Crew Foreman of the Month, Dustin Haan, Remuda Building

Slowing down is not easy for Dustin Haan of Remuda Building in Alberta, Canada. “He loves to be the fastest guy on the job site,” according to Peter Vanderzwaag, sales and marketing manager. “However, he is always willing to take time out to explain things to the customer.”

Haan is the August recipient of NFBA’s Crew Foreman of the Month Award. Described as tall, with not an ounce of fat on his body, Haan runs from point A to point B as he works to get jobs completed in the most efficient way, says Vanderzwaag, adding that slowing down to become a team leader was a challenge for Haan at first. He had to change that breakneck pace and consciously spend time as a teacher.  “He’s come such a long way,” Vanderzwaag adds.

Dustin Haan on the job.

Dustin Haan on the job.

Born with a hammer in his hand, Haan grew up in Strathroy, Ontario. During his high school years he began working at the construction company his father owned. He then went to work for a cousin building barns until he got a call in 2007 about joining Remuda (called Accubuild at that time) as a crew member. Eventually, he earned his way to being in charge of his own crew.

How does he lead others? “I take the time to make sure my crew members know and understand what they are doing,” Haan says. “I try to work individually with each team member.” He acknowledges that he is a highly motivated person and believes in doing jobs correctly and efficiently.

The most challenging project he has ever worked on was an L-shaped post-frame building. He said the pad was two feet out of level and the site was very tight, making it difficult to maneuver equipment. And then there was the mud. Lots of it.  The team overcame these challenges by making sure the building was level and then building up the pad. “We made sure we were organized so that everything went smoothly, and we took the extra time to make sure the job was done right,” says Haan.

His favorite part of post-frame construction is the variety encountered every day. “No project is ever the same. Every day is so productive. At the end of each day I can see our work and how it has taken shape. It is very fulfilling.”

A recent newlywed, Haan and his wife, Rachel, enjoy camping, quading on all-terrain vehicles, hiking, playing sports and spending time with family and friends. His idea of a perfect weekend? Camping out in the country with friends. And the country is beautiful in Calgary. The best part of living in that region of Canada, says Haan, is the proximity to the mountains.

Haan says his parents have had the most influence on him because of the time they spent with their children. “They provided a good Christian upbringing and are the reason for my strong work ethic. I owe them my life.”

A great attitude, a constant smile on his face and an ability to look at a problem and find a creative solution are qualities that result in rave reviews from the customers, according to Vanderzwaag. “I believe Dustin would be a great candidate for this recognition, and he is always the last person looking for it.”

Source: Frame Building News, official publication of the National Frame Building Association

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