Product Profile: Gutter protection 2011

Alsco Building Products
Proven, simple and strong, the Alsco Gutter Guard is the most cost-effective hood product on the market. The hi-grade stainless steel SureFit Clip has positive-positioning stops that guarantee correct positioning and eliminates torquing, allowing the stainless steel screw to lock securely in place every time. This innovative technology provides quick, secure installation. Proven design works with new or existing gutter systems. The product requires no fasteners through the roof and its sturdy effective design keeps debris out of gutters.

American Gutter Filter
Safe-T-Flow fits the top of the gutter system, handles extensive water flow and helps prevent ice dams. It can’t bend, dent or crack like aluminum and helps block insects and birds from nesting. Safe-T-Flow is EnviroFri-coated for additional flame resistance and environmental concerns.

Berger Building Products
The pressure-fit installation combined with the easily handled 4-foot sections make Diamond Gutter Shield Pro the professional choice for gutter protection.  Available with a white or brown high-impact powder coat finish, Diamond Gutter Shield Pro fits 5- or 6-inch K-style gutters, can be used with any asphalt, tile or metal roof system and can handle the heaviest of rainfall.

DCI Products
Flo-Free Leaf Guard is a revolutionary industrial strength, 3/4-inch thick, black nylon product that fits neatly inside new or existing gutters. Flo-Free prevents leaves, twigs, pine needles, snow and all other debris from clogging the natural flow of water via Surface Technology. Flo-Free Surface Technology was created to provide a smooth, slick top surface to shed leaves and debris while drawing rainwater into the gutter like a magnet.

Diamond Back Gutter Covers
Diamond Back Gutter Covers manufactures a successful line of gutter covers featuring the Z Bend. With no shingle interruption it fits all roofs. Diamond Back has the simplest and quickest pine needle product on the market today and it fits half-round gutters to extra wide commercial guttering. Custom shapes are available. Covers also fit California fascia guttering. Free contractor sample kits are available with the owner’s guarantee: “You can punch me in the head if you don’t like my products.”

Gutter Cap
Heater Cap incorporates a self regulating heat cable into a dispersing panel to gently heat gutters, down spouts, drain tiles, gutter protection and roof valleys to prevent excessive build up of ice. The cable doesn’t get hot enough to start on fire and is properly grounded to prevent arching. The Heater Cap panel allows the system to cut a wide swath of ice to efficiently melt ice and snow. The system is hard wired directly into the circuit breaker.

Gutter Covers International
Gutter Topper is made of .024-inch aluminum and has been tested to withstand 110 mph straight-line winds with no lift or movement and 1,200 pounds of weight per square foot with a 100 percent retention of original specifications. The Leaf Terminator is made of .032-inch heavy duty aluminum for any style or size of both residential and commercial gutters. The Solution is made of .019-inch aluminum and The Greater Vinyl Gutter Cover is made of .050-inch PVC.
No single gutter protection product works for all applications. Contractors need a variety of choices to find the correct solution to fit their customer’s needs. Whether it’s a K-style or half-round gutter, metal, slate or asphalt roof, pine needles or whirly birds, has the gutter protection solution. From economical screens to scientifically tested filters, all of products are in stock and ready to ship.

Hancock Enterprises
An extensive product line now includes the Clean Sweep gutter protection system, a unique cover that restricts leaves and other debris for a free-flowing rain carrying system; the Gutter Edge gutter stain guarder is a weather-resistant vinyl extension that helps prevent gutter streaking and blackening; and the M-Hook gutter hanger which allows proper flashing — with no disturbance to the roof’s edge, for a fast, straight and secure installation, even when using longer gutter lengths.

Stiff LeafBlox bristles fill the gutter keeping debris out while allowing water to easily flow through. Most leaves and large items will pass right over the LeafBlox. Most small debris caught near the top of the brush will blow away or decompose through natural weather cycles. LeafBlox can bend to accommodate any gutter shape or corner. Gutters will continue to flow, preventing home damage and keeping homeowners off the roof. LeafBlox are virtually maintenance free and will not void roof warranty.

Midwest Enterprises
Midwest is a wholesale manufacturer of effective, common sense, protection products. With a dozen profiles available Midwest has just the gutter screen or cover to get any job done right. For close to 30 years, E-Z-Lock has been the industry standard for steel gutter screen. E-Z-Under and E-Z-Step Down are improved profiles made with the small-hole expanded steel screen. E-Z-Micro Mesh is an aluminum screen with micro holes small enough to keep out the smallest debris. All of these screens are powder coated to be the most durable on the market. E-Z-Slide, E-Z-Solid and E-Z-Leaf Sweep are all solid gutter covers.

Plastic Components
GutterGuard Pro gutter protection system is the answer to debris-free gutters. Its angled design and unique built-in drip edge prevent the buildup of debris and “tiger striping.” With no tools required, 10-foot lengths snap easily in place, without fasteners, making installation and maintenance a breeze. It installs with any roofing material and stands up to extreme heat or cold. The one-piece construction fits 5- or 6-inch gutters in white, tan or dark brown.

RainTube has a Gold Tier Cradle to Cradle certification from MBDC. It’s made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled HDPE using all renewable energy. RainTube is 100 percent recyclable. Points are available in several LEED and Earth Advantage categories for installing RainTube. RainTube helps prevent damage caused by uncontrolled runoff increasing structural durability and decreasing maintenance. RainTube also improves the collection efficiency of rooftop rainwater harvesting and catchment systems.

Roll Former
Roll Former Corporation, a manufacturer of roll forming machines for the metal roofing industry since 1978, has also designed and manufactured custom profile machines for the rain handling industry. Roll Former has produced many of the most popular gutter covers in the industry, including reverse curve, expanded metal, two-piece and aluminum stainless steel mesh designs.

The SpoutOff
The SpoutOff, aluminum powder coated parts, make all present outlets and straps obsolete. The SpoutOff increases outlet size 3-4 times and makes checking and cleaning outlets easy, fast and safe for homeowners. Install The SpoutOff new or retrofit to 5- or 6-inch K-style gutters with either 2×3 or 3×4 downspouts. Retrofitting creates a whole new market for installers. Almost every house or building in installers’ territory is a candidate for The SpoutOff.  

Truss Building Products
LeafLock is the exclusive 1/8-inch thick aluminum hanger and bracket that guarantees the only free-floating (no buckling) system available and perfect nose-forward positioning. The 15-inch  .024-inch aluminum panels are PVDF coated and installed without roof penetration. It carries a life-of-the-home warranty. Full marketing materials available, plus all home show needs. National Account Manager support at your location. Exclusive territories available.

Van Mark Products
Van Mark Products offers its 6-inch bracket for the proven, highly profitable Trim-A-Gutter system. Inexpensive, easy to use and versatile, the Trim-A-Gutter system forms custom gutter-covers right on the jobsite for both 5- and 6-inch K-style gutters. Using the patented brackets with trim or gutter coil, the cost per foot to make gutter cover is one of the lowest on the market and one of the most profitable systems to use.

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