Industry Showcase 2010: Rain Flow USA

As a roofing or gutter professional, there’s a good chance one or more of your customers has asked you about gutter protection. It has become a portion of the industry that has generated a great deal of consumer awareness. Homeowners have been introduced to several systems to keep their gutters clean and are willing to pay for a system that works.

The problem
Every homeowner knows cleaning gutters is a messy job and can be very dangerous. The idea of taking out the ladder and maneuvering around landscaping is a dreadful and time-consuming task. As homeowners move up in age, the work involved in cleaning gutters can make this chore almost impossible. These home-owners are looking for a solution to the problem they face several times a year.

The choices
There are more than 70 gutter protection systems to choose from. Contractors and homeowners have seen the gamut of styles and designs. Some systems install under the shingle, some screw to the gutter and other systems need to be caulked in place. Some systems require special tools and make installation an all-day project. With so many systems available, it can be overwhelming to choose. As a contractor, cost and ease of installation are critical when deciding which gutter protection system you are going to offer your customer.

The solution
Rain Flow total gutter protection is a system that fills the entire gutter opening so nothing but water can get in. When Rain Flow is installed, rainwater passes easily through the material and quickly flows to the downspouts.

Leaves, spinners, pine needles, twigs and other debris stay on top but don’t impede the flow of water. Because air flows both under and over the debris, it dries quickly and blows away on the next breezy day.

Installation is easy and fast. Only heavy-duty scissors are required. You won’t need screws, nails, brackets or caulk. Shingles are never touched, so roof warranties are not voided. Birds, hornets or bees can’t get in and build a nest, which happens with many of the metal covers. No color matching is necessary, which helps greatly with inventory control. Because of its low cost and easy installation, you can walk away with a nice profit from every job.

Samples available
Rain Flow is available from hundreds of wholesale distributors throughout the U.S. Samples of Rain Flow and more literature are available upon request. Call 800-796-4476 for a hand sample that is designed to be a sales tool to show customers.

Let Rain Flow total gutter protection solve a customer’s gutter problems and give your business and extra financial edge.

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