Insulation Materials launches improved website

Insulation Materials LLC, an Illinois based supplier of thermal and moisture protection products, has recently launched a new and improved version of its website.  The site offers a convenient place to purchase and research information on today’s most cutting edge products and accessories in the thermal and moisture control industry.

“The updated site offers a single source for people to research, compare and purchase materials for thermal & moisture control projects.” says Dane Malmberg, Sales & Marketing Manager for the company.  “We know that every project is unique and has its own set of challenges.  What we are looking to do is provide a variety of innovative building envelope solutions and help our customers make informed decisions on the best products for each application.  We anticipate the new site will be a great resource for our customers.”

Features of the new website include a resource section that is updated regularly with the latest in industry news and regulations.  You will also find a product data center with technical information such as MSDS sheets, test data and certification statements.

About Insulation Materials:
Insulation Materials is a nationwide supplier of thermal and moisture protection products.  The company works with a network of manufacturers to offer customers the best and most innovative building envelope products available. With years of experience in the insulation and construction industries, the Insulation Materials staff is able to provide expert advice on a wide variety of thermal and moisture control products and their various applications.

For more information about Insulation Materials, please visit or contact a representative at 866-977-2711.

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