Industry Showcase 2010: Leland Industries

Leland Industries Inc., serves the metal roofing and cladding industry from seven warehouses and sales branches throughout the U.S. and Canada. A proud North American company, Leland manufactures fasteners, using only North American steel and labor.

A common spring task is repairing winter damage to rain gutters. Leland produces gutter screws in a variety of sizes and lengths to handle all repair jobs or new installations, from 2-1/2 inches to 7-1/8 inches, in hex washer head or oval socket heads, plated and painted, when required.

Gutter screws are available in #10, #12 and up to #14 diameter. Larger than the loose nails they replace, gutter screws can often be installed into the existing holes left during removal of nails. Installation is easy too, gutter screws can be driven using a cordless screw gun.

Leland’s “Master” gutter screws offer a more secure anchoring system in many ways, higher pullout resistance means no more springtime re-nailing. JS500 plating resists rust up to five times longer than the zinc platings and is completely compatible with aluminum, eliminating galvanic corrosion. Leland’s powder coating is available in all commonly used trim or gutter colors.

New installations
Leland Industries’ hidden hanger gutter screws, available in #10 and #12 diameters, are designed to fasten into the fascia board, without splitting the board during installation and eliminating backouts. Lengths to handle all gutter sizes are available.

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