Product Profile: Solar 2011

Active Ventilation Products
The Aura Solar Fan is a solar attic fan that uses both solar and wind power for optimum ventilation performance, just like a roof turbine ventilator, but with no moving parts. This combination ensures the highest possible performance both day and night in one solar roof fan. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, windy or calm, the ASF exhausts air in all conditions. This superior performance lowers attic temperatures resulting in energy savings.

ATAS International
ATAS International, a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, wall and ceiling panels, offers green systems for commercial and residential buildings, including a building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system. ATA-Solar is a thin-film solar laminate applied to a standing seam metal roof to generate renewable solar power. ATA-Solar comes in a variety of systems from 1.5kW to 120kW and the laminate is applied to the standing seam roof in a factory-controlled environment. 

Aztec Washer Co.
The Solar Flash follows the same quality demands of the company’s predecessors and includes specifications for solar design. The simple round-base flashing is available in EPDM and silicone with a pre-cut hole for pipe sizes 3⁄4- to 7/8-inch allowing for minimal onsite preparation and assembly. The pitch canal allows for maximum flexibility, easily accommodating up to a 60-degree pitch without affecting performance. In development of this flashing, the company upholds its environmental commitment defined through the Green Program by reducing excess energy use throughout the world.

Custom-Bilt Metals

Now there’s a thin-film laminate integrated with a standing seam metal roof with aesthetic, environmental and cost-saving benefits. For both commercial and residential applications, FusionSolar is manufactured for Custom-Bilt Metals by United Solar Ovonic, the world leader in thin-film technologies and solar electric laminates. FusionSolar is bonded directly to the standing seam roof panels in the factory. The flexibility and durability of the laminate makes it ideal for metal roofs, where expansion, contraction and curving are considerations.

Dawn Solar
Solar thermal energy systems built into structures directly underneath exterior surfaces integrate seamlessly with a building’s architecture. When combined with solar electric systems, heat and electricity are produced in the same area. The system’s multi-modal capability of delivering heating, cooling and electricity from the same footprint is unique in the industry and creates a compelling economic proposition to end users. The modular system works simply and cost-effectively in countless applications.

Drexel Metals
Drexel solar roof systems enhance the standard metal roof with a renewable energy solar power system that is durable, beautiful and functional. Drexel’s approach is different … as its DM-ARM members are able to purchase the PV products at discounted cost. Drexel Metals takes care of the system design, ROI calculations, training crews and providing real time solar monitoring and tracking.

EcoFasten Solar
The Eco-44 waterproof solar panel attachment system eliminates the need to remove roofing material. One of the key attributes is the stiffening rib around the perimeter of the plate. This allows for greater loads on most surfaces. Eco-44 is suited for all types of flat roofs, with system specific details approved by all major roofing manufacturers. Our product line evolved from decades of hands-on experience with roof top accessories through our sister company Alpine SnowGuards.

An Englert standing seam metal roof provides the critical platform for the SunNet, thin film photovoltaic modules and laminates that help consumers supplement their energy needs for residential and commercial facilities with renewable solar energy. SunNet Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems capture energy from the sun and convert it to electricity throughout the day generating in many cases all of the necessary energy a home or building requires. The photovoltaic laminate is manufactured of a flexible, extremely lightweight and unbreakable, self adhesive material that is less than a quarter-inch thick and is easily attached to the standing seam roof panels either before or after roof installation.

Fabral offers an efficient and reliable solar solution for both standing seam and exposed fastener roofing applications. Harvesting energy from the sun, Fabral’s Solar SSR, a photovoltaic (BIPV) solar laminate, produces electricity — ranging from 1.5kw and up — when exposed to sunlight and offers a green and sustainable solution for residential, post frame, light commercial and industrial metal roofing projects. The Solar SSR panel offers an ROI of 10 years or less and comes with a 25-year warranty. 

The Garland Company
The new Powering your Future brochure provides a concise overview of the factors critical to successful rooftop solar installations. Garland Energy Systems, Inc. is dedicated to making alternative energy solutions as easy to purchase, install and maintain as utility electricity. The company will objectively and independently match your anticipated short- and long-term output requirements to the alternative energy technologies most capable of reducing your dependence on conventional energy sources within the budget and timeline allowed.

KBSolar Solutions
KBS offers three types of solar panels: mono-cyrstalline, poly-crystalline and amorphous silicon. Each is estimated to last at least 25 years. KBS offers complete solar system design, nationwide distribution, a wide selection of solar panel sizes and wholesale pricing.

MyGen Grid-Connected Systems are convenient photovoltaic power equipment kits designed specifically for residential and light commercial applications. There are seven kits to choose from, ranging from 2.5kW to 15kW, pre-engineered with the highest expertise to optimize system performance. Kits include permit-ready line drawings, user manual, easy grounding method and a monitoring option. Kyocera also offers product training as well as full technical support for its customers.

Install a leak-free, cost-effective solar assembly using the S-5-PV kits. The concept of mingling photovoltaic arrays with standing seam metal roofing is growing — and for good reasons. A standing seam metal roof has a life expectancy consistent with that of crystalline PV modules. A 30-year power source on a 30-year roof with zero penetrations couples the most sustainable roof system available with alternative power generation.

McElroy Metal
McElroy offers complete solar solutions that include roofing panels as well as both thin film and crystalline solar panels. Estimating services are also available. Accompanying image of Adams Middle School in Brentwood, Calif., features McElroy Medallion-Lok roof panels with Uni-Solar thin film laminate. McElroy Metal is a leading manufacturer of metal roofing and siding and operates 11 manufacturing facilities and 19 service centers across the United States.

Petersen Aluminum
PAC standing seam metal panel systems offer superior opportunities to integrate solar power. Renewable energy has increasingly gained attention as not just a novelty, but a viable building component. The roof is an ideal location for one of many types of power generating systems. The research and development of solar products continues to take center stage, and Petersen offered one of the newest innovations — BIPV, or building integrated photovoltaics. This thin-film laminate is applied directly to a PAC roofing panel at the factory and should require no penetrations through the roof.

Premium Panels
The Colorado company stocks and sells self-adhering hybrid PV solar panels for residential and commercial applications.

S-5! Solutions
Installing a leak-free solar assembly is an easy process with the S-5-PV Kit and S-5! mini clamps. The patented design of the attachment clamp and attendant round-point setscrews enables an entire installation without a single penetration of the roof’s surface. The S-5!  mini clamps are a handy way to install everything from the PV modules to the electrical chases. Providing flexibility S-5! offers two kits to accommodate various PV frame thicknesses.

Schott Solar
Schott Solar has 51 years of experience within the solar industry and is one of today’s global cutting-edge manufacturers, uniting photovoltaic competence and know-how in receiver technology for solar power plants in one hand.

Sheffield Metals
SolR is a thin-film laminate fused to the surface of the roofing panel substrate. The panel/laminate bond created has been tested and proven to withstand winds of 160 mph. No roof penetrations or additional structural support is required for these laminates. SolR laminates achieve higher relative efficiency under high temperatures and low light compared to traditional solar applications.

Silverback Solar
Silverback Solar is a unique engineered racking solution for solar and solar thermal. It utilizes stronger materials, is lighter in weight and has a proven watertight attachment system. The ability for longer spans that require fewer roof penetrations make it a lower cost installation. It also allows the unique flexibility to be installed above rooftop equipment and can be configured for any wind or snow load.

RoofClamp secures roof accessories on metal roofs by clamping to the seams without penetrating the roof. RoofClamp is available in two styles — RoofClamp RC and RoofClamp RCT. They can be used to install roofing components such as service walks, satellite dishes, HVAC equipment, pipes/conduit, signage and photovoltaic solar modules.

United Solar Ovonic
Uni-Solar laminates are the only flexible photovoltaic available in commercially viable volumes. More than 250MW of Uni-Solar laminates have been installed world-wide with more than 10 years of in-field proven performance. Uni-Solar laminates are exceptionally lightweight, durable and easy to install. All Uni-Solar cells are manufactured in Michigan and laminates are sold to roofing material manufacturers and solar-specialty wholesalers for integration into commercial roofing.

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