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Gutter screen
Lynch Aluminum
Speed Screen is an all-aluminum, expanded mesh screen that requires absolutely no screws, as it is held securely in place with its own spring-like tension. The screen simply sits on top of the gutter brackets and does not require any manipulation of shingles or the roof to be disturbed in any way. The screen comes pre-notched in 4-foot sections for fast installation with a re-enforced edge for added strength between the gutter brackets. The low profile design allows debris to blow off while remaining virtually invisible from the ground.

Gutter material
Berger Building Products
FreedomGray Copper Roof Drainage Systems is a distinctive gutter system formed from Revere FreedomGray 16-ounce architectural copper sheet coated on both sides with a unique, patented tin-zinc alloy. FreedomGray offers all of the advantages of copper and provides an environmentally safe finish with a soft, naturally weathering earth tone gray color. Berger offers FreedomGray in traditional 5- and 6-inch half-round gutter systems and accessories.

Gutter filter
AAA Flow Inc.
GutterCare is a premium exterior grade foam insert designed to fit gutters of virtually any size. One big benefit of GutterCare is it’s designed to be installed over the gutter supports. This adds ease of installation and eliminates the catch point for debris at the nose of the gutter. Each section of GutterCare has additional UV protectant beyond the manufacturer’s standard protectant giving it superior resistance against the elements. Combined with the Wave profile for increased water flow, customers will enjoy years of trouble free gutter protection.

Gutter screen
Midwest Enterprises
E-Z Micro Mesh is a top of the line, expanded screen made of aluminum with the company’s powder coat finish. The directional expansion allows maximum water flow while the openings are small enough to stop even the smallest debris, even the grit from shingles. Using aluminum screen as a base and with its powder coat finish, it’s an excellent product to use near the ocean where salt spray and other extreme environmental conditions cause many products to corrode. E-Z Micro Mesh eliminates tiger striping by having the front under the hem of the gutter.

Gutter screen
Plastic Components
Designed by a contractor, for contractors, GutterGuard PRO is the answer to keeping gutters free of debris. GutterGuard Pro requires no fasteners. The snap-on/snap-off design makes installation a breeze. If your gutters need maintenance, the system can quickly and easily be removed then reinstalled without hassle. It’s designed for the professional to get on and off the jobsite as quickly as possible, without callbacks. GutterGuard Pro’s angled design and unique drip edge on front prevent the buildup of debris and “tiger striping” on gutters. Plus, GutterGuard PRO has double the number of holes of other gutter protection products. It’s available in 10-foot lengths and fits most 5- or 6-inch gutter systems. GutterGuard PRO is available in white, tan and dark brown.

Rain harvest system
Aqua Saver
The Gravity Rainwater Recovery System does away with watering restrictions due to municipal regulations. Customers can water by redirecting gutter water to a rain barrel to water plants or wash cars even in drought period. The system also allows users to simply add water to a swimming pool or spa by connecting a hose to the end of the Aqua Saver or barrel overflow. Customers can prevent water infiltrations by directing gutter water away from foundations. It allows users to water outdoor or indoor plants with rainwater, which is more appropriate than treated water. Aqua Saver may also be used as an irrigation system, directing rainwater more evenly to lawns, flowerbeds or hedges by connecting a perforated garden hose to Aqua Saver or barrel overflow. It’s an invisible system, it installs inside existing gutter, does not change the appearance of the house. No storage tank size restriction. Economizes on water meter and water treatment bills.

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