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“And it’s why we’re an industry to be proud of” / 

By John Fullerton, Heartland Chapter board member /

We in the post-frame industry have a lot to be proud of. We can certainly celebrate the ingenuity of the post-frame building design itself — post frame provides what is usually the most efficient and economical building solution, making agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential structures that meet crucial needs less expensive because they help conserve natural resources.

Post-frame buildings feature wide sidewalls with few breaks in insulation. Wood posts also provide natural insulating properties. Properly insulated post-frame buildings are extremely energy efficient. With everyone concerned about rising energy costs and related problems, post-frame construction provides the right solution.

Post-frame is very design efficient and sustainable. Because of the advantages of diaphragm design, structural strength equal to or greater than that achieved in other designs may be achieved with fewer materials. Because post-frame buildings have fewer structural members to be installed, fewer resources are used in their construction. The buildings also go up more quickly, so less energy is invested.

Post-frame building materials are environmentally friendly. Wood is naturally renewable. In contrast to most materials, production of wood with responsible forest management practices actually reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Steel cladding and connectors are made predominantly of recycled material. With a wide variety of foundation options, we can significantly decrease the amount of concrete needed. Because we use less energy and fewer nonrenewable resources during construction as well as over the building’s lifetime, we also honor our responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth.

Without being conceited or arrogant, we may be humbly proud of the things that make us special. Post-frame structures are the most economical, energy efficient and eco-friendly of buildings. As we share with others design concepts that are helpful to the well-being of all and that wisely use natural resources by making buildings more efficient and affordable, we may feel genuine pride for ourselves and our industry.

Fullerton is president of NFBA member company Heartland Perma-Column and serves on the NFBA Heartland Chapter’s board of directors. For more information, visit

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