Gutter Protection product profile 2009

AAA Flow
GutterCare is a premium exterior grade foam insert designed to fit gutters of virtually any size. One big benefit of GutterCare is that itís designed to be installed over the gutter supports. This adds ease of installation and eliminates the catch point for debris at the nose of the gutter. Each section of GutterCare has additional UV protectant beyond the manufacturerís standard protectant giving it superior resistance against the elements. Combined with our Wave profile for increased water flow, you will enjoy years of trouble free gutter protection.

Absolute Gutter Protection
Gutter ProTech is a premium rain gutter cover made of .027-inch aluminum. Available in 32 colors and copper, it has two rows of offset filtering louvers on the vertical face of the panels. With no openings on top, not even at the valleys, gravity works with the product.

Alsco Metals
The Alsco Gutter Guard allows the gutter to perform its intended function of directing rainwater away from the house and into the gutters so water does not damage the home. The triple row of strengthening ribs make Gutter Guard extra rigid and stable — fabricated from heavy-gauge aluminum — it’s installed using the SureFit Clip. Installation is a breeze with the unique hi-grade stainless steel SureFit Clip with positive-positioning stops that guarantee correct positioning and eliminate torquing, allowing the non-corrosive screw to lock securely in place every time. This innovative technology provides quick secure installation. All Alsco rainware products are coated with the revolutionary Alsco Dymalar 2000 finish. This extensively field-tested coating is one of the most durable coatings on the market today.

American Gutter Filter
The company’s customized no-clog filtering membrane formulation has a UV stabilizer, permanent fungicidal additives, which includes a fire retardant classification (FMVSS-302) and a pores per inch product attribute. GutterFill is an insurance product with safety classifications. AGF’s product line includes standard 5- and 6-inch K-style, 5- and 6-inch half-round, and fascia style GutterFill products. Custom design is available. AGF offers contractor product support, advertising material, web materials and a nationwide referral network program.

American Gutter Supply
The Iowa company offers gutter protection products for all needs. From the traditional expanded mesh to the new ìmicro meshî and ìspeed screen,î American Gutter Supply has the solution.

Barnett’s Valley Controller
Barnettís Valley Controller is the answer to the problems customers are having with valleys. Its unique design effectively collects water while its smooth surface allows debris to be moved off. It adapts to most gutter protection products and work with metal valleys and bay miters. The Valley Controller may be painted, is UV protected and has a 12-year warranty.

DCI Products
A revolutionary industrial grade 3/4-inch thick black nylon product with a smooth, slick top surface, Flo-Free Leaf Guard fits neatly inside your new or existing gutter.  Flo-Free prevents leaves, twigs, pine needles, snow, and all other debris from clogging and damming the natural flow of water.  Flo-Free leaves 100 percent of the gutter mouth open to accept water flow even in the heaviest of torrential downpours.

Diamond Back Gutter Cover
Diamond Back Gutter Cover is the fastest growing gutter protection product on the market today because of the "Z" Bend design. The "Z" Bend design fits all roofs including slate, tile, shake, metal and flat. It’s almost invisible with no shingle interruption. Free contractor sample kits are available.

Elko Products Company
Elko has manufactured more than 25 million feet of GuttaGard since 1983. In 2006 Elko introduced the GuttaPro. With the new, patent-pending Twist-Lok clip, GuttaPro installs very quickly on any type of roof and any pitch of roof without a press brake. Elko products are manufactured from solid aluminum in black, white, brown and gray.

Gutter Tunnel is a novel dual filtration system that protects gutters from falling leaves and other natural debris while allowing water to flow freely along the bottom of the gutter trough. Gutter Tunnel allows remodelers and roofers to offer customers a product that replaces screens and other attachments which fail to prevent shredded leaves and other smaller debris from entering and settling in gutters. Gutter Tunnel protects against debris and forms a tunnel in the bottom of the gutter allowing water to flow uninhibited. LeafGuard is the world’s only one-piece hood-covered gutter system that draws rainwater down and around the underside of the hood and into the gutter. Its curved hood deflects leaves, debris and even pine needles while gravity forces the water to fall into the gutter. LeafGuard is installed below the roofline eliminating problems with roof damage or roofing warranties that can happen with conventional gutters and two-piece gutter covers. The unique, patented gutter system, designed by homeowners concerned about the danger of slipping on ladders or a roof, or a roof to clear out debris and eliminates concerns about safety or the cost of expensive gutter cleaning services. LeafGuard has received the Good Housekeeping Seal. This unique rainware system adds elegant architectural lines and shadowing to the roofline and exterior of a home and comes in 15 standard colors including low and high gloss white, eggshell, ivory, tan, terry tone, cream, wicker, clay, light gray, coal gray, brown, musket brown, green and red.

Grater Gutter Guard
The Grater Gutter Guard is a self-cleaning gutter screen that installs over existing gutters and is available in four colors: white, clay, brown and black. As part of a complete system, it protects the home, its foundation, basement, soffits and fascia and landscaping.

Gutter Covers International
Gutter Topper manufactures four types of gutter protection to fit any gutter style, enabling dealerships to sell in both commercial and residential markets. Products are independently tested and backed by Good Housekeeping.  Gutter Topper has been a leader in the gutter protection industry for more than a decade. Gutter protection ranges from .032-inch aluminum to .050-inch PVC. The Leaf Terminator Series 1200 is for 5-, 6-, and 7-inch gutters; the Series 1500 is for 8-, 9-, and 10-inch gutters; and the Series 2000 is for 11- to 15-inch box/built-in gutters.

Gutter Helmet
For more than 25 years, homeowners have been asking for Gutter Helmet by name. The #1 nose-forward design extends past the edge of the gutter, eliminating all vertical openings. Gutter Helmet’s patented textured, ribbed surface increases rainhandling capabilities, tensile strength and is more attractive than flat panel knock-offs. Gutter Helmet includes a PermaLife coating that will not chalk or fade and installs over new or existing gutters. The new Micro-CS is the only product with a molded screen louver system, engineered to draw rainwater in while preventing debris from entering. Even tiny particles, such as shingle grit and pollen, are impermeable to the micro screen. The convex screen design readily sheds debris. This critical design feature sustains performance and keeps gutters free flowing. Micro-CS is constructed from heavy gauge aluminum materials to maximize strength and is coated with an industrial PVDF paint system to preserve the finish for a lifetime.

Gutter Shell
GutterShell relies on the theory of water tension and the adhesive quality of water, meaning water will follow the design of GutterShell, but debris canít. GutterShell is a patented unique double drop gutter protection system.

Gutter Stuff
Gutter Stuff is the original patent pending gutter protection product and it carries a 25-year no-clog warranty. Gutter Stuff is manufactured to fit 5- and 6-inch K-style, half-round, fascia style and custom commercial gutters. Installation is easy and ideal for metal, slate, tile or shingle roofs. The company offers exclusive dealerships throughout the U.S.

Gutter Trojan
Gutter Trojan is the only 100 percent stainless steel gutter protection on the market. Unlike most screen products that combine a wire screen with another material such as vinyl or aluminum, Gutter Trojan starts as a commercial grade stainless steel panel and is stamped and expanded to create tiny funnels that block leaves and debris and absorb water, even in the heaviest downpours.

K-Guard gutters are the only fully engineered two-piece, patented system on the market today. The gutter itself is a full five inches with a removable hood and two points of entry, allowing water to drain in the front and back of the gutter. It has the capacity to handle up to 20 inches of rain per hour, or .7 gallons of water per foot.

Leaves Out
LeavesOut is manufactured from Alcoa Aluminum with a lifetime warranty on the finish. The guarantee states the gutters will remain free-flowing. The company says LeavesOut is the only gutter protection product that guarantees if within 90 days the customer is not satisfied, the company will refund the customerís money. LeavesOut is attached to the existing gutter using a patented stainless steel clip. LeavesOut is available in 23 standard colors with an unlimited selection of custom colors.

Lynch Aluminum
Lynch Aluminum specializes in both the manufacture and distribution of various types of gutter protection products. The newest edition to this line, Speed Screen, is an increasingly popular snap-in screen that requires no screws for installation. Speed Screen is available in standard mill finish as well as a black, powder-coated version called Speed Screen Elite. Lynch also manufactures a drop-in gutter screen, the time proven design that has been the industry standard in gutter protection for years. Lynch serves as a Midwest distributor for all EZ-Lock gutter protection products and Leafproof, one of America’s premier solid aluminum gutter covers.

Midwest Enterprises
The E-Z line of gutter protection products includes E-Z Leaf Sweep, a perforated gutter guard. Rainwater flows across a patented reverse louver system that allows the water to flow into the gutter through louvers while leaf debris sweeps over the edge and falls to the ground. E-Z Drop-In, an entry level aluminum screen; E-Z Lock, the original powder coated steel screen; E-Z Step-Down and E-Z Step-Under, the small holed powder coated screen with new profiles; E-Z Slide, with a louver system that slides under the first row of shingles. EZ Solid is one of the simplest solid covers to install with its stainless steel spring clip, designed to keep a uniform gap between the cover and the gutter, critical for a solid system to work every time in every condition. All EZ Gutter protection comes 4 feet long and is available thru our nationwide distributor network.

Owens Corning
RapidFlow gutter drainage protection is a filter that keeps leaves, twigs and other debris from clogging gutters while allowing water to flow freely. RapidFlow’s unique profile and open-celled design promotes water flow with no stagnation and is backed with a five-year clog-free warranty. It fits snuggly inside the gutter even during extreme weather conditions and withstands winds up to 110 mph.

Raindrop Gutter Guard System
Raindropís uniquely patented design boasts 23 precise details that combine to provide performance in all types of weather and rainfall amounts. Vertical bars with rounded top surfaces immediately begin separating rainwater from debris and redirecting the water down into the gutter by means of gravity and surface adhesion. Vertical bar layout allows Raindrop to utilize the entire gutter width for a maximum water capacity … especially in heavy rainfalls and in roof valleys of high water concentration. Gutters are made with the backs higher than the front edge, providing the forward slope needed for Raindrop to shed debris. Raindropís smooth, sleek surface allows debris to travel to the edge without the chance of getting hung-up on an edge, ridge, flashing or fastener, etc.

Rain Flow
The company says its total gutter protection is the easiest to install and the most effective available for 5-inch and 6-inch K-style gutters, and requires no nails, screws, brackets, or glue. The product is available in 3-foot lengths and can be cut with a scissors.

No single gutter protection product works for all applications. Contractors need a variety of choices to find the correct solution to fit their customer’s needs. Whether it’s a K-style or half round gutter, slate or asphalt roof, pine needles or whirly birds, Raintrade has the gutter protection solution for that particular situation. From economical screens to scientifically tested filters, all products are in stock and ready to ship.

The green economy means buyers want to save money and our planet. RainTube, a 2007 Sustainable Product of the Year, is the only certified eco-friendly product of its kind. Itís the most affordable, effective and durable green gutter filtration system available — backed by a lifetime warranty. It prevents damage from overflowing gutters, eliminates snow/ice problems, reduces maintenance and enables rainwater collection.

"Real" Gutter Protection has no exaggerated performance claims. It is a good all-purpose gutter screen product to meet all real world expectations. It’s easily notched and formed in the field for tight custom fit to deter bees, birds and other pests and features more holes per square inch than the leading competitor. Reverse bend helps eliminate splash over. There are two styles available to accommodate different type hangers; 5 and 6 inch MF and popular colors.

Each fall, homeowners are confronted with the same problem: leaves that end up in gutters and delay proper water drainage. A permanent solution is the RHEINZINK-Leaf Guard. Its perforated profile is inserted easily and securely into half-round gutters and is not visible from below. Leaves remain on top of the protective screen. Some of the benefits are that it installs easily with no fastening required. The long-lasting, environmentally friendly building product is not visible from the ground and itís manufactured of RHEINZINK quality zinc.

The Dila comprises of two metal strips joined by a rubber piece that allows for movement. The synthetic rubber piece is joined to the metal selvage edges through a special proprietary manufacturing process that bonds the rubber piece to any metal or alloy surface, resulting in unmatched waterproofing reliability whilst allowing for thermal movement. The Dila element can be incorporated into any gutter system by welding it within the gutter run, and it can be shaped to any gutter profile. It’s available in copper, stainless and galvanized steel.

Skyline Enterprises
Skyline carries Leaf Relief by Alcoa, which allows water to flow freely while being effective against small debris. It’s backed by a 10-year warranty and available for 5- and 6-inch gutters. Skyline also offers E-Z Gutter Guards by Midwest Enterprises. This gutter protection system allows debris to flow over gutters and is easy to install.

LeafBlox gutter protection is made of a stiff black UV treated polypropylene. LeafBlox bristles fill the gutter keeping debris out while allowing water to easily flow through. LeafBlox can be used with any roof or gutter type and is easy to install. Most leaves and large items will pass right over the LeafBlox, while small debris caught near the top of the brush will blow away or decompose naturally.

Van Mark Products
Trim-A-Gutter is the first tool of its kind that contractors can take to the jobsite to form premium gutter covers from standard trim coil or gutter coil for about the cost of economy priced products. Patent pending extruded aluminum brackets (sold separately), install alongside existing hangers, or spikes and ferrules without having to drop the gutter span and provide a means to attach the gutter cover which is then mounted to the?roof or fascia. Trim-A-Gutter is highly adaptable to virtually any gutter/roof profile and may be used in new construction or retrofit projects.

Since 1989, Waterloov has been providing gutter protection to homeowners and businesses through a network of dealers and contractors. Waterloov has a patented design that improves on other covers by eliminating the gap between the cover and gutter. Constructed of .027-inch aluminum, Waterloovís 3-foot long panels are available in 18 colors to match either the gutter or the roof. Additional colors may be special ordered. Panels are available in three sizes to match various gutter sizes.

Weather Guard Building Products
Weather Guard distributes 5- and 6-inch EZ-Lock gutter guard, 5- and 6-inch Alcoa Leaf Relief in retrofit and new construction profiles, RHEINZINK 5- and 6-inch half-round gutter guard and several other profiles of hinged gutter protection.

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