4 Simple Tips for Working With Copper

Copper accents offer a great opportunity to grow your business. Eye-catching dormers, gutters, Fabral-FebRB200louvers, spires, finials, chimney pots and cupolas add look and functionality so that even the simplest barn, home, church or office building can stand out from the crowd.

While installing fabricated copper products may appear complex, the reality is that copper accents can create an amazing, knockout look–while also being easy to install. Use these four tips to wow your customers.

Let Your Manufacturer do the Work: Most copper accents can be customized specifically for your project. With customization, the manufacturer does the heavy lifting, leaving you to perform a quick installation. When built to your project’s roof pitch and material, copper dormers and accessories can be fitted directly over the existing roof material or attached to the roof deck before the roofing is installed. Be sure to select an experienced manufacturer who knows how to work with your structure and materials.

Copper Soldering: Field soldering specialized accents has become extremely rare. Many consumers, however, expect to see their copper gutters soldered. Together, copper and solder create an old world, handcrafted look. Soldering also minimizes the number of fittings in a copper gutter run. Fortunately, copper gutter is very easy to solder, and most people begin to get a feel for it after soldering just a few joints. With just a little practice, you can become a fluent installer of copper-soldered gutter.

Keep it Clean: When installing copper, limit fingerprints and staining by wearing gloves and the proper protective gear. Keep a rag handy. When drops of perspiration hit the copper on hot days, wipe them off quickly to keep the surface clean. This easy, simple process helps ensure the copper looks great when you leave the job.

Don’t Mix Your Metals: Always use copper, brass or stainless fasteners and accessories when working with copper. Steel and aluminum components will react with copper and cause premature corrosion.

Partnering with a manufacturer who stocks the right accessories, customizes products for easy installation and offers training and installation help makes working with copper satisfying and easy. With a little effort and the right partner, your buildings can collect serious ooh’s and ahh’s that help grow your business.

By Mark Mullins, Applications Engineer, Product Training Manager for Fabral

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