When life hands you lemons …

Success is never guaranteed. There are plenty of obstacles on the way to success when you’re in business for yourself. Some obstacles you can create or eliminate for yourself. Many are totally out of your control, but you still have to deal with them to achieve success.
The three most recent inductees to the Rural Builder Hall of Fame, recognized at the Frame Building Expo in Indianapolis, overcame obstacles along the path to success — they discovered solutions. Probably some are the same or similar obstacles you face in your business.
Builder Glen Thomsen lives and works in Michigan, where the problems in the auto industry have greatly effected the economy. New construction is slow, so Thomsen Construction & Supply has taken on projects it normally wouldn’t get involved with to keep the schedule full. To stay in business for more than 30 years you have to get through some lean times, when you can’t pick and choose your jobs.
The fact Bill Thul has had the same employer for more than 55 years is evidence he must have enjoyed some success along the way. In addition to working with steel mills to develop prepainted galvanized steel for the fabrication of metal products, it was his idea to get Klauer Manufacturing involved in the fabricating trim items for steel buildings.
That kind of innovation put Klauer in a position to maintain a level of success in the industry.
Steve Hoff has eased the burden on builders who face difficulties in the siting of livestock buildings. Through research, his team has developed a tool that helps to predict how odors and gases travel from the source to a facility. Hoff sees a future where livestock buildings will be designed to better take of odors, emissions, and gases.
It’s not exactly making lemonade out of lemons, but it’s making the best of a situation, and leading to success.

Jim Austin, associate editor

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