibrated gauge and a quality storage box with protective foam inserts. The gauge measures in pounds per square inch as well as kilograms per square centimeter. Proper tensioning optimizes blade life, resulting in precise cutting and reduces the opportunity for machine damage.
M.K. Morse •

Energy minders
The Kill A Watt family of products allows home and business users to find out which electrical devices, appliances and components are affordable to keep plugged in. By connecting an appliance to a Kill A Watt device, each will assess how energy efficient — or not — that appliance is.  The LCD display counts consumption by Kilowatt-hours, like the local utility.
Various models show power consumption and calculate the electricity cost of the appliance by the day, week, month, or year. A power strip for bundling electronic equipment measures how energy efficient they are while protecting them from power surges. •

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