Problem-solving horse barn accessories

As a builder, your clients look to you for answers. After all, they may only build one horse barn or arena while you will build many. So help them get the facility they want and need.

Here are a few hidden gems we’ve rounded up. These are special products you won’t find just anywhere. They all solve problems but won’t bust the bank, created by people who love and understand horses.

And at the end of the day, they might even help make you a star in your client’s eyes.

The problem: Frozen water and feeding stations that gobble up space.
The solution: Wall feeder options and thermal buckets from Ag-Co

Ag-Co thermal bucket holder

Thermal Buckets include white 5-gallon pail and one float.

A cut-out showing the Ag-Co thermal bucket

A cut-out showing the Ag-Co thermal bucket

Horses can drink clear water year round with Ag-Co Thermal Buckets. With up to 3 inches of insulation, it keeps water from freezing and maintains cool, clean water when the mercury rises. Thermal Buckets include white 5-gallon pail and one float.

Ag-Co also has wall feeder options that fit snug and secure on any solid wall or bottom. It has a grilled partition for a hay/grain combination.

Ag-Co corner feeder

Ag-Co corner feeder

Ag-Co wall feeder

Ag-Co wall feeder

For more space, choose a corner hay or grain combination feeder made of polyethylene with a Galvalume steel hayrack.

As well, Ag-Co has swing-out options for corner feeders and water buckets for easy access without going into the stall.

The problem: Dangerous protruding latches.
The solution: Safety latch from Cannonball:HNP

Cannonball:HNP hidden stall latch

Hidden Stall Latch from Cannonball:HNP

Hate those nasty latches that catch you and your horse off-guard when you brush past? So did CannonBall:HNP, so it provides a sturdy, non-protruding latch for its steel horse stalls that protects the horse from catching a flank on the hardware.

The Hidden Stall Latch from Cannonball:HNP also provides a safety release for the owner, with a finger release that can be operated from inside the horse stall. It provides maximum safety for both the horse and owner without the possibility of catching either one of them in one of those painful ‘gotcha’ moments.

The problem: So much equipment, so much clutter.
The solution: Ultimate Tack System from Classic Equine

tack storage

Ultimate Tack System from Classic Equine

Horse owners spend a lot of money on equipment and they deserve to protect it. The Ultimate Tack System from Classic Equine is the ultimate answer. Each individual component easily transfers from the Ultimate Frame to an Ultimate Cart (not shown).

The Ultimate Baskets hang over any 2-inch rail. Made of heavy-duty 3/8-inch steel, the Ultimate Tack System can handle all types of tack from the lightest English saddles to the heaviest Western rigs. Best of all, you can order any combination of components, so the equestrian can organize their tack the best way it suits them.

The Ultimate Tack System is available in a standard galvanized finish or can be powder coated in any of Classic’s color options to match barn décor.


The problem: Buckets that get kicked and beaten to death.
The solution: Pail Safe Bucket Holder from Ramm Fence and Stalls

Ramm pail hook

Pail Safe Bucket Holder from Ramm

Pail Safe Bucket Holder from Ramm

Pail Safe Bucket Holder from Ramm

Horses sometimes become bored and play with their buckets, spilling needed water. Stalls, sheds and water areas become wet and buckets can get broken. Replacement buckets, labor and maintenance can be costly. With a simple Pail Safe Bucket Holder from Ramm, the bucket stays on the wall, providing water to horses that ‘like to play!’

The Pail Safe is made to attach to the stall wall and holds any flat-back water bucket. The unique maze-shaped holder is simple yet effective in keeping buckets on the wall rather than on the stall floor. This is a great and yet simple bucket holder that can be used in or outside of the barn. Hang the holder approximately at the horse’s chest height.

The problem: Snow falling from metal roofs, spooking horses and creating hazards.
The solution: The SnowCatcher Mustang from SnoBlox

SnoBlox Snowhanger Mustang

SnowCatcher Mustang from SnoBlox-Snojax

 Sliding snow and ice creates loud, startling noise that can stress your thoroughbred champion. Add stylish snow retention to the buildings on your ranch with the SnowCatcher Mustang. The SnowCatcher Mustang allows snow to melt quietly in place while eliminating the hassle of damaged corral fencing, hay feeders and waterers caused by falling snow/ice.

Each of these powerful horse-head shaped guards are made from 304-grade stainless steel, with 19 standard architectural and 82 glossy and specialty powder-coated colors available. The large forward mounted 4.5 inch wide face provides a generous holding field and the 1.9-inch wide base fits most 36-inch panels with 9-inch flats.

The SnowCatcher Mustang is the premier choice in snow retention for pro trainers and horse enthusiasts. Join the stampede!

The problem: Dust!
The solution: ThorTurf Dustless Synthetic Footing


ThorTurf offers dust-free riding.

Dust can take the joy out of riding activities both for the rider and the horse. ThorTurf Dustless Synthetic Footing is the solution for those who want a completely dustless arena with no watering.

ThorTurf consists of specifically graded mineral aggregate with a proprietary dust-locking additive. Fiber is added to provide a cushioned surface for better stability and less stress on the legs and joints of horses. ThorTurf provides the ultimate equine arena experience for both rider and horse. (Not for use in stalls)

Want to read more about this special turf and the people behind it?

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