Reasons to attend the 2012 Frame Building Expo

Tim Little, president of Little Construction, Mount Holly, N.J., and former chair of NFBA’s Atlantic Northeast Chapter shares his reasons for making the Expo an annual trek.

Q: How many years have you been attending Frame Building Expo?

Little: This year’s show in St. Louis (February 29-March 2) will be my 26th Expo; I began attending way back when there were separate shows for rural builders and post-frame builders. The shows eventually merged to become what is known today as Frame Building Expo. I really enjoy going every year. The Expo is an invigorating experience and as a longtime attendee, it’s great to see how far we’ve come. I remember when the shows were smaller; today, it’s quite apparent how much the Expo and the post-frame industry have grown, and how professional NFBA members have become.

Q: Why is it important for NFBA members to attend the Expo?

Little: The most important reason is to support NFBA, our national organization of frame building professionals. But if frame building is your business, you should consider your attendance mandatory because doing so will help you grow your business.

 Q: What are your favorite activities when you attend the Frame Building Expo?

Little: I always enjoy the breakout sessions and the opportunity to meet and interact with other attendees. I enjoy walking the exhibit area and talking with the vendors. I also enjoy getting reacquainted with attendees I’ve met over the years of coming to the Expo to find out what they’re up to and where they’re at in their businesses.

Q: Is there any particular Expo from recent years that stands out in your memory?

Little: To be honest, there is no one particular year that sticks out from the others. Every one I’ve attended has proved a valuable experience that helps me get rejuvenated, motivated and excited about the upcoming year and building season.

 Q: What might new attendees get out of going to Frame Building Expo they might not expect?

Little: New attendees who are looking for more information on post-frame construction will be pleasantly surprised at what Frame Building Expo offers them, especially the many post-frame professionals representing and offering information and products for our industry. We are not ‘back yard’ builders. We are professionals whose goal is to advance the acceptance and use of post-frame construction.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone preparing for his first Frame Building Expo visit?

Little: If you’re experiencing tough times or other issues in your business, try to think about the things you need to work on, then seek out people onsite who you can talk with and who can answer your questions. I’ve been doing this for years with great success and I will do the same before I visit the 2012 show. FBN


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