Supplier News (November 2008)

Ridgid offers easy-to-navigate product catalog
Ridgid recently released its new, full-line product catalog, which includes products and reader-friendly features to help guide customers.

The new 234-page full color catalog includes a variety of new products, as well as expanded product information. New products highlighted include: a faucet and sink installer, stainless steel cutters, plastic pipe and tubing cutters, a combination roll groover, quick-acting vises, a combustible gas sniffer, battery-operated pressing tools and press rings, manual PEX clamp tools, a color LCD monitor with DVD, utility locator and transmitter, the SeeSnake micro inspection camera, K-400 drain cleaning machine and industrial wet/dry vacuums.

A visual product index divides the catalog into 13 product categories to enhance the overall navigation of the catalog. Useful product selection charts help customers choose the products that best meet their needs. Helpful tool tips are located throughout the catalog to further educate customers on tool maintenance and product selection.

For additional convenience, customers can access the new full line catalog at This online, interactive version of the catalog links the content of the catalog to the Ridgid website.

IWP expands into Washington with TimberTech
TimberTech strengthens its relationship with International Wood Products, LLC (IWP), a leading wholesale building products distributor headquartered in Clackamas, Ore., with a distribution agreement that extends IWP’s presence of the TimberTech product line into the state of Washington.

IWP has distributed TimberTech products in the Oregon and Hawaii markets since 1997 and now will distribute TimberTech decking, railing, and fencing in the western region of Washington. 

TimberTech shipped its first decking product in 1997 and now has an expansive offering of alternative decking, railing, and fencing products. IWP is an independent full service, stocking distributor of quality building products and has been distributing composite decking and railing for 11 years.

Duro-Last Roofing System tops huge solar electric project
The Duro-Last roofing system has been installed on the Merrick, Inc. building in Vadnais Heights, Minn. The project, completed at the end of August, is the largest solar electric application in the state, with 525 solar panels installed that are expected to produce 130,000 kilowatts of electricity a year.

Beneath the solar electric system, the building is protected by over 50,000 square feet of Duro-Last’s single-ply PVC roofing system.

Merrick’s prefabricated roofing system was manufactured at Duro-Last’s Sigourney, Iowa, facility and installed by authorized contractor Four Seasons Energy Efficient Roofing, Inc. of Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota.

The Duro-Last system was chossen for its sustainability. The white membrane’s high reflectivity benefits the building in rooftop areas and during times of the day when sunlight is not being collected by the solar panels. Because Duro-Last is prefabricated, less on-site waste is produced during installation and, as a company, Duro-Last recycles manufacturing scrap back into roofing membrane or other construction products. Unlike other roofing materials, the system is also recyclable at the end of its life.

Osmose micronized copper study details available to public
Osmose has released further evidence that its MicroPro preservative technology provides excellent protection against fungal decay and termite attack and is the leading new wood treatment technology on the market. Independent studies on MicroPro treated wood products were presented at the International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG) meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.

The study, Micro-Distribution of Micronized Copper in Southern Pine, was prepared for the 39th IRG meeting in May 2008. More than 200 wood preservation experts and scientists from around the world attended.

The study findings showing the exceptional performance of the MicroPro treated wood products included the following:

• MicroPro treated wood SEM analysis confirmed that there was no difference in the presence of copper in the cell wall between ACQ-D and MicroPro.

• The MicroPro treated samples were highly resistant to decay by soil-inhabiting soft rot fungi.

• Field stakes treated with the MicroPro preservative system were resistant to degradation by decay fungi and insects after 45 months of field testing in Hawaii.

In addition, Osmose presented 3, 4, and 5-year field stake test data from Florida to the IRG attendees demonstrating that the excellent decay and termite resistance of MicroPro treated wood is comparable to ACQ.

Seventeen separate on-going field tests of MicroPro are being conducted or evaluated by independent ISO accredited testing agencies in accordance with AWPA Standard E7. The results have shown that MicroPro treated stakes provide excellent protection against fungal decay and termite attack in various recognized field test sites.

To download the research study, visit and click on the “Press Room” icon.

Viance launches new treated wood website
Viance LLC, an international wood-treatment industry company, has redesigned its website,, substantially improving navigation on the site, making consumer features, such as project plans for decks, fences, chairs and other outdoor projects easier to find and use.

Other features on the home page include a product and brand search engine, an interactive retailer locator, news announcements and upcoming trade shows and events.

The new also includes a link to, a site dedicated to informing the market about differences among treated wood preservatives and potential risks associated with some preservative systems.  The site shares findings and photographs from Viance’s ongoing field test studies that show the premature decay of stakes treated with MCQ, a widely used micronized copper preservative.

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