Prevent damage by heavy snow loads

Every year millions of dollars are paid by insurers, homeowners, business owners for property damage and harm to pedestrians resulting from falling roof snow. According to TD insurance, home insurance does not cover winter property damage to your home if it could have been prevented by proper maintenance. Save money and time in the long by taking proactive steps now to protect your home from winter damage.

According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, the majority of homeowners are unfamiliar with their home insurance coverage and are discovering they are not covered for winter damage repairs. Several customers have been helped by appealing an adjuster’s decision or filing a complaint. A spokesperson says “There can be surcharges resulting from filing a claim. Agents sometimes suggest it might be better in the long run to repair damages ourselves for smaller problems.”

Property damage occurs from snow and ice tearing off eaves troughs, falling on people/vehicles, air-conditioning units, and decks. Furthermore, falls onto neighboring property can cause homeowners to be liable for damage costs.

To avoid ice dams and roof snow build up, you can carefully follow tips to remove snow or install permanent snow guards. In 2010, Sno Stop Plus has been introduced to the marketplace as the only plastic snow guard with a heat cable option to allow snow and ice to melt slowly. Sno Stop Plus snow guards are esthetically pleasing and easily installed on any roof type by the average homeowner. Protect gutters, roof substructure, property and people from harm with this engineer designed and tested snow management system.

Sno Stop Plus is a valuable product extension to Sno Stop which is the No. 1 engineered snow guard system in Canada for commercial applications. For 15 years, Sno Stop has supplied snow guards for federal, provincial, and corporate projects in Canada and USA. Each system is custom designed to integrate technical load calculations and color-match the roof surface. Sno Stop leads the marketplace with engineered drawings, extended warranty, and superior strength.

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Roofers World is recognized in Canada and USA as a source for superior engineered roofing tools, anchor systems and snow management systems. Roofers World continually focuses on designing and developing innovative products that exceed industry strength standards. Our main objective is providing safety on the roof.

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