Spring 2011 Issue of Rural Builder Green

Spring 2011 RBG cover

The Spring 2011 issue of Rural Builder Green is now available FREE! See what’s in this issue:

Less is More for Nebraska Barn Builder
The owners of Sand Creek Post & Beam has taken a page out of the historical barn building book and is giving it a moern ecological twist.  Read>>

Cool as a Breezeway House
It was 20009 when the first ome in the Western U.S. received Passive House designation. View this three-bedroom living space in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Read>>

Hey! There’s an App for That
New apps are being developed daily. Here’s what we found so far in the line of construction calculators. Read>>

Great Smokies Lodge

New Tennessee Resort meets sustainable goals while complementing its rustic surroundings. Read>>

Off the Grid and Out of this World
A sustainable home in Maryland filled with cutting edge technology with a very aggressive agenda. Read>>

When it has to be Green
A 9,500 square foot contemporary farmhouse in Tennessee that incorporated more than a dozen different green design practices during construction. Read>>

Top 10 Green Trends for 2011
Earth Advantage Insitute reveals its annual selection. Read>>

Better Living Mill Shop
An award winning mill shop in Virginia. Read>>

Also: Green building products your customers are asking for; links to websites of the advertisers who are an active part of green building; and news from the green world. Read>>

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