Product Profile: Gutter machines

ABC Supply
ABC Supply, with more than 300 locations, is a distributor of the complete line of KWM Watertite, Panther and Ironman gutter machines.

Custom-Bilt Metals
Custom-Bilt provides complete gutter products and systems for single-family homes, apartments and commercial buildings. Custom-Bilt distributes machines to form most any profile of gutter system, including 5-inch, 6-inch, and a new half-round machine.

Eastside Machine Company
Eastside has been providing the highest quality roll-forming machines for more than 47 years. From seamless siding machines to gutter machines to simple cutters, Eastside envisions, manufactures and sells what is proven to be the ultimate in quality and affordability. Eastside machines provide the ability to offer a unique product that can be manufactured on-site with dependability. The addition of a gutter machine from Eastside Machine Company means added profit potential and consistent satisfied customers. The EMCO Eagle Gutter Machine is the most user-friendly seamless gutter machine ever built. Eastside Machine Company has combined 45 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise with roll-formers into the Eagle. The EMCO Eagle gutter machine features include a 1.5-horsepower motor, 14 fully-driven forming stations, hinged mounted guillotine cutter, factory sealed bearings, double uprights, single spool, unique forming process, enclosed forming and a two-year warranty.

The New Jersey-based manufacturer offers a line of commercial and residential gutter systems including the Gutter Tunnel, a dual filtration system that protects gutters from falling leaves and other natural debris, while allowing water to flow freely along the bottom of the gutter trough. The LeafGuard gutter system features a curved hood to allow rainwater to travel down around the gutter’s trough while deflecting leaves and debris. A recent innovation is the seamless RainPro gutter, which features a trough and a 3-3/8-inch outlet and leader system much larger than those of a conventional 5-inch gutter system. Also available are machines that produce 5-inch and 6-inch K-style gutters.  The recently released Metal Man 555T is the world’s smallest 5-inch K-style seamless gutter machine. It measures only six and a half feet in length yet produces seamless 5-inch K-style gutter at the rate of 45 feet per minute. Any gutter machine purchased from Englert is supported by a factory trained and certified staff of headquarters and branch location technicians who work directly for Englert.

Grover Machine
The Pro 5K and Pro 6K have spring-loaded roller stations, allowing users to run different material with few adjustments. The machines form .024-inch and .032-inch aluminum, 26-gauge steel and 16-ounce copper and run 30 feet of gutters per minute.

Senox Corporation
Senox Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of seamless gutter products for residential and light commercial construction. Senox manufactures downspouts, elbows, and rainware fittings for seamless gutter systems in copper, Galvalume plus and 25 painted aluminum colors. Branch warehouses carry a complete inventory of 5- and 6-inch K-style/ogee gutter products and six half-round gutter products in 25 colors.

JS5 and JS6 portable machines produce 5- and 6-inch K-style gutter. JS5 gutter machine standard features include a power driven bullet roller, chain and gear driven rollers, bolt-on double reel support stand, one steel reel and an E-Z cut shear. Also offered are low voltage electronic motor controls, double outlet with a weatherproof cover for accessories and a bead style crimper with stainless steel rollers. Capable of producing up to 35 feet of K-style gutter per minute, these gutter machines can be used in both on-site and in-plant operations. Also available are the JS6-HR 6-inch half-round machine, JS7 7-inch box-style gutter machine, CTM34 downspout machine and ELF elbow machine.

Knudson Manufacturing
The 1770A 5-inch K-style gutter machine features a powered skate. This results in superior forming, less pressure, less adjusting and a straight gutter. The 1700K-5 is Knudson’s most economical choice for 5-inch K-style gutters, featuring the trademark high-performance electric motor, double uprights and a single gutter spool. The 1700K-6 is a cost-effective 6-inch K-style machine, featuring benchmark quality, features and performance. Total Leaf Control, Knudson’s future leaf-free system, offers the advantages of a Knudson seamless gutter, with the added benefit of a Knudson-designed and manufactured leaf protection cover.

Liberty Seamless
Liberty’s versatile machine can be ordered as a standard 5- or 6-inch classic half-round machine and then at a later time can be upgraded to another size or front bead profile for painted on- sided material. Liberty also distributes New Tech Machinery gutter machines.

KWM Gutterman
KWM is the sole manufacturer of the Ironman, Panther and Watertite gutter machines. All machines are made to order. Machines available are the Panther 5-inch and 6-inch; Ironman 5 Inch, 6 Inch, 5/6 Combo and 7-inch; Ironman Fascia; Ironman half-round; and Watertite 5-inch and 6-inch.

New Tech Machinery
New Tech Machinery, established in 1991, has become the leader in portable onsite and in-plant roll-forming equipment used in residential, architectural and commercial applications. New Tech offers four seamless gutter machines including the 7-inch commercial Box Gutter Machine. Multiple profiles, variable widths and materials make New Tech the most versatile equipment in the industry, providing machinery to metal roofing contractors, gutter contractors and in-plant manufactures worldwide.

Pacific Roll Former
The Oregon-based company manufactures roll formers that produce fascia style gutters that come in many colors to blend into or contrast siding, brick or stucco. Fascia style gutters are larger and deeper than the 5K. Standard Fascia gutters measure 4-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 15 inches. Box Bottom Fascia gutters measure 4 x 2-1/4 x 15 inches, while the Wide Bottom Fascia gutters measure 5-1/2 x 3-1/2 x 15 inches. The Deep 7-inch Fascia measures 4-1/2 x 2-1/4 x 19 inches. The company also offers a machine the produces 8-inch K-style gutters.

Van Mark Products

Trim-A-Gutter is a portable gutter cover machine. The fully portable tool can form gutter cover right on the jobsite to fit virtually any roof pitch and works with special brackets and hardware to attach the cover from the gutter’s edge to the roof (the most common system in use today). Some key features and benefits include the ability to form premium off the shelf cover; the use of trim coil in fabrication; unlimited color availability and high profit margins. One big installation feature is you don’t have to drop the existing gutter to install the gutter cover. The machine comes with hardware for attaching to any Van Mark brake or to a set of optional UniLegs for independent use.

Weather Guard Building Products
Weather Guard distributes gutter machines producing 5-inch K-style, 6-inch K-style, 5/6 combo, 7-inch industrial gutters, fascia profiles and 6-inch half-round gutters. The Colorado company is a distributor of machines manufactured by New Tech Machinery, KWM Panther, KWM Ironman, Pacific Rollformer and Knudson.

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