Engineered wood products

Arch Wood Protection
This company makes wood treating chemicals and licenses the production of Wolmanized CCA pressure-treated wood products, including columns, beams, joists, piling, poles and other structural components in industrial, commercial, agricultural and heavy duty applications. CCA preservative remains a reliable choice for pressure-treated wood in post-frame construction.

Cascade Manufacturing Co.
This Iowa-based company distributes iLevel engineered wood floor joist, LSL, LVL and PSL products plus related connectors and hangers throughout the Midwest.

CorrectDeck CX ultra-low maintenance, PVC-free decking and railing products utilize an entirely new decking technology that incorporates anti-microbial product protection into each deck board, railing or trim component. This process fully encapsulates any exposed wood fibers, adding improved resistance to color fade, stains and mold and mildew. Matching decking, railing and fascia colors include pebble, sage, coastal grey, cedar, mahogany and merlot.

MSR Lumber Producers Council
The council is a non-profit corporation representing the interests of the machine stress rated (MSR) lumber producers in the manufacturing, marketing, promotion, use and technical aspects of machine stress rated lumber. MSR dimension lumber used in beam and truss design is evaluated for quality, strength and suitability for its specific use.

Ohio Timberland Products
Ohio Timberland is a national leader in nail-laminated columns used in post-frame structures. Only No. 1 Southern Yellow Pine is used in conjunction with all stainless steel fasteners that are textured and coated to provide superior holding power. Nailing exceeds NDS requirements and OTP uses a certified structural fingerjoint as well as interply adhesive to make the best nail lam.
Richland Laminated Columns
Richland makes the laminated columns that have changed post-frame construction. Laminated columns are engineered to be stronger and also eliminate bowing and twisting, helping reduce construction time. Richland Laminated Columns, built with Perma Columns, make it possible to build churches, schools, mini malls and also one of NFBA’s post-frame homes of the year. Richland stocks a full line of sizes and lengths.

Rigidply Rafters
This Pennsylvania company manufactures and distributes glulam treated posts, beams and arches, roof and floor trusses, T&G and V-groove decking, as well as a complete line of post-frame building products.

Southern Pine Components
Southern Pine is the strongest softwood structural lumber species. Design values for Southern Pine are the highest of all wood species used by component manufacturers. These features can result in longer spans, using smaller sizes and less truss depth required for the same performance. Discover material and cost savings on your next project using versatile, renewable Southern Pine lumber.

Starwood Rafters
Starwood produces the Lam-Ply truss, which combines plywood with dimensional lumber and glu-lams to make trusses that can be spaced farther apart, reducing erection time and labor costs. They work well on livestock buildings by eliminating bird nesting areas and improving ventilation. The arched bottom chord increases headroom, giving more usable space. It can be used for livestock, arenas and storage.

Timber Technologies
The company is a custom glu-lam manufacturer specializing in structural post-frame columns. Titan Timbers are glue-laminated columns using the industry’s best #1 SYP .60 CCA treated lowers and MSF 1650Fb uppers. Permanent face gluing, fingerjointing and planning produces a column that is straighter, stronger and better looking than nail laminated columns. Timber Technologies also makes a line of higher design value columns using 2400 MSR and dense select structurl SYP with multiple plys of 2×10 laminations.

Trim Joist
TrimJoist combines an open web floor truss and a trimmable, wooden I-joist, resulting in the best features of each. TrimJoist products can be trimmed on the construction site for a custom fit. Floor truss products are used by builders, contractors, and remodelers and specified by leading architects, engineers and designers.

iLevel by Weyerhaeuser
Trus Joist Wolmanized Parallam parallel strand lumber (PSL) from iLevel by Weyerhaeuser. Wolmanized Parallam PSL is preservative-treated to provide protection from termites, fungal decay, and recurring ground water contact on posts across the entire section of the framing member. It is ideally suited for unprotected exterior or wet-service applications such as decking supports, carports, cantilevered roofs and shelters. Wolmanzed Parallam PSL can be painted or stained and is available in headers, beams, columns and posts.

Universal Forest Products
Pressure treated wood from Universal Forest Products includes ProWood Micro and ProWood Micro CA, and ProWood CCA, the company’s oldest pressure-treated lumber product. ProWood ACQ lasts for decades in harsh weather, while ProWood Borate, with insect protection, is ideal for above-ground weather-protected structural framing projects. n

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