Rain Filter gutter filtration provides year-long pine needle protection

Located in Brighton, Mich., the Lake of the Pines is an idyllic community surrounded by beautiful wooded areas, a glistening lake and assorted wildlife. Unfortunately for numerous home owners, the area also presents numerous challenges including the constant cleaning of gutters that regularly and quickly fill with pine needles that prevent the free-flow of water as well as foster ice accumulations.

FXI Building ProductsA township resident for 26 years, Bill Schreiber is among the many locals that thoroughly understand the problems that can confront the upkeep of a home nestled among more than 50 pine trees. “For years, I spent full days constantly trimming branches and climbing a 50-foot ladder to clean gutters that were totally filled with pine needles,” says Schreiber. “Even then, on one occasion the build up of ice dams were so bad that the water found its way through the shingles and into our home’s interior to cause thousands of dollars of wall and ceiling damage.”

Shortly after this experience, Schreiber invested heavily in a name-brand rain gutter cover system that works effectively as long its properly maintained. “This includes power washing the product’s nose approximately four times a year to ensure the appropriate surface tension is achieved at all times. Otherwise, the water can run right down onto the sidewalk as if you didn’t have a gutter at all,” offers Schreiber.

Armed with this knowledge and the ongoing need to keep the gutters of his new 24 x 42-foot sunroof free of debris, Schreiber invested in the Rain Filter gutter filtration system from FXI Building Products that he purchased from his local Costco. Designed with high-performance urethane polymers, Rain Filter was specifically designed to easily fit into nearly any gutter to ensure leaves, twigs, pine needles and other possible obstructions and animal food sources are kept from entering and clogging the system. As a result, water flows readily through the foam filter insert, into the gutter valley and out the downspout to virtually eliminate overflows and the collection of stagnant water, obstacles and food sources that can also attract breeding insects and feeding animals.

“I decided to try Rain Filter since it was so inexpensive when compared to the price of my other gutter protection system. It’s just great stuff that proved to be a great investment,” further explains Schreiber. “I installed the system’s foam inserts on the entire sunroof in little more than an hour using only a pair of scissors. Plus, no matter the amount of rain, Rain Filter never fails to keep the water flowing through the pine needles and gutter chamber and out the downspout.”

Now a firm believer, Schreiber has also initiated the installation of Rain Filter in all the gutters of his newly-built 1,000 square feet cottage in Northern Michigan. “It’s not only a bargain compared to the price of other systems, but is also so easy to install and maintain. I wouldn’t use or recommend anything else.”

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Headquartered in Media, PA, FXI Building Products Corporation, is an industry leader in the manufacturing of gutter filtration systems, including Rain Filter, Safe Flow Wave, Leaf Defier and Leaf Defier XL. Since its inception, the Company has dedicated its efforts to supplying the best products available to the industry. This includes the ongoing expansion of the Leaf Defier family of products and the company’s unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs with dedicated service, innovative products that meet technical specifications and expedient order turnaround times and deliveries.

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