Top 5 Products of 2008

Gutter Opportunities exists to help your business. Hopefully, the articles we present and the products we introduce help you achieve the success you’re aiming for. If not, let us know what you’re looking for.

If we don’t hear from you directly, the best way for the staff here at GO to gauge your interest in the products we showcase in our “New Products” and “Product Profile” sections is by monitoring the responses each product gets — the inquiries made by readers with the reader response cards in each issue.

Not surprisingly we’ve discovered “new” products garner at lot of attention. And it’s rather obvious that many of you are searching for the gutter protection that works for you. The manufacturers and suppliers who introduce the most innovative products generally garner the most reader interest — and reader responses.

The products presented here were the Gutter Opportunities Top 5 Products of 2008 — they recorded the most reader responses throughout the year. These are the products you asked about the most, or they are the products your competitors were asking about the most.

If you missed them in 2008, here’s your chance to start 2009 by circling the corresponding number or numbers on the reader response card and send it in. 

American Gutter Filter
The company’s customized no-clog filtering membrane formulation has a UV stabilizer, permanent fungicidal additives, which includes a fire retardant classification (FMVSS-302) and a pores per inch product attribute. GutterFill is an insurance product with safety classifications. AGF’s product line includes standard 5- and 6-inch K-style, 5- and 6-inch half-round and fascia style GutterFill products. Custom design is available. AGF offers contractor product support, advertising material, web materials and a nationwide referral network program.

DCI Products
Made of 3/4-inch thick industrial strength nylon, Flo-Free comes in 5K, 6K, half-round and custom sizes to prevent the blockage of water flow. Flo-Free does not interfere with roofing material and allows for the flow of water from any roof pitch. The product is not visible from the ground and prevents ice dams.

Eastside Machines
Gutter machines available form a 5-inch K-style, a 5-inch and 7-inch fascia gutter and a 5-inch and 7-inch curved fascia gutter. Eastside also offers a machine for the Leafaway system, which provides 5-inch K-style gutter with a cover roll formed on it.

Eran Industries
Leafproof with the unique, patent-pending ChannelGuard is the only gutter protection product which is virtually clog and maintenance free. The Leafproof patented “S” bend slows the flow of rain water, which then enters the water channel due to surface tension. The ChannelGuard insert has been specifically designed not to obstruct the water flow and its downward angle makes it self-cleaning. The new ChannelGuard enhances the performance of Leafproof by preventing debris, including pine and fir needles, from entering the water channel. Leafproof is available in 14 colors, including copper, and the ChannelGuard insert is available in both neutral and black. 

Raindrop Gutter Guard System
Raindrop’s uniquely patented design boasts 23 precise details that combine to provide performance in all types of weather and rainfall amounts. Vertical bars with rounded top surfaces immediately begin separating rainwater from debris and redirecting the water down into the gutter by means of gravity and surface adhesion. Vertical bar layout allows Raindrop to utilize the entire gutter width for a maximum water capacity … especially in heavy rainfalls and in roof valleys of high water concentration. Gutters are made with the backs higher than the front edge, providing the forward slope needed for Raindrop to shed debris. Raindrop’s smooth, sleek surface allows debris to travel to the edge without the chance of getting hung-up on an edge, ridge, flashing or fastener, etc.

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