New vision, new leadership at Wheeling

The values that made Wheeling Corrugating an established leader in the post-frame industry continue to provide the foundation on which new leadership is building a vision for the company’s future, according to Wheeling Corrugating President Joel Mazur.

“Wheeling Corrugating’s culture has taken a dynamic turn to develop a trusting culture that demands respect and trust within the organization,” says Mazur, a Harvard University graduate, who joined the company last year.

Doug Robbins, vice president commercial, refers to this change as a “new DNA” throughout the company. Robbins has been with the sales division of Wheeling Corrugating Company for 21 years.

Mazur sees an existing marketplace with new energy and focus on Wheeling Corrugating’s core product lines and a growing interest in the new products.

“In our efforts to preserve the company’s brand name, loyal customer base and solid reputation in the market, we have concentrated our focus toward two core businesses – building products and construction products. We are allowing these positive attributes to lead in the marketplace, with our long history of great customers and solid product lines.

As new general manager for Wheeling Corrugating’s building products division, Todd Williams echoes Mazur’s sentiments. Williams previously served as Eastern sales manager since joining the company in 2006.

“Our products are the strongest in the industry, which makes it easy for our team to sell on the value of the product,” said Williams.

He notes some behind-the-scenes facts, including that Wheeling Corrugating steel decking was used to rebuild the World Trade Center Building Seven and the World Trade Center Memorial in New York City. Other such notable construction projects include the use  of Wheeling Corrugating decking in the Hoover Dam project and Citi Field, new home of the New York Mets.

Although the grade of steel used in Wheeling Corrugating building products differs from that used for the decking, Williams notes the same high-quality steel is used in all of Wheeling Corrugating’s products.

“When an agricultural customer puts a Wheeling Corrugating roof on his barn, he is using the same steel that is being used to build some of the most notable construction projects in the country. That speaks to the quality and integrity of Wheeling Corrugating’s products,” said Williams.

Joel Mazur, president, is responsible for all operational aspects for Wheeling Corrugating Company. He formerly was president of Winner Steel.
Douglas Robbins, vice president commercial, oversees both building products and commercial products divisions.

Todd Williams, general manager for Wheeling Corrugating’s building products division, has more than 22 years of experience directing as many as 200 employees in companies with revenues in excess of $100 million.

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