Plus-size project

Post-frame beats out other building systems for storage facility

There’s big … and then there’s big.

CDAEarlier this year, CDA Structures completed a rather large post-frame building. In fact, Brian Eiter of CDA believes it may be the largest post-frame building in the Northwest and anywhere along the West Coast.

CDA Structures of Coer D’ Alene, Idaho was chosen to construct this 56,000-square-foot structure, built to house raw materials for fertilizer plants in the area. The building stands 140 feet by 400 feet and is 54 feet tall. Roof pitches vary from 9:12 to 7:12 and 3:12.

CDAThis project is truly a victory for post-frame construction. According to Eiter, “Post-frame construction was chosen by the customer after 10 months of research on every type of construction method from rigid frame red iron, CMU block, tilt-up concrete, conventional stick-frame to finally deciding on post frame due to its all-wood construction with stainless and galvanized fasteners to the speed and cost efficiency of the structure.”

The building — which took eight months to complete — also features a paddle lift and conveyor system to transport bulk materials from the adjacent railroad spur to the individual bins inside the building. Some of the products stored are post ash, urea and sodium chloride.

CDA Structures has constructed hundreds of buildings in Idaho, Washington and Montana.


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