RainTube celebrates greenest product ranking with special offer

GLI Systems, manufacturer of RainTube gutter protection, is offering their own Economic Stimulus Program to customers, charity organizations and non-profits in celebration of its recent award of an unprecedented six 2008 Green Building Pages Benchmark Sustainability Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental and Social Sustainability.

From now till April 30, 2009, purchasers of RainTube systems may designate a recipient for a second system of the same price or less and RainTube will install it free. RainTube hopes to educate people on green solutions and inspire generosity that will make resources available to charities, non-profits and families in need who may not otherwise be able to properly maintain the critical roof and gutter systems on their properties.

Malfunctioning and overflowing gutters cause substantial damage to homes and commercial structures across the US every year. The RainTube gutter protection system helps keep gutters flowing thus eliminating the structural water damage caused by overflows, standing water and snow weight and helps reduce the risk of fire. Avoiding damage extends the life of the structure and reduces the environmental impact of repairs and replacements.

This is the third year in a row that RainTube has won the world’s highest green product benchmark ranking from GreenBuildingPages.com. RainTube won in six of seven categories.

The Green Building Pages is a leading building products certification organization providing governments, consumers, architects and building contractors with internet-based guides and resources supporting sustainable building design and transparent information about green building products.

RainTube is an effective, low-cost gutter protection and rainwater control system made in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. RainTube is third-party green certified by Cradle to Cradle, helps remove long-life plastics from the landfill, protects buildings from water damage caused by clogged gutters, reduces fire risk from gutter debris in compliance with new fire prevention building codes, reduces maintenance and promotes cleaner, more efficient rain water harvesting system’s. RainTube also contributes LEEDS points for builders and owners seeking "green" certification for their projects.

Steve Spratt, co-founder of GLI, said "We are fortunate and very proud to be recognized by Green Building Pages with these important awards. In recent months there has been much debate and discussion about the best way to stimulate our struggling economy. We feel that it is time to stop debating and start acting. The fact a tiny company like RainTube can compete at the highest international levels is proof that impossible goals can be met with bold strategic action. We hope to inspire homeowners with the resources to improve their home with RainTube, to act now while they can leverage their investment to help those less fortunate and at the same time help in our nations recovery. It is gratifying that RainTube can make a contribution to the recovery and we challenge others to step up and do the same by taking advantage of this great opportunity."

Those wishing to participate or learn more should contact RainTube at 866-724-6356 or visit www.raintube.com.

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