AJ Manufacturing receives patent for EZ-v post-frame window system

A.J. Manufacturing, Inc. (AJ) a manufacturer of doors and windows for the post frame construction industry has been awarded U.S. Patent Nos. 8776460, 8776461 and 9057220 for its vinyl window trim and flashing system – EZ-v®.

EZ-V-070The AJ trim and flashing system provides the best assurance of leak free window installation in corrugated steel siding, ease of installation for the contractor, and bold and attractive appearance for the building owner.

Customer feedback drives product and process innovation at AJ. The development of the EZ-v® trim and flashing system is a great example of AJ living up to its brand “Building Ideas”. Solving customer and industry issues with new products or processes is building ideas.

AJ has manufactured aluminum windows for over 60 years and expanded its window manufacturing to include the Harmony™ family of vinyl windows in February of 2015. The Harmony Family of vinyl windows compliments its distribution of utility vinyl windows. Providing the shortest lead times, most responsive service, and quality products requires AJ to manufacture rather than
distribute product. Further development of the Harmony™ family of windows is now underway.

The EZ-v® system, available painted, is designed to attach to the master frame of the vinyl window to allow for installation into the installed corrugated steel siding of the building. It saves time, looks great, and properly flashes the window opening.

Source: A.J. Manufacturing press release


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