Pig pointers: Planning a swine facility

Site selection

• Locate downwind from residences
• Choose a site that is protected from cold winds and snow accumulation
• Site the building in an open area if it will be naturally ventilated
• Allow at least 50 feet between buildings, more for optimum fire control
• Access to all-weather roads is essential for moving feed and hogs
• Locate near adequate electric supply
• Water supply should be of drinkable quality and in sufficient quantity for spillage, cooling sprays, cleaning and fire protection
• Don’t feel bound to locate new facilities adjacent to improperly sited existing facilities
• Avoid locating the building in a low area prone to wet conditions
• Ensure good surface and subsurface drainage
• Check local zoning and environmental regulations
• Locate the facility away from the water well and from major highways
• Make sure the location has adequate land for manure disposal

Building planning

Plans and specifications should cover:
• Floor plan and cross section
• Foundation plan
• Electrical and lighting plan
• Structural details
• Water system
• Waste management system
• Feed handling system
• Flooring
• General equipment specifications
• Building material specifications
• Fire protection planning
• Animal handling facilities

Source: Michigan State University Cooperative Extension Service, “Planning Considerations for the Construction of a New Swine Building,” Extension Bulletin E-2184 (1989)

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