Energy-efficient products

Agri Sales Associated
The Tennessee company offers Typar vapor barrier products for metal frame and post-frame buildings.

Alco Ventures
The Mirage Solar Screen Solution prevents solar gain inside the building and minimizes the need for air conditioning. The motorized screen system features exterior woven fiberglass to reduce infrared emissions up to 90 percent as well as sun sensing automated controls that activate screens. Also available are programmable automated timer controls to integrate with AC programmable thermostats.

The company’s gas-fired radiant tub heating systems feature warm infrared rays to heat an area by heating objects not in the air. Heating from the floor up, keeping the floor and equipment warm, heats the air and eliminates heat stratification at the ceiling, where you don’t need it. Operating costs are typically 50 percent less than forced air and hot-water systems.

Applegate Insulation
Applegate Loose-Fill cellulose insulation is made from pure, low-toxicity fire retardants, natural dust inhibitors and 85 percent recycled material. Applegate Stabilized cellulose insulation combines loose-fill insulation with the latest in bind agents to virtually eliminate settling and drifting in walls and attics. These products offer efficient, environmentally friendly opportunities to conserve energy and save homeowners a substantial amount on utility bills.

Arkema has produced a water-based Kynar 500 fluoropolymer resin that can be field-applied to a range of surfaces, including previously coated fluoropolymer metal roofing or siding. White coatings using this new innovative Kynar Aquatec technology offer the highest initial total solar reflectance and longest lasting retention of reflectance than any other conventional water-based roof coating. This allows a building owner to achieve the maximum energy savings from a “cool” white roof.

ATAS International
The InSpire Wall System utilizes metal wall cladding as a solar collector to heat fresh, outside air. Perforated collector panels are installed several inches from the south-facing wall, creating an air space or plenum. Sunlight heats the solar collector surface and fans draw warmed air through the perforations into the plenum and the heated air is distributed into the building. InSpire offers opportunities for tax credits and incentives with favorable payback periods.

BASF Corporation
BASF Corporation’s Industrial Coatings Solutions Group is a leading global supplier of a complete line of coil and extrusion coatings. Several finishing systems are available including Fluoroceram, UltraMet, EcoCeram, and the industry-renowned, heat-reflective Ultra-Cool coatings. Ultra-Cool coatings are energy efficient and the EcoCeram coatings are Hazardous Air Pollutant compliant. BASF coatings are available in a full spectrum of colors and provide exceptional color stability, durability and flexibility.

Berger Building Products
The Pro-Master line of ventilation products improves energy efficiency. Pro-Master Standard box vent, Pro-Master ridge vent, Pro-Master Highpoint Series 5 ridge vent, and Pro-Master Highpoint Series 7 ridge vent all offer durable, long-lasting and cost effective solutions to increase air flow and help decrease cooling/heating costs. All products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Central Boiler
The Classic outdoor wood furnace heats your entire home, shop, greenhouse, domestic water and more with renewable energy. Installed outside, safely away from your home, the Classic can significantly reduce or even eliminate heating bills. It adapts easily to new or existing heating systems and is 100 percent thermostatically controlled for a safe, even and comfortable heat. A 25-year limited warranty is available. Also available are Dual Fuel ready models with optional LP/NG or fuel oil burners, or an optional Bio-Advantage Wood Pellet and Corn Power Burner.

Commander Buildings
The company’s systems have a bright white light reflective surface requiring only about 70 percent of the number of fixtures, yielding a 30 percent savings. Light reflectance tests of 85 percent are achieved. Savings of lighting equipment, wiring, labor and the perpetual electricity savings result in significant savings for the building owner or user.

Conklin Products
The company’s line of energy efficient roofing systems begins with sprayed polyurethane. The extensive line of coatings all feature the highest reflectivity available as well as being environmentally friendly, water-based systems easy to apply with non-prorated 10-15-year warranties. All systems are ideal for most substrates and are ideal for flat, low-sloped and metal roofs.

With an old-school idea and 21st century technology, Coolspace goes back to the basics of adding moisture to fresh air, resulting in temperature drops naturally. It uses very little energy (no Freon or chemicals) with an average cost of less then a dollar a day to operate. Automotive garages, air hangars, dry cleaners, industrial shops, college and professional sport teams, tents, even the U.S. military go to Coolspace for portable evaporative cooling needs. The company offers large water reservoirs (no hose required), low water shut-off to protect the pump, an 8-inch edge coated cooling media for
greater temperature drops, inline water filter, reservoir access and drain plug.

RFoil is a single or double layer of polyethylene bubbles bonded to and sandwiched between radiant barrier aluminum foil and white polyethylene sheet. Its unique construction is designed to reduce radiant heat gain or loss in metal and post-frame buildings. It insulates under roofing substrates, in wall and ceiling applications, and in new or retrofit projects.

Dawn Solar
The Dawn Solar System uses heat generated by the sun shining directly onto a roof. Solar energy is absorbed and transferred into a concealed, patent-pending collection system hidden just below the roof tiles. There is no collector visible from the street. Because the systems are hidden from sight, they’re hidden from the elements — like rain and wind. The nearly indestructible renewable energy system becomes an integral part of a hardened building envelope that provides storm resistance, energy security and lower operating costs by replacing fossil fuels and electricity with solar energy.

Eagle Panel Systems
Environmentally friendly and recyclable expanded polystyrene used in all Eagle systems will not shrink, decompose or decrease in thermo-stability due to age or moisture. Compared to traditional framing techniques, SIPs provide a superior and permanent energy envelope, dramatically reducing energy costs while providing comfortable and even temperatures throughout the building. Onsite labor costs are reduced as the panel systems, up to 28 feet in length with tongue and groove eastern white pine pre-applied, are quickly and easily installed.

Empire Comfort Systems
Rated at more than 93 percent efficient, the new Mantis fireplace combines the aesthetics of a fireplace with the energy efficiency of a modern central heating system. The Mantis employs a three-stage stainless steel heat exchanger, hot air ignition, power venting and solid-state controls. The Mantis installs as a freestanding stove, zero-clearance fireplace or fireplace insert and can be configured as a direct-vent or conventional vent system. It uses PVC for exhaust and intake for low installation cost.

Enercept SIPs feature patented electrical chase and unique thermally broken connection posts. Panels are designed with the end user in mind to go up more quickly using less labor than other building systems. All window and door openings are pre-cut, with headers built in. Enercept provides pre-cut gables with beam pockets in place.

EnergyCraft Systems
EnergyCraft Systems is the metal building industry’s first source of integrated energy efficient products with professional installation services. Products include the high R-value Systera Insulation System 95 percent efficient heating, 14-16 SEER air conditioning split system and package appliances and high efficiency lighting fixtures. The energy-efficient products are designed to integrate and save more money than with separately designed systems, saving money from the day they are installed. The system can be installed from the bottom side, freeing up erectors to concentrate more on erecting steel than installing insulation. Design-build services to metal building contractors are the premier services offered.

Energy Panel Structures
A Solid Core panel roof using a glulam truss system with 12-foot on-center bays can clear spans up to 120 feet, with no exposed fasteners or connection plates. Panel sidewall heights can span from four to 27 feet. Panels come with factory installed vertical and horizontal chases for electrical wiring. They are machined to accept two 2×4 studs, allowing for foam-to-foam contact with no thermal breaks. Optional R-26 or R-33 insulated panels over a truss system are available.

Environmentally Safe Products
The Pennsylvania company has been manufacturing high quality reflective insulation products for the residential and commercial building industry for more than 18 years. From Slab Shield under concrete insulation to the Low-E Housewrap, ESP has the products that help make a home energy efficient. These products are made from partly recycled products and do not promote mold or mildew growth. So not only are they energy efficient, they are very safe to install in your home or building. Low-E Insulation has been featured in many publications as well as television shows from American Architectural Review to Designing Spaces.

ERSystems highly reflective top coat, Eraguard Clean Coat, resists dirt pick-up and retains 95 percent of its original reflectivity over a three-year period when applied as a thin layer (two dry mils) over standard acrylic roof coatings. Standard acrylic coatings can lose up to 30 percent of their initial reflectivity over the same period. White, highly reflective roofing materials produce cooler roofs that lower energy costs and extend the useful life of the roof system. ERSystems highly reflective roof coatings are Energy Star certified and have been used to restore millions of square feet of a variety of roofing systems.

Exterior Portfolio by Crane
BellaStone offers authentic stone designs without the excessive labor and other complications of typical stone installation. It reduces traditional labor and installs at least 50 percent faster than traditional stone, while offering all the beauty and aesthetics of natural stone. BellaStone has a minimum R-value of 4 and, unlike manufactured cement stone, offers sound abatement. It also has a moisture management system built in so water will not deteriorate the substrate or its bond to the wall. All BellaStone products offer a 50-year limited warranty.

Extreme Panel Tech
The Minnesota company manufactures SIPs for residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. Extreme SIPs are used in all applications for residential construction from the basement floor, foundation walls, above grade walls and complete roof system packages. SIPs are green because of the advancement in the manufacturing process that leads to a 50-60 percent reduction in energy costs.

Energy efficiency starts with FischerSIPs panels, available in sizes from 4×8 feet up to 8×24 feet. Order SIPs for walls and roof. FischerSIPs can pre-cut panels to match plans. SIPs were used on two of the first three LEED Platinum-rated homes. Pre-cut packages are numbered and ready to install when they hit the job site. Products boast R-values that perform 50 percent better than fiberglass. The company offers panels with pine tongue and groove decking applied at the factory and free estimates.

Fomo Products
Handi-Foam one-component sealants are used to fill small cracks and gaps that allow air infiltration. Handi-Foam two-component foam is used to fill larger voids, to apply an insulating spray coating and to create an airtight thermal barrier. Handi-Seam low-pressure window and door sealant is used to achieve airtight systems. Stopping air infiltration is one way to lower energy bills and improve indoor air quality.

General Panel Corp.
General Panel manufactures Structural Insulated Panels, Stress Skin
enclosure panels, nailbase, and other EPS foam insulation products. The company also can custom-fabricate panels using state of the art automated cutting tools utilizing CAD designs. General Panel is a part of LeClair Industries, which includes Logix (Insulated Concrete Forms) and Perma “R” Products, manufacturers of housewrap (PermaWrap and PermaPro) and synthetic roofing felt (PermaFelt).

Gillis Agricultural Systems
CBM electronic lighting utilizes a waterproof, energy-efficient instant-start electronic ballast. The ballasts are listed as 120/277 volt self-adjusting, in case of power surges. The fixtures are made from rust resistant material and high quality T-5 bulbs that last 20,000 to 30,000 hours. Lighting is ideal for dairy barns and parlors, hog barns, shops, service rooms and offices.

Henkel Corporation
With the OSI GreenSeries line of adhesives and sealants, builders can complete a project within green building standards, saving energy and improving indoor air quality, minimizing impact on the environment. The GreenSeries line is more then VOC compliant, it is truly low VOC. With the introduction of the GreenSeries line, professional building contractors no longer have to sacrifice quality or performance to meet regional and state air quality regulations or green building standards.

Hunter Panels
Cool-Vent is a rigid roof insulation panel composed of polyisocyanurate foam core manufactured as a ventilated nail base roof insulation panel. This steep slope insulation board is manufactured to provide sustainable thermal insulating characteristics, while permitting air circulation within the roof assembly. Cool-Vent is an environmentally friendly product constructed with a top layer of APA-rated OSB or plywood, a middle layer of wood spacers and a bottom layer of polyisocyanurate foam insulation. It has a standard one-inch air space, which allows airflow in all directions to give improved cooling and ventilation. This ventilation space helps decrease moisture vapor and heat build-up, saving energy in the building. Custom built, Cool-Vent is ideal for a variety of applications, including post and beam construction, log home, shingle, shake, slate, tile or metal roof applications over decks. Cool-Vent should be used on roof slopes greater than 3:12.

ICF Industries
The ICF Block insulated concrete building system is energy efficient and cost effective. The ICF Block system is a concrete forming system that produces an insulated continuous monolithic concrete wall ready to receive finish materials. It is designed to provide benefits for contractors and property owners alike. The expanded polystyrene form produces a waffle shaped wall with vertical columns 12 inches on center and horizontal beams 16 inches on center with a continuous 2-inch web of concrete joining all beams and columns. It can be used above or below grade for residential, commercial or industrial construction.

Innovative Energy/Astro-Foil
Astro-Foil reflective insulation consists of two layers of 99.9 percent pure aluminum foil laminated to the outside of two layers of heavy-duty polyethylene air bubble cushioning. The bubbles form trapped air spaces between the foil surfaces to give the 5/16-inch thick structure its R-values. Standard roll sizes are 4×125 and 6×125, with other sizes available.

Insulation Solutions
Wraptor Plus is a breathable house wrap that protects exterior walls and insulation from bulk moisture and air infiltration. Radiant Shield is a cross-woven radiant barrier with superior tear resistance characteristics. Space Age is a reflective bubble insulation that can be used in post-frame construction. Insul-Tarp is designed to be used as insulation under concrete slabs.

Iowa Coolers & Equipment
The company supplies structural insulated panels for use in residential or commercial building. The products provide the benefit of being among the most energy efficient panels in the industry.

Kaglo Electronics Company
Kaglo Electronics manufacturers heavy-duty solid-state light dimmers that save electricity and extend the life of incandescent bulbs used mostly in poultry buildings. These dimmers also can be ordered as temperature controllers with sensors to automatically control heat lamps in pig farrowing pens. Dimmer sizes range from 4,200 watts to 16,800 watts. Kaglo also makes a line of energy saving electric radiant infrared heaters in aluminum with durable metal heating elements, ideal for horse barns.

Lite-Form Technologies
The Nebraska company manufactures and sells four ICFs: Lite-Form wall system, Fold-Form wall system, Flexx-Block wall system, and lite-deck floor, roof and tilt system. Lite-Form also sells and services ice plants domestically and globally.

Major Industries
Reduce light pollution, optimize energy performance and improve indoor environmental quality without sacrificing quality or beauty. Guardian 275 translucent daylighting panels can be configured to fit every design and budget, with the added advantage of possible LEED credit opportunities. Guardian 275 provides natural daylighting without glare or “hot-spots” and reduces HVAC loads, while making the building less dependent on artificial lighting. Quick Ship skylights are available in only four weeks.

Metl-Span’s foam insulated metal wall and roof panels are the ultimate in single-step, factory-insulated, energy-saving panels. Metl-Span panels provide the best insulating (R-values) available. The foam core completely fills the panel cavity, leaving no voids for possible air infiltration or condensation, providing lower heating and cooling costs to the building owner. The CFR roof panels are Energy Star approved with an unpainted Galvalume exterior face. Energy Star labeled roof panels save money and the environment by reducing energy use. They work by reflecting more of the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere, keeping the building cooler and reducing air conditioning bills.

MWI Components
TempShield is a safe, easy-to-use thermal insulating material that provides cost-effective high-efficiency performance for a wide range of applications. It is a technologically advanced insulation material ideal for new construction or retrofit installation in residential, commercial, industrial, metal buildings, and post-frame buildings. TempShield insulation consists of one or two layers of Barrier Bubble air cellular material laminated between layers of aluminum foil to provide excellent thermal resistance. MWI offers a Class A/Class 1 fire rating on its white poly/foil insulation, available in standard widths of 48 inches and special orders up to 120 inches.

Nationwide Chemical Coatings
Permakote Silver Seal is an elastomeric acrylic, ceramic filled, aluminum silver metallic protective coating designed for metal. It uses a latex, water-based formula that has waterproofing, insulating and reflective properties. It forms a durable rubber-like protection shield that expands and contracts with varying temperatures, and resists thermal shock.

The Ohio company manufactures high performance reflective insulation and under-concrete insulation for commercial, agricultural and residential construction. RigidBoard has a rigid EPS foam core with reflective foil with thicknesses from 5/8 inches to 7 inches and lengths from 8-16 feet and longer. It’s ideal for applications where higher R-values are required. MicroFoil is a 1/4-inch thick flexible multi-layered core with reflective foil facings for new or retrofit building insulation. Barrier and BarrierXT is a 3/8-inch or 3/4-inch extruded EPS foam core with moisture barriers laminated to both sides used as an under concrete insulation and vapor barrier. MicroLT is a 1/8-inch thick flexible polypropylene core with reflective foil facings.

Nudura is an insulated concrete form manufacturer providing the latest innovations in integrated building technology. Nudura can successfully be used in commercial applications such as office buildings, schools, agricultural buildings, apartments, and provides benefits unlike any other building product. Nudura can reduce energy bills by up to 70 percent and cut substantial time from the construction schedule by allowing structures to be built 25 to 50 percent faster. Not only are Nudura structures stronger, safer and more energy efficient, they are also friendly to the environment.

Open Energy Corporation
SolarSave product lines are systems that combine renewable energy generation with standard building materials. The SolarSave roofing membrane line is designed for commercial and residential flat to low-slope roofs, integrating photovoltaic modules with single-ply roofing applications. The SolarSave roofing tile line is designed for residential and commercial higher pitched roofs, integrating photovoltaic tiles with many standard roofing materials. The SolarSave architectural PV glass line can be substituted for monolithic, laminated, or insulated glass specifications.

Quad-Lock Building Systems
Quad-Lock’s R-32 insulating concrete forms combine a 2.25-inch regular panel used on the interior and a 4.25-inch plus panel on the exterior. The R-32 wall system represents advancement in forms because of its ability to assist the delaying mechanism of concrete’s thermal mass. Occupants will take notice of the exceptional savings found in heating and cooling costs. Quad-Lock says it is the only ICF manufacturer that can provide more insulation on the exterior of the wall and there are no CFCs or HCFCs in the manufacturing process. Construction waste is minimal and can be easily recycled.

Radiant Electric Heat
The company’s infrared heat has been warming for decades and is a proven source for clean, safe, healthy, energy efficient, maintenance free heat. Users can save 20-50 percent on heating costs vs. other heating systems. Whether it’s for new construction, home additions, specialty heating, or industrial or commercial applications, the infrared radiant heat panels are the right answer. Optional use of baseboard, wall or ceiling cove units will deliver comfort and efficiency.

The company says it produces rigid polyisocyanurate foam insulation with the highest R-value per inch of any insulation product commonly available. Rmax offers a wide variety of standard, specialty and roofing products, making it the ideal one-stop source for insulating needs.

RoofMart International
The Garnite Roofing Product line includes Garna-Flex, Garna-Thane, AlbedoMax-plus, and more, as well as Garna-White, Garna-Tape and AltoRust. Systems are seamless, fully adhered and require no potentially dangerous and damaging ballast. A national average utility savings of 23 percent has been recognized. These products help restore virtually all other kinds of existing roof systems. EPDMs can be renewed, metal reclaimed, built-ups restored and single-ply seams can be resealed.

Siebring Manufacturing
Heatwave (waste oil) furnaces come in three sizes (150,000, 250,000, and 250,000 BTU) and use all sorts of used oil products. Heaters incorporate the most convenient features and safety precautions into durable units. Reduce used oil liability while heating your shop for free.

Solaronics Inc.
True Dual 2-stage heaters operate on natural gas or LP gas, but what makes them unique is that both air and gas flows are precisely regulated at both the high- and low-heat stages for optimum efficiency. They are approved for indoor or outdoor use and have input ratings from 85,000 to 65,000 BTUH (high heat/low heat) to 200,000/145,000 BTUH. Other features include direct spark ignition, 100 percent safety shut-off, a completely assembled and tested burner, 12-gauge black steel combustion and heat exchanger with 10-year warranty.

Spirotherm manufactures a complete line of air eliminators for hydronic systems. The products utilize a patented coalescing medium developed exclusively to provide unsurpassed efficiency in removing air from boiler systems. Eliminating 100 percent of the free air, 100 percent of the entrained air and up to 99.6 percent of the dissolved air allows for greater heat transfer through the radiation, convection elements, radiant tubing or coils in the system. Use of multi-speed circulators also is affected in that pump capacities may be reduced with an air-free system. The Spirovent Junior Series is available in 3/4-inch through 2-inch pipe sizes, sweat or threaded connections and horizontal or vertical mounting.

STS coatings
Heatbloc 75 is a spray-applied radiant barrier that blocks more than 75 percent of the radiant heat trying to enter a building. Homeowners will save 10 to 25 percent on energy bills and home will feel more comfortable. Heatbloc 75 acts like a deep shade over your home.

Texas Refinery Corp.
Aluminum Roof Coating is a non-fibered high shine asphalt coating that provides excellent reflectivity and coverage. Ideal for non-leaking metal, modified or built-up roofs, it can reduce interior temperature by as much as 26 degrees. Super Aluminum Roof Coating has reinforcing fibers to provide extra body when it’s needed. Texotropic Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is a heavy-duty fibrous coating that delivers superior performance any time a full-bodied reflective coating is needed. White Elastomeric Roof Coating is a brilliant white elastomeric acrylic polymer emulsion system that protects metal, rubber and polyurethane foam roofs.

Thermal Design
The patented Simple Saver System delivers full in-place R-values by filling the purlin cavity space with insulation and avoids compressing insulation that minimizes intended R-values. The System also provides high light reflectance that can reduce the number of lights required for the building use, sound absorption, Class A fire rating with low flame spread of less than 25, and OSHA-accepted leading edge fall protection for new pre-engineered metal buildings.

Therm-All Insulation
Therm-All sells and produces many energy efficient insulation products. Now with the use of the Owens Corning Energy Calendar, Therm-All can provide builders with the most cost effective insulation system and a possible tax credit.

Thermo-Cycler Industries
For agricultural, industrial and commercial applications, Thermo Rotation heating systems are proven to save companies 30 to 50 percent in heating costs compared to other heating methods. Thermo Rotation systems provide comfortable and productive workplaces, as temperature variances throughout a facility can be as minimal as two to three degrees. For new construction or system replacement, ductless Thermo Rotation systems install easily and company professionals provide complete support.

Topps Products
Topps Seal liquid applied runner roofing system restores leaky metal roofs with an energy-efficient lightweight cap. The fully adhered, seam-free, roof surface engineered specifically for metal roofs is a time-proven reliable and economical replacement alternative. Topps Seal boasts 600 percent elongation, up to 2,750 psi tensile strength, and 0.2 perms. No tapes or mechanical fasteners are required. It contains no water so there are no wash-off worries.

TF System
The Vertical ICF provides a product that creates a strong, quiet, energy-efficient home while having the added benefit of building green. TF System forms walls that provide an energy-efficient (R-25 up to R-40) thermal barrier with a thermal-mass benefit that results in reduced heating costs and cooling costs. Houses built with TF System exterior walls require an estimated 44 percent less energy to heat and 32 percent less energy to cool than comparable frame houses.

Reward Wall Systems
Tritex ICFs create walls more energy-efficient than traditional wood-frame homes. One Florida homeowner spent just $67.39 to cool a 6,000-square-foot home for a month with 95-degree average temperatures. Energy efficient benefits of Tritex products include a 16.5 actual R-value of concrete and Tritex, 4.17 R-value per inch EPS, 32+ effective R-value, .04 – .09 air changes per hour and 50-80 percent savings on heating and cooling costs. Tritex’s product line includes 9.25-inch and 11.25-inch straight forms, 9.25-inch and 11.25-inch standard 90-degree corners, 9.25-inch 45-degree corners and 9.25-inch ledge forms.

United Solar Ovonic
The Michigan company is the world leader in thin-film amorphous photovoltaics The high-volume production equipment is the world’s largest and most advanced machine for the manufacture of thin-film amorphous silicon alloy solar cells and related products used for a variety of applications. Because of characteristics unique to the United Solar Ovonic solar cell technology, such as lightweight, ruggedness and flexibility, it is ideal as building-integrated photovoltaic roofing systems for residential and industrial customers.

Wm. W. Meyer & Sons
The Illinois company manufactures a complete line of energy-efficient insulation blowing/spraying machines available as truck-mounted or portable units. Applications include: all-fiber loose fill insulation, fiberglass wall spray, cellulose wall spray, stabilized cellulose and fireproofing/thermal applications. Meyer offers a choice of models: the portable Series 100 or 300, the compact Series 600, the hydraulic powered Series 700, the high-volume Series 1400, and the largest capacity hydraulic Series 1500. Meyer also provides a line of insulation removal vacuums designed for fast, profitable removal of fire, smoke and water-damaged insulation from attics, sidewalls and crawl spaces.

WR Meadows
Air-Shield LM is a single component, liquid-applied, water-based, polymer-modified air barrier. Air-Shield LM cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane, that exhibits excellent resistance to air and moisture transmission. Air-Shield LM has been specifically formulated to act as an air/vapor barrier within the building envelope. It may be applied to most common surfaces and integrated into various wall systems. Air-Shield LM is suitable for both new construction and restoration. Its low permeability characteristics prevent the transmission of air and inhibits moisture vapor from passing through porous building materials to help maintain the energy efficiency of the structure.

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