‘Tell the PFMI Story’

Several NFBA member companies accepted an invitation to showcase their products and to tell their Post-Frame Marketing Initiative stories in a special advertising space offer. These companies are showcased in a “Tell the PFMI Story” special section.

American Building Components

ABC can assist builders in the light commercial post frame market in several capacities.

First and foremost, when a building is for commercial use, it needs to be of better quality in both materials and aesthetics.  A business owner wants to give a good impression to his clients and this projects through his building.

ABC was the first to offer Galvalume as a standard. Galvalume is a superior product compared to galvanized in weathering, long life, accepting paint and even thickness. ABC recommends that the builders learn the benefits of Galvalume and standardize on Galvalume as their standard offering.

It’s all about service

Often times, service can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. ABC prides itself on service to customers for on-time and complete delivery, product quality,  product knowledge and professional salesmen who can help customers in so many ways.  When customers find someone they can trust, companies need to continue earning that trust.

Keen on Green

One of the most popular words in the industry is Green.  ABC,  an Energy Star Partner, has worked hard to earn Energy Star designation on several of its paint colors.

And, all ABC colors are Cool Roofs.  This means they have been tested and have a solar reflectance value for roofs greater than 2:12 to meet the Cool Roof rating.
Pride in the industry

ABC is proud of all it has to offer builders and very pleased to see more and more post-frame builders entering the light commercial market.

For more information

6975 Danville Road
Nicholasville KY 40340
859-885-7214 (fax)

Central States Manufacturing

Central States Manufacturing was founded in 1988 as a customer-focused company serving the post-frame, commercial/industrial, architectural, and residential markets. The product selection includes seven panel profiles available in Galvalume and galvanized substrates, purlin profiles, and complete mini-storage packages. Central States has seen significant growth by providing reliable service to its customers — right, on time, every time.

Right — Getting orders right starts from the ground up. Central States gives its distributors the option of entering orders directly into the company’s computer system via Internet or calling/faxing the order to their territory manager. The automated order entry program, OTTO2, leaves little chance for errors, as customers use drop down menus for ordering. All orders are double checked for accuracy by territory managers before being processed and produced.

As Central States employee-owners produce these orders, special measures for quality and accuracy are taken. These include production quality checks, scanning product being loaded on delivery trucks and trim scales to help ensure pieces are not missing. In addition, when there is a problem, employee owners work on a corrective action to prevent it in the future.

On Time — Central States offers the quickest turnaround time in the industry on cut-to-length panels and trims. Each of Central States’ distributors has a consistent truck route so there is no guessing when the material will arrive. Central States’ employee-owner truck drivers are reliable and dependable and take customer service to the next level.

Every Time — Central States’ goal is to offer consistency, quality and support that helps customers build their business. Central States prides itself on being a business partner, not just a supplier of metal building components. Central States employee-owners understand the mindset of a business owner and work hard to ensure products are manufactured and delivered right, on time, every time.

For more information

302 Jane Place, Lowell AR 72745
800-356-2871 (fax)

Dynamic Fastener

What is the definition of long life?

The answer would vary greatly, depending upon your subject. For instance, an African elephant on the Serengeti would be substantially different than a mosquito on your forearm.

Unfortunately for the contractor, the same nebulous and misleading signals are sent when some of Dynamic Fastener’s competitors claim that their fasteners have a long life coating. Once again, “long life” is just a relative phrase.

To eliminate unnecessary concerns on behalf of its valued customers, Dynamic Fastener quantifies the meaning of “long life.” Since Dyna-Coat premium screw coating passes the 1,000-hour salt spray test, the company proclaims “1,000 Hour” right next to the word Dyna-Coat. Rarely, if ever, does Dynamic Fastener see its competitors touting the tests that their screws pass. That is a suspicious omission.

To paraphrase the famous commercial:?“What’s on your fastener?” Removing the uncertainty on this very important topic is easy. Specify Dyna-Coat 1,000-hour salt spray premium coating on all your screw requirements.

Dyna-Coat is a premium organic polymer coating designed to provide corrosion resistance for metal fasteners. Fasteners that are coated with Dyna-Coat exhibit excellent resistance to marring, chipping and abrasion. The color of the coated fastener is metallic silver. Dyna-Coat employs several forms of corrosion resistance, such as replacement, inhibition, envelopment and electrochemistry. These coated fasteners also have strong resistance against acid and alkaline chemicals.

Orders received by 3 p.m. CST will ship that day more than 99 percent of the time.
Dynamic Fastener’s buying power enables it to competitively and successfully sell nationwide. The company has more than 50,000 customers representing all 50 states and 15 foreign countries.

Dynamic Fastener’s free 124-page full-color Tool and Fastener Hand Guide (right) covers fastener applications, engineering data, availability of types, size ranges and fastener materials. In addition to discussing screws and anchors, the guide provides prices and other information relating to flashings, sealants, insulation tapes, safety equipment, hand tools, power tools and more.

Find us in these locations

  • Raytown, Mo. (Main office)
  • St. Louis, Mo.
  • Memphis, Tenn.
  • St. Paul, Minn.
  • Houston, Texas
  • Melrose Park, Ill.
  • Las Vegas, Nev. (2nd quarter 2008)   

Contact info
Website: www.dynamicfastener.com
Phone: 800-821-5448
Fax: 800-844-1199 

Everlast Roofing

Everlast Roofing, Inc. is proud to serve the post frame industry and promote the Post Frame Marketing Initiative.

The success of Everlast Roofing, Inc. is strongly attributed to striving for ever-increasing quality, service and dedication within the post-frame industry.

Quality can be seen throughout Everlast products, beginning with the purchase of the highest quality, raw materials, proprietary heat-forming technology and innovative processes through continuous product development and research.

Through this product development and research, the company has introduced its next generation panel, OMNI.  The OMNI panel provides even better paint adhesion and unparalleled barrier protection to the already proven Everlast process.

OMNI offers Everlast’s Synergy Paint System, providing the highest quality siliconized polyester coating system the industry has to offer. In combination with the Synergy Paint System, the enhanced primer offers additional corrosion protection, superior resistance to moisture and UV rays plus excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance. 

Research has shown that a quality, enhanced primer provides significant barrier protection and increases the efficiency of paint adherence.  Developed with the latest technology, the OMNI Enhanced Primer provides a thicker, more resistant raw material layer of defense against corrosion while promoting superior paint adherence and flexibility. A complex oxide bonds the paint to the Galvalume substrate resulting in superior adhesion of the enhanced primer.

A Galvalume coating delivers the best protective characteristic features of aluminum and zinc. By combining the remarkable quality of Galvalume’s corrosion protection with a corrosion inhibitor topcoat system, the Everlast II OMNI panel brings cohesive elements together to form a superior protection system.

Customers benefit from Everlast Roofing, Inc.’s commitment to advancing metal roofing reliability and longevity with the highest quality-building components in the post-frame industry.

More information
To learn more about Everlast Roofing, Inc., and its products call (888) 339-0059 or visit www.everlastroofing.com.

McElroy Metal

McElroy unveils ‘Invisible’ Lap

W ith a long-standing history of innovative manufacturing, McElroy Metal has introduced MESA, a professional builder grade panel that features a nearly invisible lap.  This is the most exciting metal roof and wall panel to be introduced to the post-frame industry in years.
MESA panels are made of Galvalume steel substrate and PVDF (Kynar 500) paint systems.  Kynar 500 coatings are proven to provide the best protection against panel fade and chalk, resulting in long-term aesthetic appeal.  In fact, these coatings are specified by architects worldwide for use on high-rise and commercial buildings and are recognized as the industry’s superior coating system.

“MESA panels feature a Galvalume substrate, which offers the perfect blend of zinc and aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance and long-term performance.  Years of field testing and research indicate that Galvalume substrates are superior to galvanized substrates,” states Ian McElroy, president of McElroy Metal.  “MESA is both copyright and patent protected which means there is nothing else like it on the market.  We developed this product with professional builders in mind.  They have been looking for a product that couldn’t be easily copied by their competitors offering low-end products.  Our contractors can now offer their clients a truly unique looking structure that cannot be replicated.”

The metal roofing industry has an abundance of manufacturers marketing products that are virtually identical.  However, while these panels look identical, they often feature different substrates and coatings that have varying levels of performance.  By utilizing Galvalume substrate and Kynar 500 coating, MESA is the ultimate product when long-term aesthetics and durability are desired.

One of MESA’s outstanding features is the design of the lap.  Most metal building panels are three feet wide and the lap (overlapping panels) is often visible.  The copyrighted and patented design of McElroy’s MESA panel enables laps to appear hidden, resulting in a more monolithic and attractive project.  The nearly hidden lap is not only attractive, but it forms a tight seam that is not easily penetrated by wind or weather.

MESA panels are available in 16 fade and chalk resistant Kynar 500® colors.  All MESA colors are Energy Star compliant, which means they reflect much of the sun’s energy resulting in lower energy bills.  In addition, MESA panels are also certified under the Metal Construction Association’s Certification program.  The panels are certified as Metal Construction Association premium painted panels.

McElroy Metal was founded in 1963 and has served the construction industry with quality products and has continually focused and excelled at providing excellent customer service.  Today McElroy Metal has 10 manufacturing facilities and 20 service centers located throughout the United States and is active in the architectural, industrial, commercial and residential marketplaces.

Want to know more?

To learn more about McElroy Metal and MESA panels, call 800-562-3576
or visit www.McElroyMESA.com

MWI Components

MWI Components was formed in 1998, designed as the marketing arm for Metal Works brand cupolas and Ridg-vents.

Metal Works was formed in 1985, manufacturing ridge ventilators and cupolas and private labeling them for top companies in the post-frame industry. In 1998 MWI Components was formed to take its product and marketing skills direct to the industry.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Spencer, Iowa,  company strives to bring products that will please all types of builders, teaming with them as they tackle new projects and structures requiring metal components.

Accessories are MWI’s specialty. From Tempshield Foil insulation, soffit, polycarbonate, slide door hardware, to ventilation, and decorative cupolas, MWI has it all.

Tempshield Foil insulation now comes standard with a Class 1-A fire rating on all styles for insulating. It’s offered in rolls up to 10’ wide, available plain or with tab and tape.

Uni-vent and Uni-vent ridge-clips offer the most convenient method for venting standing seam and corrugated roofing panels. With Uni-vent there is no need to be profile specific, since the 1-x2-inch Uni-vent is able to conform to any ¾-inch rib panel.

In addition to Uni-vent, the company offers all styles of ventilation for any post-frame or metal building applications.

Cupolas offer the perfect decoration for any post-frame project. MWI offers 24-, 36-, 48- and 66-inch choices in its four-sided design. Recently the company added an eight-sided design  that stands 7- or 12-feet tall.

In 2005 MWI introduced a brand new line of products with its Arcadian Horse Building Products. Fourteen gauge horse stalls, available welded in a huge variety of styles and colors, are a galvaniel substrate that offers the longest lasting protection on the market today.

MWI has its own in-house powder coat facility, enabling the company to paint all accessories, including slide door components, which is an industry first. Whether it is a fancy cross buck slide door or typical hardware package, both can be matched in over 40 rollformer colors.

In late 2006, MWI purchased the slide door track and hardware division of Lawrence Hardware, the original creator of square track slide door systems. This purchase also enabled MWI to tool up for round track, offering complete track packages for all industrial, post frame, farm, and commercial buildings.

As a continued innovator to all products it brings on, MWI has greatly improved the packaging for round track (see picture). With its complete round design, packaging has always been a challenge for a distributor.

Finally as MWI continues to grow, it aims to build route trucks in many areas so that customers can conveniently combine products to reduce freight costs, inventory and challenges that face today’s builders and business owners.

MWI’s management staff appreciates all the customers who have supported the company for the last 10 years MWI looks forward to growing, along with those customers, in the future.

More information
1015 32nd Ave. W
Spencer, Iowa 51301
800-361-3452 (fax)


P lyco is celebrating more than 50 years as a supplier of products to the post-frame building, metal-frame building and commercial construction industries.

The company manufactures a wide variety of products, including metal walk doors, windows, soffit, horse stall systems, sliding door track and hardware, cupolas, ventilation products, reflective insulation, East Coast Fasteners and closures. This gives Plyco’s customers the “One Stop Shopping Advantage.”

Plyco has become a leader in the industry by dedicating itself to serving customers and listening to their needs. Based on this commitment, Plyco offers a full line of quality products supported by outstanding customer service from Plyco’s employee sales force nationwide.

Plyco’s innovative product delivery system provides customers with what they need most — scheduled delivery of undamaged product and a competitive cost.

Browse the company’s website at www.plyco.com to obtain literature, or call (800) 558-5895.

In addition to its vast product offering, Plyco continues to develop and offer its customers new market driven products that provide a market advantage.

Plyco has introduced five new true commercial door series (22, 23, 24, 27, 28), including high security, fire-rated and wind-rated doors. In addition, Plyco recently introduced half-round commercial windows, vinyl windows and soffit/trims, and has addressed the ACQ issue by offering Plyco’s Pro-Seal ACQ barrier product and ACQ-compatible fasteners.

Plyco provides an extensive variety of standard and custom-built service doors. All Plyco service doors are pre-hung, individually cartoned or crated, predrilled for lock set, insulated with injected polyurethane foam, and are prefinished in white, hickory moss, bronze or chocolate brown, depending on the style of door.

A 4-way universal swing feature is standard on most doors, as are stainless steel hinges. Standard door sizes are 3’0” by 6’8” and 3’0” by 7’0” however many other widths and door heights are available. Plyco doors are adaptable to wood, masonry and steel frame construction.

Plyco commercial insulated wind rated and security door systems are made using full steel edge construction to provide long-lasting strength and durability and are prehung in the factory, saving time and money.  Galvanized steel provides excellent rust prevention.

Plyco doors meet the “Florida system” tests, the wind resistance standard set by the 2007 Florida Building Code.

Plyco offers fire rated doors with 90-minute and three-hour fire ratings required for light commrcial building applications.

Plyco offers a large variety of lock-sets, closures, panic, kickplates, mounting systems, hardware, seals, sweeps and thresholds to fit almost all applications.
Watch for more new quality products from Plyco coming soon for light commercial applications.

Plyco Company locations:

  • Elkhart Lake, WI
  • Shawano, WI
  • Walketon, IN

More information
Fax: 800-257-5926
NFBA member since 1976


With over 32 years experience supplying snow guards to the post frame industry, the company knows there are several important factors to consider when selecting the proper snow guard for metal roofing applications. 

The most important features to consider are the height, width and shape of a snow guard or rail system.  This determines its ability to hold back layers of heavy ice and snow.

A pad style guard should have a flat, forward mounted face that measures at least 3 inches across and stands no less than 2.5 inches high. It must be mounted in the lowest portion of the roofing panel where the snow and ice actually moves, not on a high seam above the problem area. Snow guards mounted on a high seam will cease to be effective once the snow and ice compacts on the panel and becomes lower than the guard.

A bar or rail system should have a flat face or square tube with an ice stopper, at least 3 inches wide, mounted perpendicular to the panel flat. Installing the correct type of ice stopping device is the key to keeping the snow and ice from going under and over the bar.

Consider this
The two most common types of snow retention systems are the pad style guards mounted in the panel flats and the rail systems crimped to the seams. On screw down panels, popular with many frame builders, the installer has the choice of adhesive or mechanical snow guard attachment.

Rail systems require screw down brackets because there are typically no seams to crimp to. On standing seam floating panels, adhesive mounting is the preferred method of attachment for pad style snow guards. This mounting method does not restrict the natural thermal expansion and contraction process of floating metal roof panels and in the event of severe snow drifting conditions, it provides a release feature that eliminates the possibility of panel damage. The other method of attachment on standing seam panels is a crimp on snow guard or rail system. It is very important to remember that crimp on guards or rails have no release aspect and panel damage could occur if snow loads exceed the design capabilities of the clamp. Therefore, these systems should always be installed in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations!

Material matters
Another noteworthy consideration is the type of material from which the snow guard is made. Clear polycarbonate is virtually invisible and will not create corrosive galvanic reactions caused by dissimilar metals exposed to outdoor elements. Because all plastics do not maintain the same characteristics when exposed to various weather conditions, the consumer should only consider using a product made from a virgin grade, UV stabilized, prime polycarbonate material.  This company uses the same type of polycarbonate, approved by NASA, used to make astronaut face masks.

Something else to consider: clear pad style snow guards are far less noticeable on a roof than colored ones. A color matched snow guard will act as a sundial and cast a conspicuous shadow. Think about this scenario, a person is standing in front of a building and is looking up at the roof. What do they see? They observe all the protruding objects that don’t blend with the sky, including nontransparent snow retention systems. Clear snow guards unify with the skyline and in most cases, are almost undetectable.

Tough choices
With so many snow retention choices on the market today, it may be difficult to choose the correct system for a roof because there is not just one type of snow retention system that is perfect for every application.  Some types of metal roofing do not have the proper seam height and are not structurally suitable for use with a clamp down system. While it is usually harmless to the panel to use an adhesive mounted system, weather conditions may not always be ideal for immediate installation. 

A truly useful tool
A generic on-line estimator program, SpacingTool.com, is aimed at setting the industry standard for snow guard placement.  SpacingTool.com enables the end user to instantly determine how many guards should be used on a particular project. This tool immediately produces free on-line layouts and price quotes that can be accessed multiple times with an e-mail generated key code.  The program features a user friendly interface that only requires basic roof criteria and simple contact information. In addition, this web site can be accessed from any internet capable mobile phone, while on the jobsite, to obtain instant snow guard calculations.

When it really comes down to it, choosing an experienced manufacturer and following their instructions and spacing recommendations is the key to a successful snow guard installation.

Wheeling Corrugating

Quality from start to finish.

That’s the SpectraCote System.

The SpectraCote System from Wheeling Corrugating is the most comprehensive quality integrated manufacturing and paint finishing process in the industry. Every step, raw steel through warm roll forming, is designed to deliver painted steel panels that are the best in the industry.

In basic terms, The SpectraCote System is a carefully monitored, tightly coordinated manufacturing process designed to assure that each step in production makes a vital contribution to the quality of the step that follows and to the overall integrity of the completed panel. The finished product is roofing and siding with increased durability and performance, a superior finish coating and greater value to the end user.
SpectraCote features

Coordinated accessories.
Wheeling provides a broad selection of quality SpectraCote System accessories, including ridge caps and corner trims. All are color matched to complete the look of any structure.

A full palette of color.
Wheeling SpectraCote System offers a wide choice of colors: 17 popular shades from rich earthtones to bright contemporary hues.   All are long lasting, chalk resistant and virtually maintenance-free.

Generous warranty. The SpectraCote System delivers roofing and siding unsurpassed in durability, corrosion resistance and long term color retention. This leadership position is fully backed by a 40-year limited warranty.

Steel with a pedigree. SpectraCote roofing and siding is made from 100 percent Wheeling-Pittsburgh hot dipped galvanized steel. All panels are full hard and exceed 100,000 psi tensile strength.

Energy Star certified. The SpectraCote System offers 12 “cool” colors that meet or exceed strict EPA and US Department of Energy guidelines for energy efficiency. Energy Star colors reflect heat more effectively, help keep interiors cool, comfortable and more cost efficient.

Exclusive drain channel: Wheeling offers painted metal roofing and siding panels with an exclusive, efficient drain channel built into the profile design. This unique tight-fitting feature keeps interiors snug and dry.

Want to know more?

Call toll free: 877-333-0900
Fax toll free: 800-787-2812

Cannonball: HNP

W isconsin-based CannonBall:HNP is a leading supplier to the post-frame inustry, ofering a wide range of products that include walk doors, windows, ridge vents, cupolas, reflective insulation, sliding door systems and two types of horse stall systems: steel or aluminum. Dutch doors and country sliders enhance the appearance and function of  equine facilities. Polycarbonate wall panels are also available in a wide variety of profiles.

The 90-year-old company offers a lifetime warranty on its industry-leading sliding door track and trolley systems.

CannonBall:HNP products are available throughout the USA and Canada.


800-766-2825; www.cnbhnp.com;
PO Box 835, Beloit, WI 53512-0835.

2 warehouse locations to serve  customers:
Aurora, Colo.
Waxahachie, Texas

Beloit, Wis. 800-766-2825
Website: www.cnbhnp.com
Fax: 800-834-7447

Ag-Co Products

A g-Co was founded in 1976 by Glen George to provide the building industry with quality products. Over the course of 30+ years, the company has added horse stall packages, cupolas and weathervanes. 

A new Ag-Co product taking the deck building industry by storm is the Ag-Co Footing Pad.  The Footing Pad is developed and engineered to provide an economic way of distributing deck post loads to the soil in an efficient manner.  Its compact and lightweight 1 lb. design saves a lot of backbreaking work, yet is strong like cement.  Footing Pad is easy to handle and install.

Other benefits include saves time and money, no concrete pad breakage due to soft soil, no mess or hassle with broken concrete bags, no waiting for concrete set up, no tracks left by heavy concrete trucks, no callbacks due to settling posts and Footing Pad stacks and stores easily until ready for use.

Ag-Co cupolas are an innovative easy two-piece design that installs easily on any shingle or metal roof.  With an extensive color selection, numerous elegant weathervane choices and optional light kit, Ag-Co cupolas top any out building off with style. Good ventilation is critical for the structural integrity of roofs of all types and Ag-Co cupolas are designed to provide excellent ventilation while enhancing the appearance of any roof-line.  Ag-Co has an exclusive license create and sell John Deere and International Harvester (Farmall) cupolas.

More information
Ag-Co Products
701 W. State St., Ste A
St. Johns, MI 48879
800-522-2426\989-224-8394 (fax)

Energy Panel Structures

EPS serves the Midwest (Pennsylvania to Colorado) from its headquarters in Graettinger, Iowa. More than 200 authorized dealers erect and sell EPS structures from residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial markets.

EPS offers complete pre-engineered buildings, computer pricing programs, co-op advertising programs and participates in more than 50 trade show events each year.

We started with agricultural buildings .

Post-Frame Building Systems

  • Roof trusses are pre-engineered, designed and certified to accommodate either commercial or agricultural snow loads for specific requests.
  • State-of-the-art design eliminates knee braces and allows maximum use of space.
  • Fully engineered and designed in accordance with requested load requirements. Stamped drawings available.
  • Winter construction ­— post foundations can be easily embedded during winter weather.
  • Economical — Significant savings in construction time and material make EPS post frame building systems the most economical type of construction available in the United States.

More information
P.O. Box 238
Graettinger IA 51342
712-859-3219 • 800-967-2130
712-859-3275 (fax)

Graber Post Buildings

Graber Post Buildings, located between Montgomery and Odon, Ind., in the heart of Southern Indiana’s Amish country, began in 1973 with Glen Graber running a three-man Amish crew constructing post-frame buildings, trying to make a living to support their families.  

Today, Graber Post Buildings employs over 150 people and an additional 12 subcontracted construction crews. The physical plant includes approximately 8.5 acres under roof, housing a roll-formed metal operation that includes three different rib panels, two gauges of steel, and 22 different colors.

Graber stocks over 4,000 steel coils, so new and existing customer orders are handled in a timely, efficient and productive manner. The complex includes a custom truss building facility, custom metal trims facility and all other materials and accessories needed for construction of a post frame building or metal roofing project. 

Outstanding customer service sets Graber Post Buildings apart from competitors. Graber Post is a five-time Gold Key Award winner from Rural Builder Magazine.

Graber sells materials to its wholesale distributor network in more than 20 states. Turn-around time delivery of  truck loads of materials is as short as 1-1/2 days after orders are received at the plant.

More information

7716 N 900 E, Montgomery IN 47558
812-687-7508 or 800-264-5013
812-636-4936 (fax)

Marion Manufacturing

M arion Manufacturing Inc., with a well-known name and excellent reputation, provides innovative dependable machinery to the metal forming and metal processing industries.
Marion, proud to be a family-owned company, is a manufacturer of quality metal forming and fabricating equipment, roll forming and coil processing systems, and automated production systems in today’s global marketplace. For over 25 years, the company has designed and built practical, cost-efficient equipment, providing solutions to a broad range of manufacturing projects.

Marion specialties include:

  • Roofing ‘R’ panel and ag panel lines;
  • Single, double and triple rim lines;
  • Light gauge high speed metal framing;
  • MultiMill producing stud, track, furring channel hat sections and “C” channel;
  • High speed structural metal framing;
  • UltraMill producing flooring channel, purlins and truss members;
  • Accessory systems producing corner bead, RC1 and RC2 resilient channels, bull nose and “C” channel;
  • Stacking, bundling, conveying and packaging systems for all the above.

And further…

Marion’s service technicians ensure fast response for telephone or field support. The ability to control cost secures customers’ investment for the future.

Marion Manufacturing’s machinery and systems are in operation in shops in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Contact us

201 S Coble
Marion, KS 66861


P2000 began outside Montreal in the mid ‘90s when Ed  “E.T.” Thevenot noticed that a foam cup protected his hand from boiling water and icy cold liquids. His hand didn’t get wet or feel the drastic temperature changes. What if that foam could be made 8, 16 or 32 times thicker? From his simple observation, P2000 was born.

Together with manufacturer Dave Lewis in Connecticut, they took EPS foam board and added a reflective silver coating on one side (for an air and vapor barrier) and a durable white finish on the other. Then they tested it. And tested it. And had objective third parties test it.

Every evaluation confirmed that P2000 virtually stops cold and heat transfer. It stops wind. It stops moisture and does not support mildew or mold growth. It blocks radiant energy that is absorbed by other insulations. It meets or exceeds many UL building material standards and major US and Canadian building codes. It is proven, certified and performance tested and it’s environmentally friendly.

Because P2000 works as a building system envelope, it is ideal for commercial and industrial uses, metal and wood frame buildings, warehouses, garages, offices, workshops, with HVAC and in all walls, roofs and floors.

With concrete, P2000 is perfect for concrete walls, radiant floor installations and under stucco. It’s very popular in residential and agricultural applications as well.

P2000 is available in sheets and rolls, in a variety of thicknesses, so it is easy to install in both new construction and retro-fit. It is easy to wash, acid tested and with no “shelf-life”, there is no need to replace it. In fact, it comes with a 20 year warranty. Like its name suggests, P2000 is an insulation for the 21st Century.

More information

Perka Building Frames/ P2000 Insulation Systems
1111 Alabama St., St. Joseph MO 64504  • 816-238-7701
800-467-3752  (fax) 816-238-7700 • www.p2000insulation.com
www. perka.comperka@perka.comp2@p2insulation.com

Rigidply Rafters

I n the summer of 1954, the Shirk family began to manufacture laminated wood rafters in its home in Myerstown, Pa. The name Rigidply Rafters was established in 1954 by Chester F. Shirk, the owner and operator of this contracting company.

Today, the Rigidply Rafters name continues as a testament to the superior work produced by this business. Rigidply Rafters currently employs more than 200 people and operates two manufacturing plants.

Everyone at Rigidply Rafters is fully committed to serving its customers and providing them with the finest products available. The excellence the company strives for is to continually show its appreciation for its customers’ loyalty to Rigidply Rafters.

Rigidply Rafters offers

  • Glulam treated posts
  • Roof and floor trusses
  • Glulam arches
  • Glulam beams
  • T&G?and V-groove decking
  • Complete line of post-frame building materials
  • Crane service

More information
Website: www.rigidply.com
Phone:  717-866-6581
Fax: 717-866-2737

SFS intec

SFS intec  manufactures fasteners and fastening systems. Headquartered in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, the company’s products are manufactured in nine countries, and the company operates six full-service distribution centers in North America.

The cornerstone of success has been the ability to deliver the value of manufacturing, technical support, service and innovation to customers.

Innovation separates the company from its competition. Customers select SFS as their supplier because they know that by doing so, they will be kept at the forefront of new technologies in products, materials, installation tools and logistics solutions that save them time and make them more competitive. Recent innovations introduced are the Woodgrip XG fastener and the Panelmaster Fastening System.

The Woodgrip XG fastener is designed for metal panel attachment to wood, offering superior performance  in OSB, plywood and 1×4 pine and provides improved pullout and backout values over standard #9 or #10 woodscrews.

The Panelmaster Fastening System has transformed the process of metal panel to wood installation. Operated from a standing position, the Panelmaster system provides improved ergonomics, speed and uniformity of fastener installation,  thereby increasing productivity while reducing labor costs.

SFS intec embraces change and seeks solutions.  As the construction market will continue to change, customers’ expectations for solutions will continue to grow. SFS intec accepts these demands; it aggressively pursues innovation, embraces and advances the latest technology, and together, with its customers, continues long term market success.



Triangle Fastener

Triangle Fastener Corporation, formed in 1977, is a supplier of standard and special fasteners, tools and accessories for the commercial construction industry. The company specializes in  supplying hard-to-find fasteners and accessories used in a wide range of applications.

A complete line of fasteners for metal-to-metal, metal-to-wood, commercial drywall and concrete anchoring is available from each of Triangle’s 24 locations.

Triangle  offers a full line of fasteners, tools, sealants and accessories specifically for post frame construction. Leading the way is #10 Panel-Tite Metal-to-Wood fasteners. They are stronger than ordinary #9 diameter fasteners and are coated with Tri-Seal long-life coating system that provides superior corrosion protection.

In stock are Panel-Tites that are painted in 11 of the most popular colors; they can be shipped the same day! Custom colors can be color matched in one of six in-house painting facilities and shipped in four days or less!

Along with a wide selection of high performance products, Triangle provides job-site assistance, technical support, Pak-One inventory management programs and product development.

Get a NEED-IT-NOW! Product Sheet, poster and  free 400-page Fastening Systems Guide that is filled full of products and technical information on a wide variety of fastening systems solutions.

For information
Triangle Fastener Corporation
4661 Hinckley Parkway
Cleveland, OH 44109
Phone: 216-351-9933
Fax: 216-351-5008
Website: www.trianglefastener.com
Email: jstager@trianglefastener.com

Whirlwind Building Components

W hirlwind would like to thank everyone who braved the cold weather elements and stopped by its booth at this year’s NFBA show, especially the two iPod winners, Dan Crusinberry and Terry Cornell. Congratulations.

We enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many new faces. Now we are looking forward to next year’s show in Nashville.

As always, Whirlwind is a proud supporter of the post-frame industry and stands behind the Post Frame Marketing Initiative as it continues to help make this industry grow.
With the changes in today’s economic situation and energy costs on the rise, Whirlwind is now more then ever committed to helping the environment through the Energy Star and CRRC listed products.

Whirlwind products are made of recycled material (up to 59%), and can offer added savings on energy costs.  Currently 12 Energy Star approved colors are offered, providing a myriad of choices for agricultural, commercial, or residential use.

More information
Carrie Miller
8234 Hansen Rd.
Houston, Texas 77075
800-324-9992  or 713-946-7140
Fax:  832-553-4700

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