Gutter Opportunities: Top 5 Products of 2010

If you’re not making money, you may not be in business for the long haul. The manufacturers of gutter accessories — everything from gutter machines to gutter protection to rain harvesting products — want to be in it for the long haul, In order to succeed, they need to come up with products gutter contractors can use to make their businesses more successful.

Here is the annual Top 5 Products list as determined by the readers of Gutter Opportunities. All five of these products were introduced in the pages of Gutter Opportunities as new products or were part of a product profile. We tallied up the reader responses from 2010 and these five received the most responses — and here’s your chance to get more information on these hot products for your gutter business.

Congratulations to the Top 5 Gutter Products of 2010 and good luck to all of you who make these products work for their business.

American Gutter Filter
Safe-T-Flow fits the top of the gutter system, handles extensive water flow and helps prevent ice dams. It can’t bend, dent or crack like aluminum and helps block insects and birds from nesting. Safe-T-Flow, a popular part of the Fall 2010 product profile, is EnviroFri-coated for additional flame resistance and environmental concerns.

Gutter Covers International

Gutter Topper, featured in the Winter 2010 issue, manufactures four types of gutter protection to fit any gutter style, enabling dealerships to sell in both commercial and residential markets. Products are independently tested and backed by Good Housekeeping. Gutter Topper has been a leader in the gutter protection industry for more than a decade. Gutter protection ranges from .032-inch aluminum to .050-inch PVC. The Leaf Terminator Series 1200 is for 5-, 6-, and 7-inch gutters; the Series 1500 is for 8-, 9-, and 10-inch gutters; and the Series 2000 is for 11- to 15-inch box/built-in gutters.

KWM Gutterman
The Ironman Next Generation Smart Machine was first featured as a new product in the Summer 2010 issue. It controls the gutter length plus or minus 1/8-inch without manually measuring the gutter. The machine does the work — the operator only has to cut the gutter once the machine runs to exact length. All the operator needs to do is input the length on the touch screen and push “start.” The machine will run to length allowing the operator to pause to install hangers or components to the gutter or adjust the measurement if needed, then simply push “resume” to finish the run. When inputting a length, the machine will automatically add for miters with a touch of the screen when applicable and keep a running total of material ran since last reset and total footage. By activating the password protection feature only authorized personnel will be able to operate the machine.

Raytec Manufacturing
Raytec Manufacturing developed new #12 screws with a #17 self piercing point, engineered to be strong and provide a solid seamless gutter installation. They were introduced as a new product in the Winter 2010 issue. The #12 screw adds thickness and strength to the body, while the #17 point is designed to remove debris while driving the screw. It’s available in 200-hr yellow color zinc, Rezist and 410 SS. This screw provides solutions to the problems associated with heavy snow and ice loads.

RainTube, a part of the Fall 2010 issue product profile, has a Gold Tier Cradle to Cradle certification from MBDC. It’s made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled HDPE using all renewable energy. RainTube is 100 percent recyclable. Points are available in several LEED and Earth Advantage categories for installing RainTube. RainTube helps prevent damage caused by uncontrolled runoff increasing structural durability and decreasing maintenance. RainTube also improves the collection efficiency of rooftop rainwater harvesting and catchment systems.

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