Industry Showcase 2010: LeavesOut

No one enjoys the dirty and dangerous task of cleaning out gutters whether on your own home or on your customer’s home. LeavesOut has worked with just about every type of gutter cover available and can relate there are problems with almost all of them. Leaves, pine needles and other debris get caught in perforated covers and have to be cleaned out. Vinyl gutters deteriorate rapidly with age. Sponges must be cleaned regularly to keep them from clogging on top. Metal gutter covers are best but expensive.

LeavesOut saw they did not have to be expensive. For 21 years the LeavesOut gutter guard system, known as the “Smarter Gutter Cover,” has been installed on thousands of homes with the guarantee that the gutters will continue to operate as intended and at a price 50 percent or less of the more expensive aluminum covers.

There are factory certified LeavesOut dealers in 20 states who stand behind the company reputation for excellence in service. Dealers receive many benefits to ensure their success including protected territory, co-op advertising, availability of an award-winning show booth, a free monthly newsletter, free web support, free ongoing technical consultation, an annual convention, wholesale dealer pricing, same day shipping and potential annual sales volume of $500,000 or more.  Perhaps best of all is the satisfaction dealers have knowing they are helping others find more time to do the things they like, rather than cleaning out gutters.

A recent unsolicited testimonial from a LeavesOut dealer to the corporate headquarters tells the story best: “You have consistently demonstrated a sincere desire to help me succeed both as a LeavesOut dealer and a businessman. Your level of character and integrity has both inspired me and developed an intense loyalty for the LeavesOut family.” — American Chimney and Gutter Solutions.

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