Industry Showcase 2010: Liberty Seamless Enterprises

President Kurt Heisey started with a seamless gutter company and realized machinery could be better. He called several manufacturers with his ideas and they said it couldn’t be done. That’s when he founded Liberty Seamless Enterprises.

He set to work with a local shop and ended up with its very first portable downspout machine in 1998. Since then, Liberty has developed and designed the manual elbow machine, half-round gutter machine and other square and round downspout machines along with various other machinery items.

Liberty has the downspout machine that will fit any needs, offering machines that produce 2×3-inch, 3×3-inch, 3×4-inch and 4×5-inch, as well as round downspouts in 3-inch, 3-1/2-inch and 4-inch. Liberty can also fill custom order sizes and shapes.

When Liberty developed portable downspout machines, some customers required an industrial machine capable of forming 4×5 downspout. Liberty answered by providing customers a machine that could do more. This machine has all hard chromed steel drive rollers with more forming stations, electronic controller and an automatic end shear. This is for customers who need the hydraulic power to form their material day in and day out.

Liberty is proud to offer its industrial downspout machines as well as industrial elbow machines in a variety of configurations: 3×4-inch, 4×5-inch, 3-inch round, 4-inch round and other custom sizes.

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